Table of Tradenames

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name retailer maker instrument quality dates source
Paradox Malecki; Louis B. cornet ca.1900 Kenton [not listed in NLI]
Broadcaster Margolin; J.&A. Ltd. Margolin; J.&A. Ltd. banjos T.H.B.B.
Thibouville freres Martin & Mall [?] woowinds c.1909- NLI
Martin freres Martin Brothers woodwinds 1897 catalog
Dobson Martin Brothers Martin Brothers banjo professional 1897 catalog
Berteling Martin Brothers woodwinds professional 1897 catalog
Universal (Paris) McClellan NLI
Thibouville freres McIntyre woodwinds c.1909- NLI
American Criterion McMillan; H.E. & Son 1917-1920 NLI
Meinl; W. & Co. Meinl; W. & Co. w&b a&p c.1890 catalog
Clark [London] Meinl; W. & Co. penny whistle amateur c.1890 catalog
Evette &Schaeffer Meinl; W. & Co. woodwinds c.1890 catalog
Professional Grade Meinl; W. & Co. Meinl; W. & Co. brasswinds professional c.1890 catalog
American Excelsior Coleman; Harry Missenharter 1891 catalog and Musical Courier
Artist Coleman; Harry Missenharter; Charles brasswinds c.1880 catalog
Coleman; Harry Missenharter; Charles brasswinds c.1880 catalog
Excelsior Coleman; Harry Missenharter; Charles brasswinds c.1880-1894? catalog;
Artist Model Moennig; Bros. Moennig; Bros. metal clarinet intermediate CBB
Silvertone Montgomery Ward NLI
Silvertone Montgomery Wards Inc. Internet
M.W. Montgomery-Ward c.1920-c.1950 NLI
Concertone [Bohemia later Czechoslovakia] Montgomery-Ward 1918-1939 NLI;
M.W. Montgonery-Ward NLI

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