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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial# Manuf. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge
11317 Cornet Conn 1938
Horizontal Opera Glass Tuning
11316 Cornet Foote Eb
TARV J Howard Foote (JHF) NY German Silver with garland bell
11315 Cornet Wulschner Professional
Marked "JTL" on middle valve which probably means manufactured in Paris by Jerome Thibouville-Lamy.
11313 Cornet Malecki 11290 Bb/A
Bell reads "Louis B Malecki & Co / Chicago, Ill / 11290" Circular mark on middle valve probably indicates Bohland & Fuchs of Austria as the maker.
11312 Bugle Gerday
11311 Cornet Penzel-Muller
Unusual wrap, probably Bb pitch
11310 Sousaphone Hager 30554
11309 Trumpet Hager American 97180 1933 Bb
Appears to be a Pan American stencil
11308 Cornet Taylor-Horn The Chicago 1401 Bb
11307 Euphonium McCellens Universal
In 1910, H. B. McClellan founded his music store at 615 Main Street, Buffalo, NY. His son, Donald, took over in 1930 and moved it down the road to 732 Main Street. In 1959 he moved again, to Franklin Street. McClellans did not make instruments but imported them under the trade name Universal (Paris?). The store went out of business in 2013.
11306 Cornet Bauer TARV Bb
11305 Cornet Pace c1887 Eb
Bell reads "Pace / Maker / 38 Division St / Sheffield" Poorly stamped so looks like "Race" and the street address is sloppy but Langwill lists George Henry Pace at 86 Division St in 1887-1888.
11304 Trumpet Lyon-Healy Inspiration 3142 c1920 Bb/A
Valves have 1-2-3 and no markings on the lead pipe inlet for country of origin so likely US made.
11303 Serpent Kohler
John Kohler London Made of wood, black leather, and brass, with ivory mouthpiece and finger hole rings.
11302 Trombone; Sopra Buescher 73270 1920
11301 Baritone Parsons
26" long
11300 Baritone Boston 21038 Bb
21" long, late style engraving
11298 Trumpet Ardin 55303 c1950 Bb
Looks like a German made copy of the Selmer patent valve block with a stencil name of Ardin. Marked "Germany" on lead pipe inlet but I could not read all of it so could be West Germany.
11297 Cornet Lamoreaux 11061 c1908 Bb
11296 Cornet Gautie Ideale Bb
P Gautie & Fils, Toulouse, Paris
11295 Cornet Diver Gold Star 16514 Bb
11294 Cornet Williams-Charles Special Class B Bb
11293 Trombone; Alto Alexander
11292 Trombone Pollter 1892-1900
O Pollter & Co / Leipzig
11291 Cornet New York Band Instruments 5101 Bb
Marked "New York Musical Co / New York"
11290 Cornet American Band Inst Co Professional 2871 1916 Bb/A
This is a rare cornet matching their ad from 1916 for the "Professional" model and made in Grand Rapids.
11289 Trumpet Dearman C/Bb/A
11288 Trumpet Lorein 17824 Bb
marked "W Germany" on the lead pipe
11287 Cornet Lorein Bb
marked "Made in Germany" on the lead pipe
11286 Cornet Peerless 13074 Bb
Bell reads "Peerless / London / Eng / 13074" and appears to be a European-made stencil probably B&F.

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