Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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B. & M. [Germany] Barnes & Mullins banjos 1965- T.H.B.B.
Baby Electric Fairbanks; A.C. banjos c.1896 Tsumara
Bandmaster Epiphone banjos professional 1925-c.1936 Tsumara
Bay State Haynes; John C. Ditson; Oliver plucked strings NLI; Tsumara
Beau Ideal Holcomb; J.R. & Co. violins 1901 catalog
Beau Ideal Buckbee or Foote banjo M.I. Holmes
Bella Voce Gibson banjos professional 1927-1929 Tsumara
Bellevue Ludwig & Ludwig banjos 1925-c.1933 Tsumara
Big Chief Ludwig & Ludwig banjos professional 1927-c.1933 Tsumara
Black Beauty Bueg. & Jac. plucked strings 1931 catalog
Black Diamond N.M.S.C. Bueg. & Jac. strings professional 1931 catalog
Black Hawk Ludwig & Ludwig banjos professional 1927-1929 Tsumara
Blue Bell Bacon Banjo Co. Bacon Banjo Co. banjos 1923 catalog
Boosey & Co. [U.S.] Boosey & Co. banjos c.1920-1930 T.H.B.B.
Boosey & Co. Windsor; Arthur Boosey & Co. banjos c.1900-1930 T.H.B.B.
Boudoir Grand C.E.M.C.L. banjos T.H.B.B.
Broadcaster Margolin; J.&A. Ltd. Margolin; J.&A. Ltd. banjos T.H.B.B.
Broadway Epiphone guitar Tsumara

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