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29 Helicon King 311 23826 1908-1911 BBb Instrument
BBb, low or modern pitch A=440. Bell is engraved " KING MADE BY H. N. WHITE CLEVELAND OHIO. U.S.Q.M.C." (United States Quarter Master Corps). Bell diameter is 20 inches, height is around 43 inches.
28 Cornet Holton Couturier 11208 1910 Instrument
16 Vocal Horn Addison-Lucas 1865 F Instrument
(210 Regent St. W., London) Advertised as a Ballad horn, but the fact that it is probably an F instrument and uses a "French" horn mouthpiece and has a smaller 6.5" bell, these attributes place it in the Vocal horn camp. Vocal horns are essentially tenor horns pitched in F that use a "French" horn mouthpiece.
30 Mellophone Jenkins Instrument
GC Jenkins IMPIG.CO. The IMPIG . CO may mean Importing Company. The bell of the instrument measures 11" in diameter. It measures 24.5" across from the end of the mouthpiece to the farthest edge of the bell.
4447 Trombone; Bass Conn 72h Artist 1957 Instrument
4448 Trombone Conn 22h Instrument
32 Tuba Couesnon BBb Instrument
Couesnon & Cie BBb concert tuba. full-sized (4/4 size) instrument is nickel-plated, and features three piston valves. The bell inscription reads: Exposition Universelle De Paris 1900 Hors Concours Membre Du Jury Couesnon & Cie Fournisseurs de L Armee 94 Rue D Angouleme Paris Chateau-Thierry
33 Cornet Courtois Instrument
French cornet is inscribed Medaille de Ire Classe Exposition Universelle 1855 Medaille Londres 1862 Exposition Universille Paris 1867 Medaille d Houneur En Argent Antoine Courtois and Mille Mille Sr Facteur Du Conservatoire National 88 Rue Des Marais St Martin Paris 1lr Prix Grand Medaille D Or Exposition De Moscoj 1872 and Medaille D or Paris 1878 Number under cap 3XI 13279
3310 Cornet Missenharter Medaile 5512 Instrument
Engraved: Medaille | 1st Class | PHILADELPHIA | LONDON & PARIS | C. H. MISSENHARTER | MANFR | NEW YORK | 5512 PRESENTATION ENGRAVING: Eugene Schmidt Leader GREAT WESTERN BAND Pittsburgh, Pa
36 Trombone Stradolin Instrument
582 Cornet Blessing 33664 1935 Instrument
38 Cornet Couesnon 51474 Instrument
Marked Couesnon 105 Rue LAFAYETTE Paris.
39 Sousaphone King 1260 3778XX 1960-65 Eb Instrument
POST AFTER MAY 2nd .687 bore Inscription King The H.N. White Co. Cleve O.
40 Tuba Pan American 72565 Instrument
Not entered
41 Trombone Pan American 156116 Instrument
Not entered
42 Trombone Conn Instrument
Instead of the usual globe logo with the American continent, the engraving is of flowers around the name. The sections attach by fiction fit.
43 Cornet Pan American P45895 Instrument
44 Trumpet Conn Director Bb Instrument
copper bell, standard diameter (4.75”).
45 Trumpet Conn 48B c1930s Instrument
Vocabell original condition, but with the wrong finger buttons. Note the Art Deco styling for the period (1930s): rimless bell, stylized spit valves, geometric valve casings, elaborate engraving, heavy gold-tone lacquer finish.
46 Trumpet Conn 40B c1920s Instrument
Art Deco style but these horns were “peashooters” (longer with a smaller bore). This has been restored to the original satin & polished silver finish, 24kt gold wash in the bell. The engraving is much more detailed and features the mythical creature “Pan” playing his flute.
47 Trumpet Conn 130731 Instrument
48 Trombone Conn 4H Instrument
49 Trombone Conn 44H 2875XX 1932 1932- Instrument
The rimless bell is 7 inches in diameter.
