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Jazz Statue in Foster Park, LeMars, IA


19th Century Brass

This is a cornet.


This is a Fluglehorn.


This is a solo Alto.

Solo Alto

This is an alto helicon.

Alto Helicon

This is a large bore valve trombone made by Lyon & Healy of Chicago.

Lyon-Healy Valve Trombone

New Jenkins Special, Jenkins Helicon Length of tubing is 13 feet which makes it an Eb, though it is small in stature. J.W. Jenkins was a retailer in Kansas City, MO.

This is a bass helicon, probably of German origin.

German Helicon

This is a soprano trombone. Soprano Trombone It is probably constructed from parts and is not a manufactured instrument.

Modern Brass

This is a York Perfecttone cornet. SN#68385. It dates to 1922. York Cornet

This is a cornet.


This is a Hoerth Trumpet. Franz Hoerth was in business from 1913 in Saarbrucken, Germany

Hoerth Trumpet

This is a C.G. Conn Solo Alto. It was made in Elkhart Indiana in 1901.

Conn Solo Alto

This is a bass helicon


This is a BBb tuba sold by Louis Vitak, Cerveny Tuba a dealer in Chicago from 1906 to 1930. The horn was made by V. F. Cerveny Vitak EOSNIC, CO. Chicago, Ill. , Sole agent of U.S. For the  V F Cerveny&  Sons   HRADECKRALOVE Made in Czechoslavakia

This is a York Sousaphone.

York Sousaphone

This is a Conn Sousaphone.

Conn Sousaphone