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Slide-bearing for Trombones
Curved inner slide brace reinforcement
Slide bearing surfaces
Slide stockings
Brass Wind Instrument
Bell tuning
Graduated, stepped tuning slide
King Master tuning
Trombone Counterbalance
Side mounted trombone water key
Piston top outer spring


Cleveland, OH



HN White Company (1896-1966) was originally established as White & Berg in 1893. They collaborated with Thomas K King (1868-1926), and employed F. Reynolds.

In the late 1890s, White sold stenciled horns under the names of Union, Imperial, Silver Star,and Superior Silver Star. They were made by Bohland & Fuchs of Austria. When they arrived in Cleveland, they were engraved: H. N. WHITE, [model name], and SOLE AGENT

Instruments engraved HN White Sole Agent were imported between 1896-1907. Instruments engraved HN White were made 1905-1918. Early horns also have a "lion head" by the serial numbers. In 1918, when the company was incorporated, the engraving was changed to include "Co".

White acquired the Cleveland Company in 1925 (Cleveland had been started in 1920) 1 . They also sold under the names of American Standard, Gladiator, Liberty, Master Model, and Silver Tone.

King was originally a model of trombone with a new type of slide that eventually morphed into a trade name. The name King was adopted because they were inscribed Made by KING Craftsmen

Instruments engraved 1905-1918. Early horns also have a lion head by the serial numbers.

In 1918 when the company was incorporated, the engraving was changed to include Co. Around 1920-3, they started using 4 digit model numbers.

Gladiator instruments were produced from 1937-1941 and again from 1950-1953.It would appear that production started on the Gladiator line in 1937 with the trombones. The Gladiator brand consisted of four instruments: cornet, trumpet, clarinet, and trombone. The Gladiator were aimed at a market looking for affordable instruments priced under Cleveland or American Standard brands. Still White tried to make them at a high quality level. The Gladiator brand was discontinued in 1953 to reallocate the resources to the American Standard brand.

In 1962, American Standard was renamed Tempo. And, the company offered three lines: King, Cleveland, and Tempo.

In 1964 land was purchased in Eastlake Ohio for a new plant. In 1965, Mrs. White, decided to sell the company to Mr. Nate Dolan and partners, and changed the name to King Instruments. King was again in 1985 sold, and became part United Musical Instruments. Now the King brand is currently manufactured by Conn-Selmer, Inc., a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.

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