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Musica Steyr Instruments

Musica Steyr




Founded in 1947 as Musica Trada, most of the instruments with the Musica brand were imported from other countries, usually Amati-made horns from Czechoslovakia. Occasionally Italian saxophones were branded by Musica. The company was floundering by the 1980s

Company was purchased by UMI in 1990. Upon the split of Czechoslovakia, the Czech horns bore a stamp of "Made in Czech Republic". by the mid-1990s Conn International bass brasses were often assembled at the Musica plant by Czech craftsmen who were adverse towards changing manufacturing methods.

By the late 1990s, most work at the Musica plant had stopped, and the Musica brand was retained by UMI for an odd collection of imported pocket trumpets, soprano saxophones, bass brasses, and occasional others.

By the early 2000s, Musica products had been superseded by Conn International counterparts, although the new Conns (and places of manufacture) were not the same as their predecessors. Some new Conn International horns were also introduced. Conn International products were completely discontinued by 2007-8.

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hello, please informacions about BASSON MUSICA STEYR. What is the origin OF? A RUG . I AM MUSICIAN FROM BRASIL

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