Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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R.M.I.C. Czech. Mus. Co. mandolins amateur c.1930 catalog
La Prealpine Rampone & Cazzaini NLI
Reeds; Jacob Sons Pepper; J.W. band uniforms a&p 1898 catalog
Regal C.E.M.C.L. banjos T.H.B.B.
Conservatory Reichel; Philipp violin; viola; cello; bass; etc. 1920 catalog
Roral Reiffel & Husted w&b c.1916-c.1930 NLI
Star Reiffel & Husted w&b c.1916-c.1930 NLI
R & H Reiffel & Husted w&b c.1916-c.1930 NLI
name retailer maker instrument quality dates source
Orpheum Rettberg & Lange banjos amateur M.I. Holmes
Contempora Reynolds; F.A. brass professional c.1950
Emperor Reynolds; F.A. brass student c.1940-
Argenta Reynolds; F.A. brass semi-pro or better c.1959
Professional Reynolds; F.A. brass semi-pro or better c.1940-
Roth Reynolds; F.A. brass student c.1940
Medalist Reynolds; F.A. brass student c.1960-
Sweetheart Richter Manufacturing Co. banjo eBay
Richter? Pollmann harmonica amateur c.1894 catalog
Arigra Riedel; Anton 1931- NLI
Rittershausen; E. Besson & Co.; Ltd. flutes; piccolos -1940? catalog
Rittershausen; Emil. Fischer; Carl woodwinds professional c.1880-c.1925? catalogs
Rudall; Carte & Co. Haynes; John C. woodwinds professional 1889 catalog

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