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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial# Manuf. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge
11338 Cornet Boston TARV Eb
Boston Musical Instrument Manufy
11337 Baritone Coon OTS
11336 Cimbasso Anon
11335 Trumpet Martin Handcraft 21681 1920 C/Bb
M Bore
11334 Trumpet Blessing A09058
11333 Tuba Hirschberg
Franz Hirschberg Königl. Großherzogl. u Fürstl. Hoflieferant Breslau Weidenstr Berlinner valves Bell: 11.5 Length of Tubing:216.5
11332 Cornet Wursburg 1867
Fritz Herold Wurzburg New Mainz type valves, clock springs return
11331 Trumpet Paulus
Vienna Valve
11330 Cornet Kenner
11329 Cornet Durand c1900 C
Jules Durand / Paris
11328 Cornet Whittle Zenith P51111 1926 Bb
Pan American stencil
11327 Alto Horn Conn 6C-Wonderphone 357610 1946
11326 Trumpet Art Master Art 119479 1930s Bb/A
Looks like a trumpet by Buescher once he joined Harry Pedler to form Art Musical Instruments. Tuning slide braces match those by Buescher. The valves are set far back. Lead pipe inlet does not appear to be original. Small o.417" bore
11325 Bugle; keyed Ellard 584 Bb
Royal Patent Kent Bugle made by A. Ellard Dublin No 584 Halliday Inventor
11324 Alto Michaud
Marked "Michaud Brevete / 10 et 12 Rue De Sartine / Paris"
11323 Eng. Bass Horn Anon
6 hole, 4 key
11322 Cornet Schediwa
Shedifon Cornet Be No. 268 pattern No. 22 Joseph Shedive: Emperors Preferred Tool Factory in Odessa
11321 Trumpet Foote-Charles REF 1252 Bb/A
More likely a retailer than a maker.
11320 Cornopean Goudot c1845
Bell reads "Goudot Jeune Paris"
11319 Cornet Bryant-Newell Rex 971 c1910 Bb
11318 Cornet Seefeldt 2802 Eb
11317 Cornet Conn 1938
Horizontal Opera Glass Tuning
11316 Cornet Foote Eb
TARV J Howard Foote (JHF) NY German Silver with garland bell
11315 Cornet Wulschner Professional
Marked "JTL" on middle valve which probably means manufactured in Paris by Jerome Thibouville-Lamy.
11313 Cornet Malecki 11290 Bb/A
Bell reads "Louis B Malecki & Co / Chicago, Ill / 11290" Circular mark on middle valve probably indicates Bohland & Fuchs of Austria as the maker.
11312 Bugle Gerday
11311 Cornet Penzel-Muller
Unusual wrap, probably Bb pitch
11310 Sousaphone Hager 30554
11309 Trumpet Hager American 97180 1933 Bb
Appears to be a Pan American stencil
11308 Cornet Taylor-Horn The Chicago 1401 Bb

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