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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial# Manuf. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge
11147 Trumpet Buescher 10 144693 1923
Bore: .450 approx
11146 Cornet Vito 6928
made in Kenosha, Wis. USA on bell, and on valve casings MADE IN FRANCE Vito brand was named for Vito Pascucci, an official with Leblancs at the Kenosha Wisconsin location They were student models starting in the early 1950s. Some Vito Cornets were reported to be Holton made.
11145 Tuba ReisserCH Kaiser c. 1900
Bell: 45cm Height: 108cm Bore: 21.8cm
11144 Trombone; Bass Boosey-Hawkes G 153867 1939 G/D
G Bass trigger bass trombone
11143 Fluglehorn Frank Excelsior 1822
11142 Cornet Buzzell-Gove Bb
Rochester NY Bell up Vienna Valves Likely learned his trade from Graves
11141 Ballad Horn Missenharter 5594
11140 Mellophone Van Engelen c. 1900 Eb
Circular Saxhorn Two tuners - one in receiver and one in middle horn
11139 Trumpet Taylor-Horn Blorite
11138 Trumpet Ludwig Standard 18362
11137 Cornet Blessing 10005
Presented to | William J Argall | by members of | Sacramento Commerner No 21 | and | Sacramento Commandery B Argall was a paint and wallpaper shop owner
11136 Bugle; Keyed Derache C
P. Derache | Luthier | 42 Passage de l’Argue 42 | Lyon
11135 Cornet Boston 3 Star 1 Plus Ultra 23052
Bore: 0.472 Length:13-1/2in
11134 Cornet Allen OTS Eb
Allen Pinched Rotors
11133 Trumpet MelloDee
11130 Cornet Beacon
11129 Trumpet Boston 11 12302 C/BbA HP
Medium bore .452
11128 Trumpet Kessels C/Bb
Bell diameter: 12.6cm. Bore: 11.5mm.
11127 Ophicleide Sautermeister C LP
Sautermeister| &| Müller| a Lyon | brevete | 125 11 key
11126 Alto horn Pepper Standard 64543
B & F on valves
11125 Cornet Lehnert 170The lit Bb/C
The little Brush is for swabbing out shanks and other pipes in _front_ of valves The long Bb shank is the one proper to use but in case a piano or organ is to sharp then use the short C shank, when you use the cornet in Bb then use the 2 intermediate shanks for flatening. It was impossible to make the low pitch Bb slide long enough for low pitch as it struck the ____, therefore the intermediate shank had to be resorted to, put in the mute with the nome on top and. . .
11124 Bugle Lahera
Lahera of Madrid Hipolito Lahera was at this location in the early 1900s.
11123 Alto horn Elweith
A G Elweith successors to Hug & Co. | Supplier to the Army | Strasbourg"
11122 Cornet Puntenny-Eutsler Triumph
11121 Alto horn Angot-Dubreuil
Angot - Dubreuil / Ivry-la-Bataille
11120 Alto horn B-J Friedrich Muller
Friedrich Muller Vienna Trademark, B&J Sole Importers
11119 Cornet Beare Acme
Acme | Beare & Son | Toronto Can 13 under the valve numbers
11118 Trumpet Baxter-Northrup 28936
Custom Model Los Andeles
11117 Trombone Diver Gold Star
11116 Cornet Old Kraftsman c. 1950

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