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Huller 1912 Catalog

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This page focuses on Franz Xaver Huller (b 12/29/1856, Pechbach - d 4/19/1936) founded his factory in Graslitz in 1880. He was the son of Anton Heller, and some of his instruments are represented in the listings as well. And there are other Hullers, including Emanuel, Richard and Manuel who are also included.

Huller Logo The company name was named F.X. Huller. In 1920, Huller’s sons-in-law: Anton Riedl (b 6/6/1884 d 11/25/1935) [married to Susanne Huller (06/06/1911)] {not to be confused with another Anton Riedl, who made ARIGRA instruments} and Ernst Modl (b 7/4/1892 d 9/7/1972) [married to Philippine Huller 09/06/1919)] became partners. The name was changed to F.X. Huller & Co. WORLD was the trade name used by Huller. The logo pictured a nude figure.

Anton Riedl was not a craftsman, he was in charge of the management and sales aspects of the business. He died at 51 years of age, and the firm suffered as a result. He died a year before his father in law. His son, Franz Riedl (b 3/3/1927 d 1/9/2008 son from Anton Ried) was but a child of 7 or 8 years at this time.

The company closed during World War 2.

Ernst Modl was the craftsman and inventor. After the war at the age over 60 he started afresh without financing in Neutsadt/Aisch West-Germany initially as a repair shop. The first new instruments were built in the early 1950’s under the name of EMO (from Ernst MOdl), Emo WORLD was used as a tradename. The company used model names of Champion, Professional, and World. Franz Riedl, in the footsteps of his father, took responsibility for management and sales.

Ernst Modl died in 1972, and his daughter closed the instrument factory in 1973 (50-60 craftsman had been employed). A supervisor Andreas Schmidt opened his own workshop in Neustadt/Aisch, where he continued to build trumpets.

From 1973 Franz Riedl has made Aluminum mutes which are well known under the Emo brand.

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