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Wunderlich 1925 Catalog
Wunderlich 1926 Catalog

Wunderlich Instruments

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Chicago, IL



German instrument maker operated a brass instrument shop in the Chicago area during the 2 decades prior to WW1. He was assisted by apprentice Carl Geyer. Wunderlichs shop closed after WW1, and was associated with C.G. Conn post war. Carl Geyer completed his apprenticeship with Adolph Heinel in Markneukirchen in 1899, and before joining Wunderlich worked with both Ed. Kruspe and C.F. Schmidt. He was specifically hired because he was already a master horn builder, an area where Wunderlich had no expertise (but Wunderlich was astute enough to recognize an expanding market for the new double horns). In Germany we first see C.A. Wundelich in Siebenbrunn and later Meister A. Wunderlich in Markneukirchen who takes part in the MIGMA group. One example of a Carl Wunderlich also is marked K & H (Kuhnl & Hoyer) stamped on it it looks like Carl Wunderlich also imported horns and stencilled them with his own name. According to Langwill, among other Wunderlichs:

  • Carl was in Siebenbrunn 1854-1945
  • Richard was born in Siebenbrunn, but his business was in Chicago 1891-1916
  • A Winderlich was in Wernitzgrun from 1938
  • Wilhelm was in Markneukirchen 1925-1930

Instruments labeled A Wunderlich date to pre 1938, those after 1938 are labeled A. K. Wunderlich.

  • 1891 Richard Wunderlich (1860-1934) establishes a music store in Chicago
  • 1892 store at #227 Blue Island Ave., Richard is naturalized
  • 1900 George A. Bare (1859-1933) is making valves for Wunderlich, #269 Blue Island Ave., George Wunderlich is a brass finisher
  • 1902 Richard Wunderlich, musical inst., #261 Blue Island Ave.
  • 1903 Wunderlich advertises in a Leipzig newspaper looking for a brass repairman; Carl Geyer responds to ad
  • 1904 Carl Geyer emigrates on April 13th, starts working for Wunderlich making French horns
  • 1910 George Bare is the instrument factory inspector then later that year leaves to become a physician; Wunderlich store now at #1214 Blue Island Ave. (Same location, street was just renumbered.)
  • 1923 Richard Wunderlich, musical inst., #4410 Madison
  • 1930 Richard Wunderlich, listed as retired from music store
  • 1934 Wunderlich dies on March 3rd

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