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11593 altovtbn Busch
4 pistons Part of this horn is missing, possibly a echo bell?
11592 Tenor Horn Seltmann OTS Bb
Berliner Valves Height:41.5in Bell:8.5in Brass with nickel silver garland
11591 French Horn Olds O48
Fullerton, California.
11590 Alto Horn Stark Solo Alto Eb
A. Stark|Fabricant|Bern
11589 Cornet Besson 55134 1895
50 Medals of Honour | Dec. 7, 1895 | F. Besson | Prototype | 98 Euston Road | London | England | C. Fischer | 6 4th Ave. N.Y. | Sole Agent U. States | W. B Rogers | Bandmaster 7th Regt. NYCNY| From his Friend Edwd Kemp Walter B. Rogers Presentation cornet. He was the director of the 22nd Regiment Band when this was presented to him by Edward Kemp
11588 Trombone Distin 25330 1873
Distin&C".|Makers| 9&10 Gt Newport St | London | 25330
11587 Cornopean Raoux
Auguste Raoux, Paris 1830s two Stoelzel valves. Three tuning shanks Bb, D and A; crooks Ab, G, F, E nd Eb.
11586 Quinticlav Guichard
Guichard a Paris AND Prentiss Boston, i.e. made by Guichard and sold by Prentiss 9 key Eb
11585 Mellophone Conn 6E 162839 1918 Eb-C
The 1918 Conn Catalog describes the 6E as an alternative to the French horn in modern bands, but were not appropriate for orchestra settings. The catalog pointed out that bands use French horn music in Eb (which was a short lived convention of the time). The instrument was pitched in Eb and also came with a crook to lower it to C so it could play off of piano music.
11584 Mellophone Conn New Invention 118341
11583 Baritone Vilcot
Bore .608 4th valve .660
11582 Mellophone Jay Columbia
11581 Baritone Doelling
11580 Cornet Vitak Meritone Scepitor 507
11578 Baritone Boosey 22015 1878
Distin | Boosey & Co | Makers | 295 Regent St | London | 22015 | WmA.Pond & Co | Sole Agents for the USA | New York
11577 Tuba Meinl 1960s Bb
Tenor Tuba, imported by Getzen
11576 Cornet Bruno Perfection 38605
11575 Euphonium Pepper Perfected 58854
Pepper and Son Philadelphia Bohland and Fuchs Austria on mouthpipe
11574 Ophicleide Cerveny Eb
Triconicon = Contra Bass Ophicleide
11573 Trumpet Holton 1905 1207 Bb/A
11572 Fluglehorn Couturier Pelisson
Couturier Pellison Freres & Co. Lyon Paris cornet
11571 Trombone; Valve Hall-Quinby
Pinched Rotors
11570 Cornet Gronert 8788
11569 French Horn Sprinz
A. Sprinz, Berlin Schmidt style Double Horn
11568 Wagner Tuba Kretzschmar
The 4th valve is 4 x 1/2 steps!! a major 3rd!! NOT a 4th! (it would not be possible to make a longer, unbent Slide to achieve a 4th!)
11567 French Horn Hoyer
Richard Hoyer - 1860-80 in Dresden. in 1880,he was successor to Moses, and succeeded by Schadlich in 1900
11566 French Horn Saurle
Joseph Saurle Konigl. Hof=Instrumentenmacher in Munchen (1845-50) in E(?) main slide doesn‘t seem with catholic valve system
11565 Quinticlav Courtois Eb
11564 Quinticlav Guichard Eb
11563 Alto Horn All Rigore Eb
Made by Pelisson Guinod Blanchon

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