Table of Tradenames

For an overview plus abbreviations and sources used in this table, please see the Main Page

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R & H Reiffel & Husted w&b c.1916-c.1930 NLI
Rainbow Pan American Pan American mellophones NLI
Recording Olds; F.E. brasswinds 1900s NLI
Regent [White; H.N. or possibly Reynolds] Ohio Band Instrument metal clarinet; trombone student CBB; eBay
Regent Boosey & Hawkes Boosey & Hawkes alto horn c.1934
Regent Vega M.I. Holmes
Regimental Line Lyon & Healy baritone c.1900 eBay
Reliable 1 Fischer; Carl brasswinds c.1926 catalog
Renab Bauer; George Bauer; George strings; brass c.1897 catalog
Revelation Holton; Frank Holton; Frank cornet c.1914 catalog
Revelle Master [Italy] saxophone eBay
Revelle Master [Italy] metal clarinet eBay
Revere [Paris and also England] [U.S. government] metal clarinet student CBB
Rex Buglecraft bugles NLI
Rexcraft Buglecraft bugles NLI
Rexcraft Czech. Mus. Co. bugles amateur c.1930 catalog
Robusto Keefer Keefer B flat tenor horn professional c.1923 catalog
Rosebrook Conn; C.G. Conn; C.G. braswinds 1919-1929 private communication
Roth Reynolds; F.A. brass student c.1940
Royal [European] Czech. Mus. Co. brasswinds c.1930 catalog
Royal Artist Bruno; C. tenor horn Kenton
Royalist [Czechoslovakia] trumpet eBay

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