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10914 Trumpet; Low Huttl Eb
M.J. Huttl Schluckenau Böhmen Length: 17 1/4 in Length of tubing: 95 in Bell: 5 in
10912 Trumpet; Low Michl
Johann Michl & Sohn Graslitz Sudetengau Length:20 in Length of tubing: 79 in Bell: 5.5 in
10868 Trumpet; Low Dvorak Eb
J. Dvorak CES Length: 19in Length of Tubing:84 3/4in Bell:6in
9067 Trumpet; Low Boosey
Alto Trumpet Boosey & Co
8809 Trumpet; Low Holton 386220 Eb
8736 Trumpet; Low Kuhnl-Hoyer
8735 Trumpet; Low Kuhnl-Hoyer
8628 Trumpet; Low Prokop
Lad. Prokop Chrudim
8307 Trumpet; Low Glassl Eb
8175 Trumpet; Low Dehmal
Anton Dehmals Nachfolger (successor) Wien
7931 Trumpet; Low Brizzi Eb
7659 Trumpet; Low Hawkes F
Engraved: Excelsior Class Hawkes & Son Lenmen Street Piccadilly Circus London
7652 Trumpet; Low Desidera
Desidera Verona
7593 Trumpet; Low Evette-Schaeffer 261 1880s
Length: 47 cm Bell: 11.5 cm
7533 Trumpet; Low Otto
7389 Trumpet; Low Bach Stradivarius 1731xx F
7136 Trumpet; Low Amati
7067 Trumpet; Low Dehmal
Engraved: Thomas Dehmal Wien 16
7054 Trumpet; Low VEB
7014 Trumpet; Low Hammig Eb
Otto Hammig Markneukirchen Length: 17 1/4in
6810 Trumpet; Low Adler
Johannes Adler
6719 Trumpet; Low Csurcsia
Csurcsia Mannheim
6565 Trumpet; Low Anton Eb
Meister Anton Köln
6549 Trumpet; Low Kruspe
6532 Trumpet; Low Couesnon Monpole Conservatoire 16512 Eb
Made for the Royal Iranian Army. Engraved: Rising sun and lion (which was the emblem of Iran at that time) | A line of Persian (Farsi) writing | COUESNON | Paris | 16512 | Monopole | Conservatoire | (a star) | Made in France
6397 Trumpet; Low Fischer, AE
Alto Trumpet from app. 1940. A.E. Fischer Bremen.
6054 Trumpet; Low Holton 56 61325 1963 Eb
5867 Trumpet; Low Scherzer
5315 Trumpet; Low Lidl Eb
5221 Trumpet; Low Cerveny
Cerveny a S. v Hradci Kravlove

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