Buescher Models

Buescher Mfg. Co.
Epoch True=Tone Cornet Bb & A, 1st and 3rd valves equal, 2nd longer
Epoch True=Tone Cornet Bb & A, all 3 valves different depths
Epoch True=Tone Long Model Cornet
Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Epoch Cornet 1 1st and 2nd valves equal depth, 3rd shorter, Bb & A
Trumpet 2 peashooter design
Long Model Epoch Cornet 3 Bb & A
Epoch Trumpet 5
Multi-Pitch Cornet 7 Bb & A
New England Trumpet 8 medium bore
Maestro Model Trumpet 9 medium bore
Multi-Pitch Cornet 10 Bb & A
Professional Model Trumpet 10 medium bore
Professional Model Trumpet 10-22 medium bore
Professional Model Trumpet 10-22A medium bore
Professional Model Trumpet 10-22B
Professional Model Trumpet 10-22R
Trumpet 11 A to Bflat key adjustment
Transposing Cornet 12 Epoch valves, C, Bb & A
Trumpet 13 Bb to A rotary valve change
Virtuoso Cornet 14 Bb & A or C, Bb & A
Grand Cornet 14-22
Cornet 15 .490 Over-sized valve
Eb Cornet 19 Model
Cornet 65 4 7/8 Engraved Buescher Mfg Co.
New England Model Trumpet 200 small bore
Maestro Model? Trumpet 202 small bore
Trumpet 205 .448
Professional Model Trumpet 212 medium
Trumpet 220 "peashooter" with resemblances to later "400" model
400 Trumpet 225
Aristocrat Trumpet 232
Aristocrat Trumpet 235 custom built
Aristocrat Trumpet 238 Custon Built
Aristocrat Trumpet 240 Custom Built
Cornet 245
400 Cornet 275