Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Feature Wurlitzer Wurlitzer cornet early 1900s
American Gretsch Gretsch cornet
DeLuxe Sterling
Perfecto King cornet c.1913-1915
New American Distin; Henry brasswinds
Lamars; L. & Co. Richards; J.G. Co.
Goldenrod Grinnel alto horn c.1900
Monarche Lyons Musical Instrument Co. Lyons Musical Instrument Co. brasswinds
Imperial Boosey & Hawkes tenor horn
Adams Special Adams & Son trumpet early 1900s
Professional York York cornet professional?
Special [Austria] Hentschel; E.O. cornet c.1900
Standard Band Instrument Co. Vega cornet c.1890
Regent Boosey & Hawkes Boosey & Hawkes alto horn c.1934
Vibratone Couesnon & Cie cornet 1900s
Feature Wurlitzer Wurlitzer cornet early 1900s
The Yankee Kalashen mellophone
20th Century Pepper; J.W. ? Pepper; J.W. cornet 1900s
Distin; Henry Pepper; J.W. valve trombone ca. 1883
Superior Fischer; Carl cornet c.1880
Artist Seltmann; Ernst Theodor baritone -1906
Monarch Wurlitzer; Rudolph Baritone horn
Medalist Reynolds; F.A. brass student c.1960-
Contempora Reynolds; F.A. brass professional c.1950
Argenta Reynolds; F.A. brass semi-pro or better c.1959
Professional Reynolds; F.A. brass semi-pro or better c.1940-
Roth Reynolds; F.A. brass student c.1940
Emperor Reynolds; F.A. brass student c.1940-

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