Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Champion Pan American Pan American cornets & trombones NLI
Classroom Pan American Pan American brasswind student NLI
Rainbow Pan American Pan American mellophones NLI
Pan American Moderne Pan American Conn; C.G. metal clarinet student private communication
Art Pedler; Harry Kenton
Prize Pepper; J.W. Pepper; J.W. brasswinds 1897 catalog
Conqueror Pepper; J.W. Pepper; J.W. brasswinds professional 1897 catalog
20th Century Pepper; J.W. ? Pepper; J.W. cornet 1900s
Perfected grade Pepper; J.W. or Mouchel; C.A. Pepper; J.W. brasswinds 1897 catalog
Acme Pollmann Pollmann brass professional c.1879 catalog
Professional Pollmann? Pollmann brass professional c.1894 catalog
Light Action Pollmann? Pollmann brass c.1894 catalog
Artist Pollmann? Pollmann brass and strings professional c.1879 catalog
Pourcelle; Henry Holcomb; J.R. & Co. cornet 1901 catalog

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