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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial# Manuf. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge
11214 Trombone; Valve Martin Handcraft Bb
0.500" bore
11213 Cornet BauerM Bb
"M Bauer & Co / Paris" looks like a Courtois copy by B&F of Austria
11212 Cornet Penzel-Muller Belcanto Bb
bell reads "Belcanto / Penzel & Mueller / NY"
11211 Trumpet American Gloritone 8935 Bb
bell reads "American Gloritone / P-M / USA" and was probably a stencil sold by Penzel & Muller in NYC
11210 Trombone Beuthner 1890
Marked "G A Beuthner / Maker / Syracuse NY"
11209 Euphonium Pepper Perfected 67342
4 Valve Pepper and Sons Phili
11208 Ophicleide Ulhmann 1940s D
Contrabass Height: 59 1/2 Bell: 11 1/4 in
11207 Trumpet Buescher 235 306807 1945 Bb
Aristocrat Custom Built model 235 Brass with nickel silver slides
11206 Cornet Busch c1890 Bb
Bell reads "Made By F. Busch New York" and has a very rare echo bell. No serial number
11205 Cornet Pedler Art 28100 c1940 Bb
bell reads "Art made by Harry Pedler & Sons Elkhart Ind USA" This was their advanced student model.
11204 Trumpet Art American Triumph 3256 Bb
bell labeled "American Triumph made by Art Musical Instrument Co Inc Elkhart Indiana USA FA Buescher pres" so dates to the 1932-1937 period when Gus was president
11203 Trumpet Frank Utona 70497 1929 Bb
William Frank registered the Utona name in 1931 with reference to first use in 1928. This is a stencil of a Pan American 34B from c.1929.
0.426" bore with 4.5" bell
11202 Cornet King Improved 19167 1915 Bb
Unusual second slide on left side
11201 Trumpet Meinel-Herold 737
11200 Alto Horn Wright
Bell: 8in
11199 Alto Horn Campo
11198 Cornet Campo Bb
This is a Bohland & Fuchs model 3 cornet made c.1900.
11196 Trumpet McMillin Crown 39119 Bb
11195 Trombone Osgood Bb
This one has a replacement King 2B slide but the bell is original. In Bb with a 6.5" bell and Union label stamped at the inlet end. c.1920
11194 Cornet Osgood 25XX Bb
This later example has a longer tuning slide probably meant for low pitch Bb & A.
11193 Cornet Osgood 1914 Bb
Image from sales flyer postmarked 1914 so this is the early production design. Plays in Bb & A.
11192 Trumpet Normandy Bb
No serial number
11191 Trumpet Frederick Superior 1st Class 253 Bb
11190 Cornopean Schneider
Bell reads Schneider A Strasbourg
11189 Baritone Allen mid 1850s
Manufactured by | J Lathrop Allen | No 17 | Harvard Place| Boston
11188 Cornet American Capital 4105 Bb
11187 Trombone Kalashen Superieur Eb
Marked "M J Kalashen / New York" 7" bell / 32-1/4" long when assembled
11186 Cornopean Raoux
c.1850 with crooks for multiple keys and marked "Auguste Raoux"
11185 Cornet Dupont Bb
11184 Cornet Courtois Gaudet 36944 Bb
Stamped "Courtois Amboise" on second valve

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