50 Tenor Horn Conn 244421 1927 Instrument
51 Alto Horn Conn Instrument
52 Trombone; Sopra Conn 16A 187017 1921 Instrument
Conn, in 1927, invented the "visible embouchure" mouthpiece which was semi-tranparent bakelite. I assume this is the mouthpiece pictured with this horn. Photos used courtesy of Steve Bentrup
53 Cornet Conn Perfected Wonderphone 108486 c1908 C/Bb/A H Instrument
54 Mellophone Conn Instrument
56 Mellophone Conn 1907 Instrument
large multichambered 4th valve (rotary) that acts as a 4th and 5th valve in one, allowing it to play in F/Eb/D/C. 11" bell
57 Mellophone Conn 4E Instrument
58 Mellophone Conn Instrument
Not Entered, redo pictures
59 Helicon Conn 2K 218921 1924 Eb LP Instrument
60 Baritone Conn 32I Instrument
styled after the British-type, but non-compensating and with the tuning slide in the leadpipe
61 Baritone Conn 171780 Instrument
62 Tuba Conn 166640 Instrument
9043 Cornet Parsons 1883-91 C/Bb Instrument
9044 Helicon deVries Instrument
Melchior DeVries Lierre
9045 Cornet Deplaix Instrument
E. Deplaix Paris Kevin: One of the more distinctive features of all of them is the routing and vertical positioning of the through tubing from the third valve crook to the bell stem.
9046 Trombone; Valve Billaudot Instrument
Billaudot, Paris
63 Tuba Conn 12or 13J 115392 Eb Instrument
64 Sousaphone Conn 26K 410899 1952 Eb Instrument
Another on eBay - E32076
65 Helicon Conn 134303 1914 Eb Instrument
Engraving: C.G. CONN ELKHART IND. and NEW YORK. The bell is 15" across, The horn is 43" high Image used with permission of Harv Hartman.
66 Baritone; DB Conn 103582 1907 Bb LP Instrument
Built to A=435. Has jeweled finger buttons and bell securing screws, slotted main bell alignment and special fifth valve cap holder to lock in playing of second bell. Engraved: MADE BY / C. G. Conn / ELKHART / IND.
67 Cornet Conn Director Bb Instrument
Bb/A cornet with the large diameter (5.25”) bell
68 Cornet Conn New Era 2236 Instrument
(c. 1930s?). Bell 4 5/8" in diameter and 17 1/2" in length.
69 Cornet Conn Perfected Wonder 12XXXX c1912 Instrument
70 Baritone Conn Wonderphone Instrument
71 Euphonium Conn L80398 Instrument
72 Baritone Conn 5662 Instrument
Image used by permission of www.horncollector.com
73 Tenor Horn Conn 52086 Instrument
74 Alto Horn Conn 7C 135010 1914 Eb H/LP Instrument
More accurately described as an altoium
75 Alto Horn Conn 164615 1918 Instrument
76 Cornet Conn 80A 270127 1929 Instrument
Features an thumbwheel tuner and the interconnecting mechanism that moves all three valve slides when the main tuning slide is moved.
77 Trombone; Valve Conn 5G Instrument
78 Sousaphone Conn 40K 174151 1920 BBb Instrument
It has a 24" bell, an 7 3/8" bell collar interior diameter, and a .734 bore. What Conn said in 1926: The New Wonder Model Sousaphone Grand Basses are the largest members of the Sousaphone family. Built in BBb, with either three or four valves, they add a deep and sonorous voice to any ensemble in which they may be used. The splendid impression made by these instruments in point of appearance is a matter of remark everywhere. Due to the hydraulic expansion process of manufacture, these instruments are perfectly proportioned, and accurate intonation is therefore invariably obtained. The inside of the tubing is smooth as glass, having been "ironed out" by pressure of 10,000 pounds or more, and as a result the softest pianissimo passages, encountering little resistance, can be played with great effect. This is proof of the easy blowing quality of the Conn Sousaphone Grand Bass. Even better, what Sousa said: In an interview with John Philip Sousa the Christian Science Monitor of May 30, 1922 quoted him as follows: "...the Sousaphone received its name through a suggestion made by me to J.W. Pepper, the instrument manufacturer of Philadelphia, full 30 odd years ago.. . . It was immediately taken up by other instrument makers, and is today manufactured in its greatest degree of perfection by the C.G. Conn Company..." This instrument manufactured in 1920, and was the flagship of Conns sousaphone line of instruments, and is undoubtedly the instrument to which Sousa was referring.
