Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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Pan American Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. brasswinds 1919-1931 private communication
Pan American Moderne Pan American Conn; C.G. metal clarinet student private communication
Paradox Malecki; Louis B. cornet ca.1900 Kenton [not listed in NLI]
Peerless Slater; M. Slater; M. brasswinds and percussion amateur 1915 catalog
Perfecta Trueline Boosey & Co. Boosey & Co. trombone private communication
Perfected grade Pepper; J.W. or Mouchel; C.A. Pepper; J.W. brasswinds 1897 catalog
Perfected Wonder Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. braswinds 1906 private communication
Perfection Bruno; C. w&b T.N.W.I.M.; eBay
Perfecto King cornet c.1913-1915
Philharmonic Keefer Keefer trumpet professional c.1923 catalog
Pourcelle; Henri [import] Bruno; C. w&b c.1890-c.1920 NLI
Prize Pepper; J.W. Pepper; J.W. brasswinds 1897 catalog
Professional Reynolds; F.A. brass semi-pro or better c.1940-
Professional Pollmann? Pollmann brass professional c.1894 catalog
Professional York York cornet professional?
Professional Grade Meinl; W. & Co. Meinl; W. & Co. brasswinds professional c.1890 catalog

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