Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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O-A-& Co. Adler; Oscar Adler; Oscar 1940- Weller
Octavo Concerto Pollmann? Pollmann harmonica professional c.1894 catalog
Odell Thompson & Odell Thompson & Odell metal clarinet student CBB
Odell Vega Vega metal clarinet student c.1900 CBB; NLI
Odeum Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Okay Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. drums c.1927 catalog
Old Favorite Hohner; M. Bueg. & Jac. harmonica 1931 catalog
Old Standby Hohner; M. Bueg. & Jac. harmonica 1931 catalog
Old Standby Hohner; M. Czech. Mus. Co. harmonica amateur c.1930 catalog
Olympia Selmer metal clarinet student eBay
Olympian Leedy banjos amateur ?c.1930s Tsumara
Opera Grand Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. braswinds 1921-1930 catalog
Opera HN Couesnon & Co. Couesnon & Co. w&b professional c.1912 catalog
Optimus Keefer Keefer E flat bass horn professional c.1923 catalog
Opus Leblanc; G. Corp. Leblanc; G. Corp. T.N.W.I.M.
Orchestra Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. violins professional c.1927 catalog
Orchestra Stewart; S.S. banjos Tsumara
Orchestra Pollmann? Pollmann accordion c.1894 catalog
Orchestra Stewart; S.S. Pollmann banjo professional c.1894 catalog
Orchestral Distin Distin brasswinds professional catalog
Orfeon Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Oriental Cornish & Co. Cornish & Co. reed organ amateur c.1880 catalog
Oriental Ludwig & Ludwig banjos professional 1925-1929 Tsumara
Orion Voigt; Ernst Reinh. Voigt; Ernst Reinh. zither amateur c.1900 catalog
Orpheum Rettberg & Lange banjos amateur M.I. Holmes
Orpheus nli
Orpheus - Contra Organ Pollmann harmonica amateur c.1894 catalog
Orthotone Monnig; Otto flutes professional -1943 NLI
Otterell; G.L. [Paris] [U.S. government] NLI
Our Own Make [many companies] catalogs
Own Make Zimmermann; Aug. Zimmermann; Aug. woodwinds 1925 catalog
Own Make Pepper; J.W. Pepper; J.W. brass professional? c.1894 The Musical Courier; catalog
Own Make Lyon & Healy Lyon & Healy c.1896 catalog
Oxford Keefer Keefer baritone horn professional c.1923 catalog

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