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11681 Trumpet Amati Consul
11680 Trumpet Amati Supertonw 023876
11679 Alto Horn Pepper Perfected 29811
With Trade Mark | Warranted | Registered July 1893
11678 Trumpet Dotzauer 1938-49
Josef Dotzauer Graslitz Sudetengau
11677 Trombone; Bass Weltklang G
11676 Trumpet Amati 2404
11675 Trombone; Alto Courutier-Lyon Eb
11674 Cornet Conn 25A GE420560 1974
Built from a Connquest 77A frame, Connquest 77B pistons (a trumpet serial), a Director receiver and a Shooting Star bell
11673 Trombone; Valve Van-Cauwelaert Vienna Valved
11672 French Horn Holton H100 598563
Prototype designed by McCracken less than 50 were made.
11671 Trumpet Conn 6B-Victor 40318194 1990
11670 Cornet Alexander
11669 Trombone; Valve Buescher Epoch 393
11668 Mellophone Polivka Star Model 5216
Althorn "5216|Jos. Polivka|Star|Model|New|York
11667 Bugle; Keyed Wright Presentation 1853 Eb
12 Key Presentation Keyed Bugle to Wm Kay Presented to | Wm R. Kay | by the | Members of the | National Brass Band | of Boston | Oct 1st 1853
11666 Tenor Horn Seltmann OTS Bb
E. Seltman Maker Phila.
11665 Cornet Couturier Shortpipe
Designed using Manual Disk Key Change patent (1436085) and Short mouthpipe/smaller valve bore patent (1438363)
11664 Trombone; Valve Sax Seven Belled
each valve changes the bell to which the sound goes.
11663 Tenor Horn Kaiser-Kohler OTS Bb
F.G.Kaiser| Cinc O.
11662 Trombone York
Bell: 8.5in
11661 French Horn Saurle 1845-50 F
Königl:Hof Instrumentenmacher in München“ Inv.N° 41 This Horn was made between 1845-50 in Munich for the Court Orchestra. It was Auctioned off in 1865 along with most of the Orchestra Wind instruments when the pitch was changed from 460hz to the Paris pitch of 435! it was played by one of the colleagues of Franz Strauss (Richard Strauss‘ Father, Franz himself played a B-flat horn, his 4 colleagues played F-horns. the horn was crookable down to C-Basso or even lower. The Valve slides are made for the Catholic fingering popular in Bavaria (1.Valve is a 1/2 step, 2. a whole step) but they can be interchanged.
11660 French Horn Kruspe 1902
Transition Horn from the First Kruspe double from 1897 to the Horner/Philadelphia in 1904, with a very long horizontal double rotor and a uncomfortable change lever that is pushed down with the back of the thumb.
11659 Trumpet HakamDin Pocket 81P
Valves are marked 16, 17, 18. 6 on the second valve casing (no serial number on the bell). West Pakistan implies pre-1971, technically 1955-1970 under "One Unit" policy. The two-digit NY code implies pre-1965 (though horns only marked "Sialkot - Pakistan" [no West] have also had the two-digit code)
11658 Cornet HakamDin
Hakam Din & Sons Sialkot - Pakistan Specially made for West Manor Music Centre 1590West Chester Ave New *** NY
11657 Bugle; Keyed Greeenhill Eb
7 key Jos. Greenhills | New Improved | 18 Little Britain | London
11656 Cornet Rose
Ft Wayne Ind
11655 Tuba Mirafone Eb
11654 Tenor Horn Rott C
Auguste Henri Rott Saxhorn
11653 Trumpet Gretsch Commander 12387
Manufacturer: Pedler/ART This one is a bit different than the usual Gretsch Commanders made by Harry Pedler/ART... Instead of the ordinary/reverse-wrap Commanders based on the American Triumph, based on the King Liberty It has a nested Esbach slide for tuning to A, threaded bottom slide leg for tuning adjuster [long gone], X-braced Esbach slide, and three-point piston guides. a proprietary receiver which basically only accepts Large Morse flugelhorn mouthpieces, and the bell does not have a thick-bead, rounded rim. The rim is folded over and flat It responds really nicely in the upper register
11652 Fluglehorn Glassl

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