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462 Trombone; Sopra Getzen
"From the 50s"
504 Trumpet Getzen Eb
1014 Bugle Getzen 113624
18in long bell 5 in
1068 Bugle Getzen
1131 Sousaphone Getzen 15410 Eb
1135 French Horn Getzen Bb
Listed as: Bb compensating French Horn
1181 Bugle Getzen Titleist
1224 Trumpet Getzen Super Deluxe Tone Balance 81922
Top Sprung Valves OLDLOU: My Getzen Deluxe trumpet and cornet are very similar in many ways. Both have bottom sprung valves, Copper ferules, and paper thin bells with no tone ring. My Super Deluxe has top sprung valves and a copper tone ring.
1457 Trombone Getzen 60 The Dude 6850
1551 Baritone Getzen
.565 bore 10 in bell
1657 Cornet Getzen 80 89809
OLDLOU: Are you certain that this is an 80? The krantz ring on the bell rim tells me that it is a Super Deluxe. I have one of each ( cornets ) in my collection,along with a 90 and a Super Deluxe,( trumpets ). If you have this cornet available for inspection, the 80s all had undersprung valves and "most" of the Super Deluxe models had top sprung valves. If this one has top sprung valves, it is surely a Super Deluxe. Pryorphone: It was my impression that all the Super Deluxes (cornets & trumpets) had a copper-colored ring, and were trimmed with fittings of the same material. OLDLOU: The krantz rings were sometimes nickel silver, just like the slides. I missed noticeing the smooth ferrules. I am wondering about the spit valve on the leadpipe. It looks to be a replacement. Every top line Getzen I have seen from the era that this one seems to be had a side mounted spit valve on both the leadpipe and the third valve slide. That is what is still on the third valve slide crook. Another unusual item is the retainer screw under the third valve slide. What was it for? It could not be there to stop the slide from going too far out, as there is no pinky ring to adjust the intonation of the third valve. In my opinion, this horn has been somewhat modified.
1717 Euphonium Getzen 8230 B6309
2284 Cornet Getzen Eterna L868
2358 Tuba Getzen CC
4 valves, 1 rotor
2377 Cornet Getzen 300 N46369
11.7mm bore
2442 Trombone Getzen Tone Balanced 50077
Engraved: Getzen Super Deluxe Tone Balanced Elkhorn Wis
2474 Frumpet Getzen 383 F
Bell: 8in Bore .464 Eb Crook French horn receiver Horndawg: Had possesion of one for about three weeks and found it beastly hard to hold. Its reputation for horrible intonation held up magnificently (the out of tune notes were in strange places, too!). BUT, the sound of the thing was just glorious. Fat, warm and rich. mputerba: These pictures show a Frumpet with the Eb crook installed, which (at least on my horn) is the proper choice compared to the F crook. In F, the third partial is so sharp that it is closer to C# than C. Love the tone though. gsmonks: This instrument is an identical experiment to the C Vocal horns made back in the 1850s until around 1870. The earliest Vocal horn had a forward-facing bell (later versions strayed from the original design and came in bell-up and bell-down configuration), used a Horn mouthpiece, but was coiled. The Vocal horns had the same intonation issues. They were made and probably were invented by Besson, although the earliest examples I have seen were made by Rudall, Carte & Rose.
2555 Alto Horn Getzen
2567 Trombone Getzen Super Deluxe Tone Balance 73079
2707 Trumpet Getzen Renaissance P19140
DUAL BORE----.460--.464 BELL: 4 3/4in YELLOW BRASS.
2906 Cornet Getzen Super Deluxe Tone Balance 53594
3217 Frumpet Getzen K29XXX
3353 Trumpet Getzen 3072 C
Bore: .462
3362 Cornet Getzen 67449
Engraved: Tone Balanced | Copra Temp | GETZEN SUPER DELUXE ELKHORN WISCONSIN
3384 French Horn Getzen F640
3447 Cornet Getzen Capri
4178 Trumpet Getzen
4362 Baritone Getzen Super Deluxe 43372
Engraved: Getzen Super Deluxe Elkhorn, Wis Bell: 11.25in Height 32.5 in
4626 Tuba Getzen American Custom P13425.
5611 Trombone Getzen Super Deluxe Copra Temp
solid Copper bell with a copper tone ring Two models of Super Deluxe were made--one with straight braces and one with curved braces. .500 bore

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