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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial# Manuf. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge
11167 Alto Horn Heald
11166 Trumpet Kohler 35 1838 F
Two Shaw valves
11165 Trumpet Kohler 1795
Slide trumpet with St James address c.1795
11164 French Horn Kohler 86 1839 C
Two Shaw disc valves
11163 Cornopean Kohler 1858 Bb
11162 Cornopean Kohler 70 1839 Bb
Shaw disc valves
11161 Cornet Kohler Bb
11160 Cornopean Kohler 305 1849 Bb
Shaw disc valves
11159 Cornet Kohler Bayley 1862 Bb
Bayley Improved Acoustic cornet
11158 Ophicleide Devaster Bb
In the MFA collection, Boston
11157 Keyed Bugle Devaster 1830 Bb
From Met museum collection
11155 Tenor Horn HessD 1860s Bb
Shield reads "Daniel Hess / New York" Berliner valves
11154 Keyed Bugle Ellard c1820 Bb
This dates to the 1818 to 1845 period when Ellard had a shop on Lower Sackville Street in Dublin. It is said that Ellard made the original patent bugle for Halliday since he had worked for Logier at the time.
11153 Trumpet Courtois 559 F
Trumpet in F from the Met museum collection. Serial #559 under the third valve cap.
11152 Cornet Millard 1163 Bb
Bb cornet without union label so c.1910-1912
11151 Trumpet Reiner 8609 C
Reiner & Sohne bore: .420 bell: 4 7/8 in
11150 Trombone Kretzschman
11149 Trombone; Valve Schamal
11148 Trombone; Bass Holton Symphony
Friction Fit, Inslide tuning Bell: 9in Rack and Pinion rod with thumb ring
11147 Trumpet Buescher 10 144693 1923
Bore: .450 approx
11146 Cornet Vito 6928
made in Kenosha, Wis. USA on bell, and on valve casings MADE IN FRANCE Vito brand was named for Vito Pascucci, an official with Leblancs at the Kenosha Wisconsin location They were student models starting in the early 1950s. Some Vito Cornets were reported to be Holton made.
11145 Tuba ReisserCH Kaiser c. 1900
Bell: 45cm Height: 108cm Bore: 21.8cm
11144 Trombone; Bass Boosey-Hawkes G 153867 1939 G/D
G Bass trigger bass trombone
11143 Fluglehorn Frank Excelsior 1822
11142 Cornet Buzzell-Gove Bb
Rochester NY Bell up Vienna Valves Likely learned his trade from Graves
11141 Ballad Horn Missenharter 5594
11140 Mellophone Van Engelen c. 1900 Eb
Circular Saxhorn Two tuners - one in receiver and one in middle horn
11139 Trumpet Taylor-Horn Blorite
11138 Trumpet Ludwig Standard 18362
11137 Cornet Blessing 10005
Presented to | William J Argall | by members of | Sacramento Commerner No 21 | and | Sacramento Commandery B Argall was a paint and wallpaper shop owner

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