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Valve for cornets and band instruments

Bryant & Newell - Millard

Detroit, MI



Willard Bryant established in Detroit. He was in partnership with Newell from 1903-1920. And, from 1920-30 as Willard Bryant Music House

Used Rex (Rex Special, Rex Perfection), Double X, Triple X, Invincible as model names.

Frank Millard worked for York and in 1901-02 he formed a partnership with Thomas Newell as Newell, Millard & Company. (In 1903, Newell formed a partnership with Willard Bryant) Millard was in Detroit in 1914-1920 as F Millard Co. and in Plymouth MI from 1920-1931 as F Millard Band Instrument Company. Used New Century as a model name. (Ditson also used New Century as a model name.)

  • 1893 Willard Bryant opens music store, #36 Gratiot Ave, Detroit (bottom photo c.1900)
  • 1880 Newell L. Thomas is a musician in Grand Rapids
  • 1890s Frank Millard (1860-c1940) working for J.W. York in Grand Rapids
  • c.1900 Millard founds Newell, Millard, & Thomas with George Newell (1865-1933) and Newell L. Thomas (1853-1930) in Grand Rapids to make band instruments (top photo)
  • 1903 George Newell moves instrument factory to Detroit and forms the Bryant-Newell Co. with Willard Bryant at #218 Woodward Ave., using "Rex" brand name (photos 2 & 6)
  • 1906 Willard Bryant Music House, #218 Woodward, manufacturer of Rex band instruments; Bryant & Newell Thomas receive patent #839,547 for a piston valve spring
  • 1910 Frank Millard and son Fred (1887-1955) are listed in Detroit as brass band instrument manufacturers
  • 1914 Frank & Fred Millard form the F. Millard Co. in Plymouth, MI making band instruments. Bryant may have sold the Rex brand to Gretsch at this time
  • 1917 Fred Millard is president of F. Millard Co., Plymouth
  • 1920 F. Millard Co. in Plymouth, Frank Sr., proprietor; Fred Millard, president 1920 Bryant address at #218 Woodward becomes #1420; his partnership with Newell may have ended at this time
  • 1924 Brass Manufacturing ceased when the plant burned down
  • 1926 Willard Bryant Music House now at #1425 Broadway, 2nd Floor; E. E. Herrick manager; manuf., dealer, & importer
  • 1927 Frank Holton & Co. opened a retail store at #1425 Broadway, Detroit, in conjunction with the Willard Bryant Music House; Homer Spicer is manager
  • 1930 Frank Millard now a music teacher in Detroit and Fred is a foundry engineer in Livonia, MI.

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