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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial# Manuf. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge
11070 Alto horn Imperial
11069 Saxhorn Sheppard-Cottier
11068 Cornet Vega Power Special 55954
Bore: .456
11067 Trombone Frank New Era 5472
11066 Tuba Foote Eb
11065 Cornet Fischer Benetone
It is presumed that this is a Fischer product.
11064 Trumpet Abbott
B&F Anchor on 2nd Valve
11063 Baritone US Band
11062 Trumpet US Band
11061 Cornet Diver Gold Star 6892
11060 Trombone Kenny
1913 or earlier Austria
11059 Trumpet Jaubert
F Jaubert Et Cie Paris France on receiver 3 on 2nd valve
11058 Cornet Gilmore
Gilmore-Graves| Boston Catholic fingering, but can be re-fitted to standard fingering.
11057 Vocal horn Rudall-Carte 766 1862 C
Logo: Prize Medal, 1862, Rudall Rose Carte & C0 20 Charing Cross London No 766. ":a Samson Finger-slide valve each piston, (spring loaded in a casing), has a finger (connector) on it’s side that is connect to the actual valve in the tube next to it. In other words, the tube and valve where air passes though is adjacent to the finger pistons."
11056 Baritone Zazvonil Oval Bb
J. Zazvonil Kladno
11055 French Horn Voigt
Ernst Reinh. Voigt
11054 Tenor Horn Van Cauwelaert Sax Horn
F. van Cauwelaert Bruxelles
11053 Baritone Schenkelaars Bb
H. Schenkelaars Eindhoven
11052 Helicon Orsi recurve F
Romeo Orsi Milano
11051 Trumpet Lidl C
Josef Lidl Brno
11050 Fluglehorn Cerveny Bb
11049 Fluglehorn Cerveny Bb
4 valve Bb fluglehorn
11048 Alto horn DePrins Soloist Eb
11047 Tuba DAnsingh Soloist Eb
11046 Helicon Bohland-Fuchs BBb
11045 French Horn DABICO Bb/F
DABICO | RR Dougherty | Dayton Ohio Multiple settings for the thumb is to have it stand in F or Bb (Confirmed) and to raise and lower the height of the trigger to accommodate smaller hands.
11044 Euphonium Cerveny Tournister
Bore: 13mm Bell: 190mm
11043 Bugle Couesnon
11041 Trumpet Pace
11040 French Horn Raoux
Raoux Rue Serperte a Paris | ...Empereur et de S.A. Le Vice-Roi-...

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