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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial# Manuf. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge
11249 Trumpet Holton Don Berry 104576 1929 Bb
Don G Berry model image from internet auction
11248 Trumpet Pedler Art 99578 1950s Bb
Rare late Pedler Art model trumpet with added nickel silver tubing and serial quite higher than the normal Art models. Photos from internet auction site.
11247 French Horn Kaempf c1885-1902
bell reads "R A Kaempf Bowery NY" where he was located from 1885 until 1902 at #297 Bowery Photos from internet auction
11246 Cornet Kaempf 2331 c1905 Bb
bell reads "Made By R A Kaempf & Son New York" so dates to after the father died in 1904 and before the company was sold in 1911 the serial number is hard to read but looks like 2331 Photos from internet auction
11245 Trumpet Saurle
Natural Crooks to G and Eb
11244 Trumpet Selmer Bundy 20554
11243 Saxhorn Gautrot Bb
Bb Bass saxhorn
11242 French Horn Allen
11241 Ophicleide Sax Soprano Bb
11240 Saxhorn Foote 1865 Eb
11239 Cornopean deVries
Alto horn
11238 Saxhorn Seltman OTS 1870 Eb
11237 Trumpet Hall
11236 Saxhorn Sax 1855 Eb
Sax called these Saxtubas
11235 Trumpet Wright 1845 C/Bb/A/G
Vienna Valves, Mainz type, operated with a latch action. The first valve lowers the pitch by a half step and the second valve by a full step.
11234 French Horn Sax Omnitonic 1833
Charles Sax The loops of tubing incorporated into the body of this natural horn allow the player to change the instrument’s pitch by using the long plunger to set the instrument in the desired key.
11233 Ophicleide Leibelt 1855-60 Bb
Franz Leibelt (Austrian, Rothan 1814–1856 Innsbruck) Bombardon Height: 33 3/4 in Bell: 8 1/8 in
11232 Trumpet Kohler F
11230 Trumpet, Slide Kohler E
11229 Trumpet Kohler 1842 F
2 disk valves
11228 French Horn Lorenz, I 1860
Vienna Valves
11227 Tuba King Bellophone 1930 BBb
made to specfor William Bell. Built to function both as a tuba and as a baritone. It has two separate bells, shared set of four Périnet valves. A separate rotary valve directs air into either the baritone or tuba section. Two mouthpiece receivers, one serves both instruments and leads to the rotary change valve; the other allows the tuba to be played independently. Two players can play the instrument simultaneously.
11226 Cornet Kohler 1849
John Augustus Kohler Length: 13 in Bell: 4 7/8 in
11225 Fluglehorn; Bas Roth 1855 Bb
Bell: 7 13/16 in Vienna Valves
11224 French Horn anon 1840s
Probably Guichard à Paris Stotzel valves
11223 Tuba Belleville Eb
Belleville & Cie Bohland & Fuchs Stencil
11222 Trumpet Selmer Grand Prix 2618 1938
Markings on the lead pipe are BB = B flat, MB = Medium Bore, LP = Low Pitch, 22 = ? Bell markings include: "Qualite Artistique" | Henri Selmer Paris Logo | Depose | Grands Prix | Geneve 1927 | Barcelona 1929 | Liege 1930 | H. Selmer | 4 Place Dancourt | Paris | Made in France
11221 Trumpet LaFleur The Alliance 371 Bb
The Alliance British Made JR LaFleur & Son London
11220 Mellophone Courtois 172M 12537
Owner described it as a marching mellophonium
11219 Saxhorn Sax 1846 Bb
six independant valve system moveable bell Saxhorns like this were featured in the Banda, or stage band of the Paris Opéra that Sax formed and directed from 1847 to 1892.

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