Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Professional P.M.I.C. P.M.I.C. clarinets 1920-1950 NLI
Professional P.M.I.C. P.M.I.C. clarinets 1920-1950 T.H.B.B
Brilliante Pan American Pan American metal clarinet student CCB
Custombilt Pedler; Harry metal clarinet student CCB
Premier Pedler; Harry Co. Pedler; Harry Co. metal clarinet student private communication
Bostonian Pedler? metal clarinet private communication
Thibouville; Adrien Pelisson woodwinds 1910- NLI
Artist Penzel & Mueller & Co. Penzel & Mueller & Co. woodwinds professional 1925 catalog
Brilliante Penzel & Muller Penzel & Muller metal clarinet student CBB
Perfection Penzel; Mueller & Co. Penzel; Mueller & Co. clarinets professional 1925 catalog
Buffet Pepper; J.W. woodwinds 1897 catalog
Excelsior Pepper; J.W. clarinets amateur 1897 catalog
Martin Freres Pollmann woodwinds c.1894 catalog
Berteling Pollmann woodwinds professional c.1894 catalog

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