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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial# Manuf. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge
10971 Ophicleide Lecomte
10970 Sousaphone Conn 41k
10969 Cornet Weber
Franz Weber | Maker | Vienna | B.J.N.Y. | Sole Importer
10968 Bugle Courtois
Courtois Freres Snake type bugle
10967 Baritone Thibouville-Lamy
10966 Cornopean Wagner
VVagner | Brevete A Paris Unlikely that is it related to GA Wagner listed.
10965 Alto Horn Puntenny-Eutsler Triumph 134
The | Triumph | made by | Puntenny & Eutsler | Columbus | Ohio
10964 Cornet Wahlich
N. Wahlich Fabrikant Zurich There are also the numbers 1922 1381 on the bell
10963 Trumpet Frank EXcelosior 878
10962 Trumpet Courtois c.1928 C/Bb/A
10961 Baritone Jay Columbia HP/LP
10960 Alto Horn Wright OTS
Length: 27-1/4 in Bell: 7-7/8 in
10959 Cornet Fiske Eb
In 1866, Fiske patented a pushrod actuated rotary valve system called key pistons Isaac Fiske MAKER Worcester Mass Pat Nov 12 1867". On the valve spring tube, it says Patent Oct 30 1866
10958 Cornet Bobzin Solo Cornet
Solo Cornet | Chas Bobzin | Detroit, Mich
10957 Trombone Osgood
Univ of Ill. Farrar Collection
10956 Cornet MoennigHW C.1880
Length: 12-1/2in Bell: 4-3/4in Bore: 0.47
10955 Trumpet Henton-Knecht Benal
Pan American 66B
10954 Cornet Zimmermann
JH Zimmermann
10953 Cornet Lyon-Healy
Pumpen valves
10952 Trumpet Mulholland Tro-jan 5313 1930s
"H. P. Mulholland Tro-jan Los Angeles Calif.
10951 Cornopean Butler
10950 Trumpet Convair
Elkhart Ind
10949 Cornet Enders
R Enders Maker Brooklyn NY
10948 Tuba B-S Symphonie 126519 F
Conical Valves: .5thv-17mm, 1stv-18mm, 2ndv-19mm, 3rdv-20mm, and 4thv-21mm. Giardinelli NY 1977 on leadpipe brace & made in GDR 126519 on back in f bell
10947 Cornet Pepper Premier 8854
10946 Fluglehorn Fuchs
Daniel Fuchs
10945 Trombone; valve Millereau Bb
10944 Cornet Millereau Bb
10943 Cornet Miraphone Pocket Bb
10942 Trumpet Orsi Alto Eb
Orsi Milano

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