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11474 Cornet Schuster Arbuckle 1895 Bb
Bell reads "Carl Gottlob Schuster / C. G. Schuster jun. / Markneukirchen" Matches the 1895 image for "#650 Modell Arbucle" in the Schuster & Co. catalog.
11473 Kuhlohorn Vogelweith Bb
Bore: 11mm
11472 Cornet Pace Albion Cornopean post 1858 Bb/A/Ab/
The Albion Cornopean | Manufactured by | Charles Page | and Son | 8 St Johns St Westminster Charles Pace & Son, London The Albion Cornopean used a long tuning-slide which can be pulled out far enough to lower the pitch from B-flat through A and A-flat to G insteade of shanks and crooks The Albion Cornopean design was registered in 1847 and was one of the very earliest cornets to have a fixed mouthpipe. Length:14in Bell: 4.57in
11471 Sudrophone Sudre C/Bb
Sudrophone basse (bass sudrophone) 4 valves (Sudre, Paris, early 20th century). The sudrophone version of the euphonium. Sudrophones have an adjustable built-in mirliton which give the option of the timbe of either a normal euphonium, a tenor saxophone, or anything in between.
11470 Tuba Kohlert Tournister pre 1918 BBb
Kohlert Söhne, Graslitz Tornistertuba (knapsack tuba) full sound, but a narrower bore profile and compact wrap.
11469 Helicon Stratton
11468 Helicon Pollmann
11467 Cornet Hillyard 57063 C
Pepper & Son Importer, Philadelphia
11466 Tuba Kaempf CC
4 Rotors set at 45 degree angle valve slides on back of instrument
11465 Trombone; Valve York Professional 18600 1908
11464 Euphonium; DB Selmer 3607
Selmer|Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.|H.&A. Selmer Inc.|Elkhart Indiana
11463 Trumpet Reynolds Special 31902 1953
Made by Roth-Reynolds Inst. Co. Cleve.,O.
11462 Cornet Frank The National 10046 1930 Bb
"The National / Made by / Wm Frank Co / Chicago"
11461 Cornet Slingerland A6086 Bb
Appears to be an early 1900s stencil of a European import.
11460 Trumpet Marceau C/Bb
York Style tuning loop from C to Bb
11459 Mellophone Maheu Virton 1463
11458 Trombone Courtois Brevete 1927
With Piston trigger
11457 Trumpet; Low Krywalski
Krywalski-Teschen Alto Trumpet
11456 Cornet Martin Indiana 60713
11455 Cornet Martin CR55 Indiana 125446
11454 Cornet Martin Indiana 60924
11453 Cornet Puntenney-Eutsler Triumph 209
11452 Alto Horn Seiffert Solo F/Eb/D/C
Berlinner Valves Circa 1870s-8s
11451 Mellophone Buescher 25? 138517
11450 Kuhlohorn Schonweis
11449 Tuba Quinby Eb
11448 Tuba Conn 3771 1884 Eb
Stoetzel valves
11447 Tuba Conn-Dupont 1879 Eb
a Pat. Dec 2,1879
11446 Cornet Lafayette 2963 NT
11445 Alto Horn BauerJ
SARV Height: 21in Bell: 6.75in Est: c. 1865

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