Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Main Bacon banjos 1924-1939 Tsumara
Mandoline Octave Pollmann harmonica professional c.1894 catalog
Mandoline-Banjo Pollmann Pollmann banjo with mandolin body a&p c.1894 catalog
Mandoline-Guitar Pollmann Pollmann guitar with mandolin body professional c.1894 catalog
Marquette Lyon & Healy Lyon & Healy guitars and mandolins 1891- Musical Courier
Marvel Clerc; Leon banjos 1888-1908 T.H.B.B.
Mastertone Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Co. stringed instruments professional? c.1925 Music Trade Review
Mastertone Gibson Inc. Gibson Inc. banjos 1926 catalog
Matchless Dobson; George C. Foote; J. Howard banjos professional 1893 catalog
Mauna Loa Nunes Lyon & Healy plucked strings 1918 catalog
May Bell Slingerland Banjo Co. banjo c.1924 Music Trade Review
May Flower Flower; Harry J. Ditson; C.H. plucked strings 1903-1904 M.I. Holmes
May Flower Flower; Harry J. Stern; Joseph W. Co. plucked strings 1904-1905 M.I. Holmes
May Flower; Chicago Shall; J.B.? banjo c.1900 M.I. Holmes
Maybell Slingerland banjo c.1920 eBay
MayFlower Flower; Harry J. Stern; Joseph W. Co. plucked strings 1905-1912 M.I. Holmes
Mayflower Flower & Groeschl guitar c.1900 M.I. Holmes
Mayflower Stromberg-Voisinet plucked strings c.1920 M.I. Holmes
Mayflower Flower; Harry J. Lyon & Healy guitars and mandolins 1912- M.I. Holmes
Mellow-Tone Shaeffer; Arling Shaeffer; Arling plucked strings 1912 catalog
Melody King Slingerland banjos amateur ?c.1930s Tsumara
Micro Jenkins; J.W. violin tuner (pitch pipe) c.1922 catalog
Mignon Voigt; Ernst Reinh. Voigt; Ernst Reinh. zither c.1900 catalog
Minstrel Foote; J. Howard banjos 1893 catalog
Mirabile Abbott; J.G. & Co. banjos 1905- T.H.B.B.
Model A Favilla archtop guitar eBay
Modern Vega banjos amateur 1928-c.1942 Tsumara
Monarch Abbott; J.G. & Co. banjos 1905- T.H.B.B.
Montana Special Bacon banjos a&p 1924-1939 Tsumara
Morrison Pollmann? Pollmann banjo professional c.1894 catalog
Mystic Lyon & Healy Lyon & Healy banjo professional? c.1905-1917- M.I. Holmes; catalog

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