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ID Instrument Maker Model Serial Dates Key Comments
671 Cornet Wurlitzer Majestic Majestic was a Trade name for Wurlitzer. Fully Engraved
1367 Trombone Wurlitzer Majestic 3788
2648 Trumpet Koeder Majestic 521 Engraved: The Majestic Made by T. M. Koeder, Naperville, Ill.
3121 Trumpet Schuster; Eugen Majestic Aristocrat 1928-32 C/Bb/A Engraved: Majestic Aristocrat FA Eugen Schuster Markneukirchen Sachsen Eugen Schuster was a dealer from 1928-32.
3622 French Horn Bruno Majestic Engraved: Bruno Majestic
4384 Cornet Nordheimer Majestic LP Engraved: Majestic | Manufactured Expressly | for A. S. Nordheimer | Toronto
5929 Baritone Carlin-Lennox Majestic Height: 27in Bell: 11-1/4in Engraved: MAJESTIC | CARLIN & LENNOX | INDIANOPOLIS, IND.
6498 Trombone Koeder Majestic 281
7275 Mellophone Koeder Majestic 604
7388 Alto Horn Malecki Majestic 8394
7419 French Horn Bruno Majestic
9876 Cornet Carlin-Lennox Majestic
10696 Tuba Peeters Majestic eB
10881 Trumpet Koeder Majestic 513 Early 1920