Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Libratone Couesnon & Cie trumpet eBay
Georgian George; Chas. E. brass eBay
Zephyr Fischer; Carl brass eBay
Besson; F. [U.K.] Schreiber; Louis brasswinds eBay
Besson; F. [U.K.] Fischer; Carl brasswinds eBay
3 Star Cundy-Bettoney Cundy-Bettoney metal clarinet eBay
Revelle Master [Italy] metal clarinet eBay
Revelle Master [Italy] saxophone eBay
King Master White; H.N. White; H.N. cornet c.1900 eBay
Empirebrass [India] brass modern reproductions c.2005 eBay
Ideal Whaley Royce & Co. Whaley Royce & Co. eBay
Solbron Boosey & Co. Boosey & Co. brass eBay
Schubert; Karl Jenkins eBay
New Ideal Leland; S.R. & Son tenor horn; trombone ca. 1880 eBay
Regimental Line Lyon & Healy baritone c.1900 eBay
Royalist [Czechoslovakia] trumpet eBay
Acme model Boosey & Co. Boosey & Co. brass eBay
Eterna Getzen trumpet eBay
Excelsior Alfred LeCompte Co. cornet c.1900
Tru Tone Buescher cornet
Triumphal Vega Co. Vega Co. trombone; cornet 1917- eBay;
The Dictor Hawkes & Son? Hawkes & Son? euphonium professional? c.1900 eBay; Mike Keller

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