Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Taco Tauscher; Eduard & Co. strings and woodwind 1889-c.1930 NLI
Tajos Than; Franz woodwinds 1890c.1937 NLI
TB (3-12) Gibson banjos a&p ?c.1930s Tsumara
Tempo E.B.I.C. E.B.I.C. 1928- T.H.B.B.; NLI
The Dictor Hawkes & Son? Hawkes & Son? euphonium professional? c.1900 eBay; Mike Keller
The Favorite [New York] metal clarinet student private communication
The Gem Pollmann? Pollmann accordion c.1894 catalog
The Jewel Pollmann harmonica amateur c.1894 catalog
The Lark Larkin Music House metal clarinet student CCB
The Profundo Hawkes & Son Brass early 1900s? Mike Keller
The Yankee Kalashen mellophone
Thoroughbred Stewart; S.S. banjos Tsumara
Three Star Bettoney Bettoney metal clarinet student CBB
Tilson; William Haynes; John C. Haynes; John C. plucked strings 1889 catalog
Ton-Wolf Andorff et al Weller
Tone King saxophone NLI
Tonecrest [import] woodwinds NLI
Tonette Swanson tonette amateur NLI
Top Notch Volkwein Bros. 1905- NLI
Topper [U.S.] metal clarinet student CBB
Toreador Ludwig & Ludwig banjos professional 1925-1929 Tsumara
Tremolo Bueg. & Jac. harmonica 1931 catalog
Tremolo Concert Thie; Wilhelm Pollmann harmonica amateur c.1894 catalog
Tremolo Conzert Haynes; John C. harmonica amateur 1889 catalog
Trio Pollmann? Pollmann accordion c.1894 catalog
Triolian National Bueg. & Jac. plucked strings professional 1931 catalog
Triumph Epiphone guitar Tsumara
Triumph Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Triumphal Vega Co. Vega Co. trombone; cornet 1917- eBay;
Trooper Lange; Wm. Co. banjos 1930-c.1936 Tsumara; M.I. Holmes
Troubador Slingerland (May Bell) banjos professional ?c.1930s Tsumara
Troubador Lyon & Healy banjo M.I. Holmes
Tru Tone Buescher cornet
True-Tone E.B.I.C. T.N.W.I.M.
True-Tone Buescher Buescher 1913 catalog
Truetone Buescher Buescher metal clarinet professional NLI; CCB
Trumpet Call Hohner; M. Bueg. & Jac. harmonica 1931 catalog
Trutone Hohner; M. Bueg. & Jac. pitch pipes 1931 catalog
Tubaphone Fairbanks; A.C. banjos professional c.1909 Tsumara
Tubaphone Vega Co. banjo c.1920 catalog
Tuxedo Ballroom Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. drums c.1927 catalog
Twentieth Century Slater; M. percussion 1915 catalog
Twentieth Century Bohland & Fuchs (possibly) Pepper; J.W. NLI
Twentieth Century Mouchel; C.A. Pepper; J.W. brasswinds amateur 1897 catalog

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