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Jazz Statue in Foster Park, LeMars, IA



This is an unmarked piccolo.


These are unmarked flutes.

This is a Rudal Carte &  Co  Flute, 23 Berners St.   London and Dublin. It is estimated to date to around 1900. Rudal Carte Flute

This is a Buffet Crampon Bb clarinet, low pitch Sold by Carl Fisher  NY

Buffet Clarinet

This is a Continental (Conn) metal clarinet  SN#13786

Continental Clarinet

This a G. Mollenhauer of Cassel, Germany. Probably late 19th Century.
Mollenhauer Clarinet

This is a Pfaff clarinet. Possibly Johannes of Kaiserslautern in the early 19th Century.

Pfaff Clarinet

Three unmarked instruments. Clarinets and Tarogato However, the middle one is not a clarinet. It is a Tarogato, which is a basically Turkish wooden soprano saxophone.


This is an Adler bassoon from Paris
Adler Bassoon

This is an unmarked bassoon.


This is an unmarked contra-bassoon.


These are Selmer and Holton C Melody Saxophones.

C Melody Saxophones

This is a Saxie. Made by Couesnon &  Cie Paris, Chateau Thierry  France Couesnon Saxie
US patent  June 3, 1924  BTE S.  G. DG.

The Saxie was invented by Frederick B. Hammann from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, U.S. patent dated June 3, 1924. The patent purchased by Couesnon & Cie. The keys on the Saxie are F # and octave keys. The instrument was recommended to a growing circle of saxophone enthusiasts as "the little brother of the saxophone easier to play and master." It was an interesting experiment but unfortunately not a commercial success.

The following instruments are sarrusophones. They date to approximately 1895.

This one is a Eb Alto which is 39.5 inches in height
Buffet Crampon &  Cie
Evette &  Schaeffer
Ana. M. Buffet Crampon&  Cie
18 &  20    Passage Due   Gd  Cerf
Paris   158    Made in France

This instrument is a Bb Bass. Buffet Crampon &  Cie
It is an Evette&  Schaeffer
Ana. M. Buffet Crampon & Cie
18 & 20 Passage Due Gd Cerf

Made in France

This is a Gretsch Saxonette.
Gretsch Saxonette

This is an Irish Bagpipe

Irish Bagpipe