Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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M.W. Montgomery-Ward c.1920-c.1950 NLI
M.W. Montgonery-Ward NLI
MacLede metal clarinet student CBB
Madelon Bettoney Bettoney metal clarinet student CBB
Maestro Keefer Keefer saxophone and clarinet professional c.1923 catalog
Maestro Keefer Keefer brass mouthpiece professional c.1923 catalog
Magnetic [Milwaukee; WI] brass OLDLOU
Main Bacon banjos 1924-1939 Tsumara
Majestic Wurlitzer; R. -1914 NLI
Mandoline Octave Pollmann harmonica professional c.1894 catalog
Mandoline-Banjo Pollmann Pollmann banjo with mandolin body a&p c.1894 catalog
Mandoline-Guitar Pollmann Pollmann guitar with mandolin body professional c.1894 catalog
Manhattan Selmer; H.& A. 1927- NLI
Marceau [Czechoslovakia] Sears & Roebuck brasswinds student? c.1900 NLI; catalog
Marcil Selmer; H.& A. 1927- NLI
Marimba Stromberg banjos amateur ?c.1930s Tsumara
Marine Band Hohner; M. Czech. Mus. Co. harmonica amateur c.1930 catalog
Marine Band Hohner; M. Bueg. & Jac. harmonica 1931 catalog
Marine Band Echo Hohner; M. Bueg. & Jac. harmonica 1931 catalog
Marine Band Tremolo Hohner; M. Bueg. & Jac. harmonica 1931 catalog
Marine Band Tremolo Hohner; M. Czech. Mus. Co. harmonica amateur c.1930 catalog
Marquette Lyon & Healy Lyon & Healy guitars and mandolins 1891- Musical Courier
Martin Andorff et al Weller
Martin/Signal [with arrow] Andorff et al Weller
Marvel Clerc; Leon banjos 1888-1908 T.H.B.B.
Marvel [imported] Filmore Music House alto hron 1905- NLI; eBay
Marzan Bohn and Meinl 19 inch tubas Mike Keller
Marzan Wilson Mike Keller
Master Selmer Selmer metal clarinet professional CCB
Master Boehm and Meinl Fischer Mike Keller
Master Model White; H.N. White; H.N. c.1930-1940 NLI; T.N.W.I.M.
Master Model Selmer; Henri metal clarinet professional 1888- private communication
Mastertone [U.S.] metal clarinet student CBB
Mastertone Gibson Inc. Gibson Inc. banjos 1926 catalog
Mastertone Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Co. stringed instruments professional? c.1925 Music Trade Review
Mastertone Bohland & Fuchs E flat Sousaphone professional? after 1911 Jean-Pierre Malo (info on instrumen
Matchless Dobson; George C. Foote; J. Howard banjos professional 1893 catalog
Mauna Loa Nunes Lyon & Healy plucked strings 1918 catalog
May Bell Slingerland Banjo Co. banjo c.1924 Music Trade Review
May Flower Flower; Harry J. Stern; Joseph W. Co. plucked strings 1904-1905 M.I. Holmes
May Flower Flower; Harry J. Ditson; C.H. plucked strings 1903-1904 M.I. Holmes
May Flower; Chicago Shall; J.B.? banjo c.1900 M.I. Holmes
Maybell Slingerland banjo c.1920 eBay
MayFlower Flower; Harry J. Stern; Joseph W. Co. plucked strings 1905-1912 M.I. Holmes
Mayflower Flower; Harry J. Lyon & Healy guitars and mandolins 1912- M.I. Holmes
Mayflower Flower & Groeschl guitar c.1900 M.I. Holmes
Mayflower Stromberg-Voisinet plucked strings c.1920 M.I. Holmes
Meckel; Henry [Paris] [U.S. government] T.N.W.I.M.
Medaille Missenharter (NYC) Coleman; Harry cornet c.1894 Kenton
Medalist Reynolds; F.A. brass student c.1960-
Meinhart [import] [U.S. government] NLI
Mellow-Tone Shaeffer; Arling Shaeffer; Arling plucked strings 1912 catalog
Melody Wurlitzer; R. -1914 NLI
Melody King Slingerland banjos amateur ?c.1930s Tsumara
Melody King Gibson M.I. Holmes
Mendellssohn Bates; G.H.W. & Co. toy piano c.1880 catalog
Mercury York eBay
Merson Ultratone metal clarinet student private communication
Merveilleuse [Paris] Wallis; J. & Sons NLI
Metalla Ch. Weiss harmonica c.1914 Music Trade Review
Meyer; Karl Selmer; H. & A. 1927- NLI
Micro Jenkins; J.W. violin tuner (pitch pipe) c.1922 catalog
Mignon Voigt; Ernst Reinh. Voigt; Ernst Reinh. zither c.1900 catalog
Mikado Foote; J. Howard harmonica 1893 catalog
Mikado Pollmann? Pollmann accordion c.1894 catalog
Milharmonic Keefer Keefer trumpet professional c.1923 catalog
Minstrel Foote; J. Howard banjos 1893 catalog
Mira Jacot & Cie music box c.1906 Music Trade Review
Mirabile Abbott; J.G. & Co. banjos 1905- T.H.B.B.
Model 524 Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. metal clarinet professional private communication
Model A Favilla archtop guitar eBay
Model De Luxe Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. metal clarinets c.1927 catalog
Modele SO Couesnon & Co. Couesnon & Co. woodwinds amateur c.1913 NLI
Modern Vega banjos amateur 1928-c.1942 Tsumara
Monarch Bueg. & Jac. accordion 1931 catalog
Monarch Abbott; J.G. & Co. banjos 1905- T.H.B.B.
Monarch Lyon & Healy drums c.1896 catalog
Monarch Wurlitzer; Rudolph Baritone horn
Monarche Lyons Musical Instrument Co. Lyons Musical Instrument Co. brasswinds
Monogram Stewart & Bauer M.I. Holmes
Monopole Couesnon & Co. Couesnon & Co. w&b professional c.1912 catalog
Monster Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. tuba professional c.1900 catalog
Montana Special Bacon banjos a&p 1924-1939 Tsumara
Montour; Jean Martin; F.J.B. clarinet 1905 NLI
Morrison Pollmann? Pollmann banjo professional c.1894 catalog
Mother Goose Pets Noble & Cooley Co. Riemann; Seabrey Co. drums children 1926 catalog
Musicraft [import] [U.S. government] w&b NLI
Mystic Lyon & Healy Lyon & Healy banjo professional? c.1905-1917- M.I. Holmes; catalog

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