Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Salzer; Heinrich [import] [U.S. government] woodwinds NLI
Savana saxophone NLI
Serenader Gretsch; Fred Mfg. Co. woodwinds 1883- T.N.W.I.M.; NLI
Silva-Bet Cundy-Bettoney Cundy-Bettoney woodwinds professional 1932 catalog
Silver King White; H.N. White; H.N. metal clarinet professional c.1936 CCB; catalog
Silver Sonic Prima Sankyo flutes T.N.W.I.M.
Silver Tone Blessing; E.K. Sears & Roebuck woodwinds NLI
Silver Tone White; H.N. Sears & Roebuck woodwinds 1930- NLI
Silvertone Sears & Roebuck metal clarinet student CBB
Sioma [France later Italy] Burns; Alex & Co. flutes c.1935- NLI
Soloiste metal clarinet student private communication
Sonora Adler; Oscar woodwinds 1928- Weller
Sorkin metal clarinet student CCB
Special Pan American Conn; C.G. metal clarinet student CCB
Star [Czech] Czech. Mus. Co. woodwinds NLI
Stentor [Paris] saxophone T.N.W.I.M.
Stentor [Rotterdam] clarinet T.N.W.I.M.
Super Artist Sears & Roebuck Blessing, E.J. woodwinds NLI
Super Artist Blessing; E.J. Sears & Roebuck woodwinds NLI
Superior [Elkhart] Czech. Mus. Co. saxophones and brasswinds student c.1930 CBB; catalog
Superior Dupree; Paul metal clarinet student private communication
Superior Artist metal clarinet student private communication
Supertone [import] Sears & Roebuck metal clarinet student CBB; NLI
Swallow flute Farrar
Symphonie Adler; Oscar saxophones Weller
Symphony Wurlitzer; R. metal clarinets student -1914 NLI; provate communication

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