Detail List for Frank Instruments

William Frank Company – Brass/Saxophones
Chicago Plant

1909-1927, Wm Frank Co. held the primary contract for supplying the US Army Bands

Early Sequence

(Cornet, Trombone) 1916 National Wm Frank Co Chicago, seen in Fillmore 1916 catalog
Bugle1 1927 Single-valve [G-D] Wm Frank Co Chicago
Bugle 34 Single-valve [G-D]
Trumpet 878   Excelsior Chicago
Mellophone 922 1910-1938 Excelsor
Saxophone Martin SN – 188255“Classic”
Trombone1154Made By Wm Frank So, Chicago, Ill USA
Baritone1468Excelsior, Chicago
Fluglehorn1822Excelsior, Chicago
Trombone 2010   Excelsior Chicago
Cornet 3273   Artist Parmount
Trumpet2322New Era, Chicago
Trumpet16721910-1938 The Classic
Eb Tuba25201910-1938  
Trumpet 2560[1942]??“Excelsior”
Tenor Trombone26841910-1938H/LP
Trumpet 2849“Utona De Luxe”
Sousaphone2942Excelsior, Chicago
Cornet 3273   Artist Paramount
Trumpet 3511   Frank
Trumpet 36921930“Excelsior”
Clarinetmetal USA
Trombone 41011931“American Prep”
Cornet 4138 Bel Canto, Chicago
Cornet41451910-1938 Excelsior, Z mouthpipe
Cornet43591910-1938post-valve-block loop Bb/A
Trumpet45371910-1938 Paramount/Model
Trumpet4672Parmount Model, Chicago
Cornet 4880
Eb Sousaphone 4941[Raincatcher]
Saxophonetenor “Paramount Artist”
Cornet 5125   American Prep, Chicago
Trumpet51411910-1938 Paramount/Model
Trombone5148Paramount Model, Chicago
Cornet 51731932“New Era”
Trombone 5371Excelsior
Cornet51831910-1938Holton NP wrap,New Era Bb/A
Cornet5281American Prep, Chicago
Trumpet5312Intruscala, Chicago
Cornet54031910-1938post-valve-block loop, Intrascala Bb/A
Trombone54671910-1938 Made In Chicago, American Prep Jr
Trumpet55011910-1938 Bel Canto Bb
Eb Mellophone 5675“Paramount Artist”
Trumpet 5677“The Classic”
Trumpet57201910-1938For/Dorn & Kirschner/Newark NJ m The Classic Bb, 1r+3p
Trumpet57621910-1938 Chicago , New Era Bb/A
Saxophone 57xx[Martin stencil] “Utona De Luxe”
Sousaphone“Utona De Luxe”
Cornet 57981933“Intruscala”
Trumpet58741910-1938 Intrascala Bb
Trumpet 5874   Frank Intruscala
Trumpet 6066   excelsior chicago
Trombone6110“American Prep”
Trumpet61871910-1938 Chicago , New Era Bb/A
Trumpet63821910-1938 The Classic Bb
Trombone6466Tempertone, Chicago Octagon counterweight
Cornet65311910-1938Holton NP wrap, New Era Bb/A
Trumpet 65401934[1950]???“Tempertone”
Cornet65941910-1938Holton NP wrap, Paramount/Artist Bb
Euphonium 75571935[Pre-1938]“Classic”
Trumpet77091910-1938 Chicago
Trumpet77181910-1938no 3rd valve slide adjustment, Paramount/Model
Cornet8080 Excelsior Chicago
Cornet8149Custom Made by Wm Frank Co Chicago
Trumpet83431910-1938 Excelsior
Eb Sousaphone84951910-1938 The Classic
Cornet89891910-1938 Wide on valves, 1st saddle, no 3rd ring, Tempertone
Trumpet 9646   Frank Classic Model Chicago
Trumpet97061910-1938 The Classic Bb
Trumpet99761910-1938 American Prep
Production interrupted

Five Digit Sequence

Trombone 10073 1945“National”
Trumpet 10016   Frank
Cornet 10144   Frank
Cornet108951910-1938 shep crook
Trumpet 10949 1950s?
Cornet111811910-1938 shep crook, not working
Cornet113201910-1938 shep crook, Artist Model
Trumpet 11362
Trumpet11518 Chicago
Cornet 11879
Trumpet118921910-1938 lake scene in engraving, Artist Model
Trumpet 11892 [post-1945]Artist, Wide on Valves
Trumpet119001910-1938 Artist Model
Trumpet 12xxx “Artist”
Cornet120371910-1938 shep crook, lake scene on bell, Artist Model
Trumpet12223 1943
Trumpet12307 1940's Chicago
Cornet12402 Barrington
Trumpet12415 1940's Artist Model
Euphonium 12573 [after 1945]
Trumpet 12601   Frank
Trumpet 12625   Frank Chicago
Trumpet 12955   Frank Chicago
Trumpet13064 1940's
Trumpet13263 1945  
Cornet 13347 [1945+?]Barrington, Illinois Plant
Trumpet 13900   Frank Classic Model Chicago .465 bore
Trumpet13731 1947 !?
Trumpet 14437?   Frank Classic Model
Trumpet14456 1945-1955 Classic Model
Cornet 14872   Frank
Trumpet149011910-1938 no 3rd valve slide
Cornet 14909   Frank
Trumpet14930 1945 Barrington, Ill, Barrington
Cornet14948 Barrington, Ill
Cornet149901910-1938 Barrington, Ill
Trombone 17xxx1945American Prep Wm Frank Co Barrington

Six Digit Sequence

Cornet 100999“American Prep”
Trumpet101680 American Prep
Trumpet101749 American Prep
Trumpet 102279   American Prep, Chicago
Cornet102661 American Prep
Cornet 102712   American Prep Chicago
Trumpet102715American Prep
Saxophone- - -1945[Buescher Stencil]
Cornet103715 American Prep
Trumpet 103927“American Prep”
Cornet103715 Chicago, American Prep
Cornet103736 Chicago, American Prep
Trumpet103927 Chicago, American Prep
Trumpet104069 Barrington, Ill, American Prep
Trumpet106xxxAmerican Prep
Bb Cornet106020 Chicago, lower 3rd adj saddle, shep crook
Trumpet106586Barrington Ill, American Prep
Trumpet107066 Barrington, Ill, American Prep
Trumpet107375 Barrington, Ill (case Chicago), American Prep
Trumpet107460American Prep
Trumpet108956 Barrington, Ill, American Prep
Trumpet 108291   American Prep, Barrington, Ill
Trumpet109483 Barrington, Ill, American Prep
Cornet 110253   American Prep
Trumpet 110951   Am Prep
Cornet 111881“Biltmore”
Bb Cornet111918 1945 Barrington, Ill, Biltmore
Cornet 176725   Biltmore
Trumpet208956   American Prep
Trumpet348766  Biltmore/U.S.A Bb
Trumpet348766  Biltmore/U.S.A Bb