Table of Tradenames

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Pal Bueg. & Jac. phonographs 1931 catalog
Pal Slingerland (May Bell) banjos amateur ?c.1930s Tsumara
Pan American Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. brasswinds 1919-1931 private communication
Pan American Brilliente Pan American Conn; C.G. metal clarinet student private communication
Pan American Moderne Pan American Conn; C.G. metal clarinet student private communication
Paradox Malecki; Louis B. cornet ca.1900 Kenton [not listed in NLI]
Paragon Essex banjos T.H.B.B.
Paragon Volkwein Bros. 1905- NLI
Paragon C.E.M.C.L. banjos T.H.B.B.
Paragon Holton Holton [?] metal clarinet c.1925 Internet
Paragon Artist C.E.M.C.L. banjos professional T.H.B.B.
Paragon de Luxe C.E.M.C.L. banjos professional T.H.B.B.
Paramont Artist Penzel & Muller metal clarinet student CBB
Paramount NLI
Paramount Lange; Wm. Co. banjo M.I. Holmes
Paratone Barnes Bros. banjos 1920s T.H.B.B.
Paravox C.E.M.C.L. banjos T.H.B.B.
Parlor Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. drums c.1927 catalog
Parlor Sonntag; Herman Sonntag; Herman banjos and guitars 1890 catalog
Parlor Chime Pollmann? Pollmann banjo amateur c.1894 catalog
Patent Bellows Pollmann? Pollmann accordion c.1894 catalog
Pathfinder Gretsch metal clarinet student CBB
Peerless Bueg. & Jac. percussion 1931 catalog
Peerless Slater; M. Slater; M. brasswinds and percussion amateur 1915 catalog
Peerless American metal clarinet student CBB
Perfacktone P.M.I.C. P.M.I.C NLI
Perfacton [import] Bruno; C. NLI
Perfecta Trueline Boosey & Co. Boosey & Co. trombone private communication
Perfected grade Pepper; J.W. or Mouchel; C.A. Pepper; J.W. brasswinds 1897 catalog
Perfected Wonder Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. braswinds 1906 private communication
Perfection [import] Bruno; C. NLI
Perfection Penzel; Mueller & Co. Penzel; Mueller & Co. clarinets professional 1925 catalog
Perfection Bruno; C. w&b T.N.W.I.M.; eBay
Perfecto King cornet c.1913-1915
Peron; Andre [France] metal clarinet student private communication
Peroque [Paris] woodwind NLI
Philamona Horvath; Julius D. Horvath; Julius D. violins catalog
Philharmonic Keefer Keefer trumpet professional c.1923 catalog
Phonoharp Phonoharp Co. Pollmann fretless zither amateur c.1894 catalog
Piccolo Octave Pollmann? Pollmann harmonica amateur c.1894 catalog
Pitt American Volkwein Bros. 1905- NLI
Pollmanini Pollmann violin bows amateur c.1894 catalog
Pollmann Artist Pollmann? Pollmann banjo professional present c.1894 catalog
Pollmann Professional Pollmann? Pollmann banjo professional c.1894 catalog
Pollmann Solo Pollmann? Pollmann banjo professional c.1894 catalog
Pollmann Standard Pollmann? Pollmann banjo student? c.1894 catalog
Polyphonia Hohner; M. Hohner; M. harmonica 1958 catalog
Pony Concert Stewart; S.S. banjos Tsumara
Popular Houghton Essex; Clifford & Son banjo student 1919-1942 T.H.B.B.
Pourcelle; Henri [import] Bruno; C. w&b c.1890-c.1920 NLI
Predominant Prima J. Gras Bossey & Hawkes T.N.W.I.M.; NLI
Prefzschner Stadlmair, Henry Co., Inc. violins, cellos, bows c.1924 Music Trade Review
Premier Hohner; M. Bueg. & Jac. harmonica 1931 catalog
Premier Pepper; J.W. Pepper; J.W. w&b; plucked strings; percussio 1897 catalog
Premier Excelsior Drum Co. Pepper; J.W. drum 1893 Musical Courier
Premier Pedler; Harry Co. Pedler; Harry Co. metal clarinet student private communication
Prep [see American Prep]
Presentation Stewart; S.S. banjos Tsumara
Presentation Champion Stewart; S.S. banjos Tsumara
President Horner saxophone eBay
Prima Gras; J. NLI
Princess [imported] Fillmore Music House 1905- NLI
Prize Pepper; J.W. Pepper; J.W. brasswinds 1897 catalog
Prize Foote; J. Howard mandolins 1893 catalog
Professional Lyon & Healy Lyon & Healy plucked strings 1891- Musical Courier
Professional P.M.I.C. P.M.I.C. clarinets 1920-1950 NLI
Professional C.E.M.C.L. banjos T.H.B.B.
Professional P.M.I.C. P.M.I.C. clarinets 1920-1950 T.H.B.B
Professional Vega banjos professional 1926-c.1941 Tsumara; M.I. Holmes
Professional Reynolds; F.A. brass semi-pro or better c.1940-
Professional Pollmann? Pollmann brass professional c.1894 catalog
Professional York York cornet professional?
Professional Accordion Pollmann? Pollmann accordion c.1894 catalog
Professional Delight Haynes John C. harmonica amateur 1889 catalog
Professional Grade Meinl; W. & Co. Meinl; W. & Co. brasswinds professional c.1890 catalog
Professionall Concert Organ Gebr. Ludwig Holcomb; J.R. & Co. harmonica 1901 catalog
Prom Pan American Pan American NLI
Prototype Stewart; S.S. banjos Tsumara
Prototype Besson Fischer; Carl brasswinds eBay

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