Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Renab Bauer; George Bauer; George strings; brass c.1897 catalog
U.S. Bettoney Bettoney metal clarinet military use CBB
Mastertone Bohland & Fuchs E flat Sousaphone professional? after 1911 Jean-Pierre Malo (info on instrumen
Solbron Boosey & Co. Boosey & Co. brass eBay
Acme model Boosey & Co. Boosey & Co. brass eBay
Perfecta Trueline Boosey & Co. Boosey & Co. trombone private communication
Imperial Boosey & Hawkes tenor horn
Regent Boosey & Hawkes Boosey & Hawkes alto horn c.1934
Pourcelle; Henri [import] Bruno; C. w&b c.1890-c.1920 NLI
Special Grade Bruno; C. cornet c.1900 Kenton
Royal Artist Bruno; C. tenor horn Kenton
Perfection Bruno; C. w&b T.N.W.I.M.; eBay
Bach; Vincent Bueg. & Jac. brasswind mouthpieces professional 1931 catalog
Abbott Premier [European] Bueg. & Jac. w&b 1931 catalog
Abbott [European] Bueg. & Jac. w&b & brasswind mouthpieces 1931 cataog
Epoch Buescher Buescher early 1900s pryorphone
Epoch Buescher Buescher early 1900s pryorphone
True-Tone Buescher Buescher 1913 catalog
Tru Tone Buescher cornet
Rexcraft Buglecraft bugles NLI
Rex Buglecraft bugles NLI
Drum Major Buglecraft Inc. bugles NLI
Boy Scout Buglecraft Inc. bugles amateur NLI

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