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1672 French Horn Hoyer 105665 Instrument
compensating double in French ascending system detachable bell, mechanical linkage. Made in Klingenthal, Germany before 1985. engraved: Meister Hans Hoyer
2311 French Horn Couesnon F/Bb Instrument
Engraved: COUESNON | Paris | MONOPOLE } CONSERVATOIRE with presentation: Offert par la Maison COUESNON | à Monsieur Georges Pruvost | 1er prix du conservatoire de Paris | Année 1939 compensating valves. The 3rd valve ascending. "The system of ascending valve was very much used in France at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of 20th."
2432 French Horn Couesnon Bb Instrument
Bb ascending 3rd valve
2816 French Horn Besson 582841 1890-5 F Instrument
ASCENDING VALVE 1895 Engraved: « Système Prototype | F. BESSON | Breveté S.G.D.G | 96 rue d’Angouleme | PARIS Stamped on the 2d valve: F. Besson breveté | 58 281 Bell: 27.5 cm
4251 French Horn Selmer 923 1934 F/Bb Instrument
Engraved: Henry SELMER PARIS | SELMER | Depose | Brevete France & Etranger | SELMER | Fabrique en France | Par H. Selmer | Place Dancourt PARIS | Made in FRANCE | R Second valve: 923 compensating valves. The 3rd valve is ascending.
4584 French Horn Besson 91192 Instrument
Ascending with 4 valves Engraved: Système prototype | F. BESSON | Breveté | S.G.D.G | 96, rue dangouleme | PARIS | Une étoile | 66 hautes récompenses | 6 grands prix | hors concours | Membre du jury | On the 2d valve : F. BESSON | Breveté | 91192 | On the 4th valve : F. BESSON | Breveté | 8 | Bell: 27.5 cm
4652 French Horn Knopf Prager High F Instrument
single Prager system 4 valve high F horn Descant horn with a 4th valve for low notes screw bell intonation problems of the high F horn eliminated with pinky valve which gives the open Bb horn series. 4th valve is reversible (descending/ascending) original mechanical linkage replaced with a teflon ball-and-socket linkage.
9360 Alto Horn Sax 3375 1860s Instrument
5 valves 3375 Alphonse SAX Junior Rue d’Abbeville 5bis a Paris Principe Saxomnitonique Brevete SGDG "Saxalphomnitonique" or "saxomnitonique" have 5 valves; 3 standard valves and 2 "ascendant" valves. Alphonse Sax (1822-74) was the brother of Adolphe. From 1843-45 he worked for his brother Adolphe. In 1845, he established in Bruxelles as brass instrument maker, and in 1857 in Paris, In 1859 his "systeme saxalphomnitonique" was examinaed by the Paris Conservatoire. He was involved in a dispute with his brother over the invention of the ascending valve. And by 1864, he was bankrupt, and was subsequently active as jeweler. The instruments of Alphonse SAX are very rare, especially with this system!
9555 French Horn Couesnon Monopole 1900 Instrument
Ascending valves Exposition Universelle de Paris 1900 Hors Concours Membre du jury Couesnon & Cie Fournisseur de l’armée 94 rue d’Angoulème PARIS MONOPOLE

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