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11298 Trumpet Ardin 55303 c1950 Bb
Looks like a German made copy of the Selmer patent valve block with a stencil name of Ardin. Marked "Germany" on lead pipe inlet but I could not read all of it so could be West Germany.
11297 Cornet Lamoreaux 11061 c1908 Bb
11296 Cornet Gautie Ideale Bb
P Gautie & Fils, Toulouse, Paris
11295 Cornet Diver Gold Star 16514 Bb
11294 Cornet Williams-Charles Special Class B Bb
11293 Trombone; Alto Alexander
11292 Trombone Pollter 1892-1900
O Pollter & Co / Leipzig
11291 Cornet New York Band Instruments 5101 Bb
Marked "New York Musical Co / New York"
11290 Cornet American Band Inst Co Professional 2871 1916 Bb/A
This is a rare cornet matching their ad from 1916 for the "Professional" model and made in Grand Rapids.
11289 Trumpet Dearman C/Bb/A
11288 Trumpet Lorein 17824 Bb
marked "W Germany" on the lead pipe
11287 Cornet Lorein Bb
marked "Made in Germany" on the lead pipe
11286 Cornet Peerless 13074 Bb
Bell reads "Peerless / London / Eng / 13074" and appears to be a European-made stencil probably B&F.
11285 Cornet Dale
11284 Trombone Henton-Knecht Benal 8639
Counter weight added later
11283 Trumpet Reynolds, T The Regent 112678 Bb/A
Class A / T Reynolds & Sons on bell so made before incorporation in 1930
11282 Trumpet Reynolds, T Class A Bb/A
11281 French Horn Schmidt 11845-55 F
Friedrich Schmidt Leipzig Retractible vienna valves and terminal crooks.
11280 Trombone; Sop Pepper 24959
Importer Philadelphia
11279 Trumpet Weril Cruzeiro
Jubileu de Ouro 1909-1959
11278 French Horn Schadlich
A very early double horn, pre 1918 The horn seems to have many parts that were also used by Kruspe uses. Comes from the Vogtland which is where Markneukirchen is situated. Inscribed: Emil Schädlich / Hofinstrumentenmacher / Grünbach i/V. I assume V. is Vogtland, lower Saxony which includes Markneukirchen, which is of course 20 km across the border from Graslitz in Bohemia.
11277 French Horn Kruspe Munchen F
old simple Logo. It is reported that they used this till 1893, after which they were labeled Hoflieferant
11276 French Horn Mayr Bb
intended to be used with a Bb crook
11275 French Horn anon
A crooked horn (here in F) with a manually changeable 4th valve for E Horn. Similar to the Kruspe Horner model. There is no name on this horn but everything about the horn points to Kruspe. Valves, joints, mouthpiece receiver etc.
11274 French Horn Heidrich 1180s F
crooked E.G.Heidrich in Breslau (Hofinstrumentenmacher / Schlesien-Silesia)
11273 French Horn Voight 1880s F
Manual E Valve
11272 French Horn Brunnenberger 1890s F
F-horn made for the 97th Infanterie Regiment (I.R.97) Karl Brunnenberger | Königsberg i/pr (in Preussen.. Prussia, now Kaliningrad in the Russian exclave)
11271 Baritone Parsons
Bell: 9.75
11270 French Horn York 126771 1941
Eb and D slides
11269 Tuba Conn 12601 1887 Eb
3+1 valves Elkhart/Worcester

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