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11501 Mellophone Holton 27035 1914 Bb
Made in Chicago with a union label. In low pitch Bb. Bore size 0-
11500 Trumpet Besson New Creation 134681
Apparently these trumpets were used by pro players in UK before US made horns became available after the embargo on imported instruments was lifted in 1958.
11499 Trumpet Cleveland 5353
11498 Alto Horn Anon
11497 Euphonium; DB Reynolds Contempora 61064 1961
Speculation is that this is one of 6 custom builds made for the Music Man movie.
11496 Cornet Wurlitzer American 46A 11426 1919 Bb/A
11495 Alto Horn Lamar Solo Alto Eb
L Lamar & Co | J.G. Richards Co. |Cleveland OH
11494 Alto Horn Pepper Solo Alto 6363
Superior | First Class | J W Pepper | Maker | Philadelphia | Chicago | 6363
11493 Euphonium; DB Pepper 8588
Highest | Medal & Diploma | Chicago 1893 | Premier | J.W. Pepper | Maker | Philadelphia | and | Chicago | No. 8588
11492 Trumpet Cazzani 1900 appro
Omer Tolon engraved on bell
11491 Euphonium Hamilton 5934
Hamilton Chicago
11490 Trombone Migma
Furscht Migma Trombone I am unsure whether the maker was Furscht or Migma, and therefore I&rqquo;m not sure where to classify it. The information I received with this horn said: "Furscht was a manufacturer who had to sell through Migma during the communist era. I have seen a few horns etc by the brand Furscht from before communism. Some were quite expensive on auctions. But I find no other information. My hope is that someone knows who and where they were and what happened to them."
11489 Trumpet Stowasser
Speculation on this trumpet is that is an ascending model and the valves are probably not used in combination.
11488 Cornet Schuster SARV Eb
Schuster & Söhne fl Markenkirchen 1851-1881 1881 became Schuster & Co. Exhibition: Oporto 1865; Dresden 1875; Philadelphia 1876
11487 Fluglehorn Chapelain Bb
11486 Trombone; Valve Glier Eb?
Berlinner Valves
11485 Baritone Lyon-Healy Regimental Line
Regimental| Line | Lyon % Healy | Exclusive Distributors | Chicago 27 in X 11 in X 10 ½ in
11484 Bugle; Keyed Zoebisch
CA Zoebisch 7 key
11483 Trumpet; Low Morutto Eb
Prem. Stab. Musicale M. Morutto, Torino
11482 Helicon HessD Eb
Berliner Pumpen valves Daniel Hess | New York
11481 Trumpet Alziati
Prem. Fabbrica Luigi Alziati Milano
11480 Trumpet King Vocal 901 469424 C/Bb
11479 Trumpet; Low Orsi Eb/F
Maino-Orsi Prof. Romeo Orsi Milano
11478 Cornet Hawkes Clippertone 60948
The Clippertone | Hawkes & Son | Makers | Denman Street | Piccadilly Circus | Londen W | 60948
11477 Mellophone ODell All American 02892
All-American | Odell Co | Boston
11476 Cornet Whaley-Royce Imperial 727 Bb HP
TRADE MARK | [Crown] | REGISTERED | IMPERIAL | WHALEY-ROYCE & CO. | MAKERS | TORONTO maple leaf motif. Bell: 5-3/8in Length: 13in Originally played in the St. Thomas, Ontario, Town Band.
11475 Cornet Stratton Eb LP
Polished nickel finish, mostly worn off. JOHN F. STRATTON | MAKER | NEW-YORK Bell: 4-3/8in Length: 12-1/4in Missing pinky ring that attached to the top of the tuning slide sleeve. c. 1885 Estimated date is based on comparison with similar models by Boosey & Distin.
11474 Cornet Schuster Arbuckle 1895 Bb
Bell reads "Carl Gottlob Schuster / C. G. Schuster jun. / Markneukirchen" Matches the 1895 image for "#650 Modell Arbucle" in the Schuster & Co. catalog.
11473 Kuhlohorn Vogelweith Bb
Bore: 11mm
11472 Cornet Pace Albion Cornopean post 1858 Bb/A/Ab/
The Albion Cornopean | Manufactured by | Charles Page | and Son | 8 St Johns St Westminster Charles Pace & Son, London The Albion Cornopean used a long tuning-slide which can be pulled out far enough to lower the pitch from B-flat through A and A-flat to G insteade of shanks and crooks The Albion Cornopean design was registered in 1847 and was one of the very earliest cornets to have a fixed mouthpipe. Length:14in Bell: 4.57in

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