Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Bandman Waller NLI
Merveilleuse [Paris] Wallis; J. & Sons NLI
Style 6 Weymann banjos 1926-1929 Tsumara
Ideal Whaley Royce & Co. Whaley Royce & Co. eBay
American Standard White; H.N. metal clarinet student 1930- CBB; NLI
Master Model White; H.N. White; H.N. c.1930-1940 NLI; T.N.W.I.M.
King Master White; H.N. White; H.N. cornet c.1900 eBay
Silver King White; H.N. White; H.N. metal clarinet professional c.1936 CCB; catalog
King White; H.N. White; H.N. 1907- NLI; catalog
King Zephyr White; H.N. Co. White; H.N. Co. saxophones c.1936 catalog
Euclids Cleveland Musical Instruments? White; H.N.? metal clarinet student 1925 private communication
Class A Artist Williams; R.S. Baritone horn Kenton
CEA Wunderlich; C.A. NLI
Kruspe Wurlitzer woodwinds catalog
Vanotti; Luigi Wurlitzer flutes catalog
Feature Wurlitzer Wurlitzer cornet early 1900s
Feature Wurlitzer Wurlitzer cornet early 1900s
Lyric [Czechoslovakia] Wurlitzer brasswind c.1900 Fiske Museum
Getzen Delux Wurlitzer or Holton metal clarinet student CCB
Innovation Wurlitzer; R. NLI
Majestic Wurlitzer; R. -1914 NLI
Melody Wurlitzer; R. -1914 NLI
Symphony Wurlitzer; R. metal clarinets student -1914 NLI; provate communication
Monarch Wurlitzer; Rudolph Baritone horn

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