Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Artigiana Musicale saxophone c.1920 Raganto
Savana saxophone NLI
Stentor [Paris] saxophone T.N.W.I.M.
Tone King saxophone NLI
Castellan; E. saxophone c.1950 Raganto
Framez saxophone c.1950 Raganto
Gallett; Simon saxophone Raganto
Gardelli; Alfredo saxophone 1920 Raganto
Grew; Simon saxophone Raganto
Kalison saxophone 1928 Raganto
Lapini; Adolofo saxophone c.1898 Raganto
Parisi; Silvio saxophone c.1920 Raganto
Pizzi; Umberto saxophone c.1920 Raganto
Saporetti e Capelli saxophone c.1920 Raganto
Zin; Guglielmo saxophone c.1920 Raganto
President Horner saxophone eBay
Kleartone Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. saxophone student c.1915 Double Bell Baritone
American model Selmer; Alexander Selmer; Alexander saxophone 1918 catalog
Maestro Keefer Keefer saxophone and clarinet professional c.1923 catalog
Rasco Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Artist Lyon & Healy saxophones NLI
Electra Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Eterna Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Everrite Ditson; Oliver saxophones 1901- NLI
Gloria Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
New Wonder Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. saxophones c.1927 catalog
Odeum Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Orfeon Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Triumph Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Symphonie Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
King Zephyr White; H.N. Co. White; H.N. Co. saxophones c.1936 catalog
Superior [Elkhart] Czech. Mus. Co. saxophones and brasswinds student c.1930 CBB; catalog

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