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11125 Cornet Lehnert 170The lit Bb/C
The little Brush is for swabbing out shanks and other pipes in _front_ of valves The long Bb shank is the one proper to use but in case a piano or organ is to sharp then use the short C shank, when you use the cornet in Bb then use the 2 intermediate shanks for flatening. It was impossible to make the low pitch Bb slide long enough for low pitch as it struck the ____, therefore the intermediate shank had to be resorted to, put in the mute with the nome on top and. . .
11124 Bugle Lahera
Lahera of Madrid Hipolito Lahera was at this location in the early 1900s.
11123 Alto horn Elweith
A G Elweith successors to Hug & Co. | Supplier to the Army | Strasbourg"
11122 Cornet Puntenny-Eutsler Triumph
11121 Alto horn Angot-Dubreuil
Angot & Dubreuil / Ivry-la-Bataille
11120 Alto horn B&J Friedrich Muller
Friedrich Muller Vienna Trademark, B&J Sole Importers
11119 Cornet Beare Acme
Acme | Beare & Son | Toronto Can 13 under the valve numbers
11118 Trumpet Baxter-Northrup 28936
Custom Model Los Andeles
11117 Trombone Diver Gold Star
11116 Cornet Old Kraftsman c. 1950
11115 Saxhorn Buzzell-Gove 1849-52 Bb
Vienna Valves Rochester, NY
11114 Cornet Lyon-Healy American Solo
11113 Saxhorn Sheppard-Cottier 1863-7 Eb
OTS Bass saxhorn Brass with garland Berliner valves 50in tall 10.5in bell
11112 Trumpet Imperial 726
11111 Cornet Vega Coloratura 20197
11110 Cornet Pepper Perfected 30282 C
11109 Cornet Gautie
Brevete .. Agent ] P. Gautie & Cie Toulouse
11108 Cornet Jaubert Imperial
F. Jaubert ∓ Cie | Imperial | Lyon & Healy | Sole Agent | Chicago
11107 Trombone Grand Rapids none
11106 Trumpet Kuhnl-Hoyer Penn 11873
11105 Cornet Gonet
11104 Baritone SoCal
Southern California Music Co.
11103 Cornet WilliamsC
11102 Cornet Lehnert
11101 Trombone;AltoV Pepper 13484 Eb
Importer Phili and Chicago
11100 Trumpet Huttl 451
11099 Tuba Lehnert
11098 Baritone Couesnon Gautrot Brevete 1900
Gautrot Brevete | SGDG | Couesnon & Cie
11097 Cornet Slater Ideal
11096 Cornet Slater

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