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Alcazar (Williams Bros) Instruments

Williams Bros

Elkhart, IN



  • 1910 the Williams Brass Foundry is run by brothers Sidney W. (1875-?) and Ursa S. (1881-?); Sidney is the owner and Ursa is a mold maker
  • 1912 Williams Brass Foundry, Sidney W. Williams proprietor, Ursa Williams mold maker
  • 1917 Williams Brass Foundry, #1409 Hudson St., Elkhart; Sidney & Ursa are part owners
  • 1918 Williams Brothers Foundry, #1409 Hudson
  • 1920 Sidney is listed in census as brass foundry manager; brother Ursa is listed as instrument manufacturer
  • 1921 possible start to instrument making with ‘Alcazar’ trade name; a few of these are found and look to be Conn Pan American stencils
  • 1922 Williams Brothers, band instrument accessories, #1125 West Beardsley, Elkhart
  • 1930 Sidney listed in census as brass foundry owner & manager; Ursa is iron castings manufacturer
  • 1935 Williams Brothers is incorporated
  • 1940 Sidney is listed in census as brass foundry proprietor; Ursa is secretary & treasurer of brass foundry
  • 1942 Williams Bros. Inc., #1125 W. Beardsley (photo)

Instruments found with the ‘Alcazar’ name include saxophones, metal clarinets, cornets & trumpets and date to the 1920s and 1930s. It"s uncertain if any instruments were actually made by them.


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