79 Sousaphone Conn 38K 1941 BBb Instrument
80 Mellophone Cavalier Instrument
Engraved:Cavalier- Elkhart, Indiana, USA. GSMonks: As you can tell by the angular sections that make up the bell, this was a cheaply made hybrid mellophone instrument that would probably be classed as a tenor cor, as it makes use of trumpet/cornet valves, braces, lead-pipe, water key(s) and cylindrical tubing. This does not mean that this instrument would have performed poorly. Even when cutting corners, Conn was not known for sacrificing quality of sound or performance. RE: the term "tenor cor": A few years ago Niles Eldredge remarked to me in an e-mail (and keep in mind, at the time he also told me that this was pure speculation on his part) that the term "tenor cor" may have originated with someone like Hermann Koenig. When he asked Antoine Courtois to build his first Koenig horn, what he may have been after was some form of "tenor cornet". The thing to remember here is that, despite the modern perception of these instruments, Hermann Koenig was a virtuoso cornettist, and his desire for a particular type of instrument to compliment this range is not a subject to be taken lightly. He most certainly would not have been the least bit interested in an amateurs toy. Remember, too, that the "French" horn, or waldhorn as it is more properly called, though patented in valved version in 1818, still lingered on in "natural" valveless form, and was not quite the fascile instrument we think of today. In 1855-56, when the F Koenig horn came along, it seems logical that it would have been the choice of virtuosos of the day who typically "doubled in brass", as the saying goes, and whom likely would have prefered the Koenig horn as a second instrument to the waldhorn.
81 Cornet Cavalier 90A 01447 c1930s Instrument
82 Alto Horn Pan American 212496 Instrument
More accurately described as a altoium
83 Sousaphone Conn 206995 1924 Eb Instrument
Eb 4 valve Sousaphone It has a 23" bell and stands 50". Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics
84 Tuba Conn 20J New Wonder Giant 175879 1921 Eb Instrument
Bell: 20in Height: 37in Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics (http://www.rugs-n-relics.com). Now, to add a little confusion. Upon further review of the Conn Loyalist, it appears that the 20J was a three valved horn, but the 24J and the 25J were 4 valvers. However, their dates of manufacture were suppose to start in 1924. Only the serial number of the following horn places it at 1919. Update: Apparently, the model# for the New Wonder Eb tuba was 20J for Front action, and 18J for the top action. A catalog refers to it as "New Invention Giant or Contra Eb Basses" 3 valves $145, 4 Valves $157!
85 Cornet Conn Wonder 1917 Instrument
This Wonder Vocal Horn was made to play in C Bb and A both in high and low pitch. This is accomplished by combination of the rotary valve and additional crooks. Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics
86 Cornet Conn Conn-queror 1907 C Instrument
This is a Conn Conn-Queror (c. 1907) It is 12 7/8" long, and is pitched in "C" and has markings on the slides for the tuning in the key of "Bb" and "A". (Ebay had other copies of this model with serial# 104481 (c. 1907) and 881xx (c.1905) and 76xxx c. 1903)
87 Tuba Conn 1891 Instrument
This Conn tuba (c. 1891) is marked with both Elkhart, Ind. and Worchester, Mass. which indicates that it was made in the Fiske Factory after the factory had been purchased by Conn. Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics (http://www.rugs-n-relics.com).
88 Trombone Buescher 219513 Bb LP Instrument
Photos used by permission of MICHAEL EWASKO
89 Cornet Boston Eb Instrument
90 Mellophone Boston 122665 c1920s Eb Instrument
91 French Horn Boston Double 24831 1920 F/Bb LP Instrument
Full Double Manufactory was formed in 1869 by some notable early American makers. In about 1902 the enterprise moved, and changed the name to the Boston Musical Instrument Company. The firm was purchased by Cundy Bettony in 1914, and continued operation until at least 1928. This is a full double horn, in F and Bb, nickel plated brass, in an early configuration. This horn was built in the form of a "Schmidt-wrap", which normally employs a piston valve for the switch between F and Bb. This horn uses a double depth rotary valve in the same position, however.
92 Cornet Boston 14717 c1899 Instrument
93 Trombone; Bass Boosey-Hawkes Imperial 450111 G Instrument
94 Trombone; Bass Boosey-Hawkes Imperial 407187 c1950 G Instrument
95 Cornet Boosey c1874 Eb High Instrument
The company was established by Thomas Boosey in 1816. In 1934 the Hawkes & Son firm merged with them to form the now well-known Boosey & Hawkes. The instrument shown has Distin markings as well as Boosey, indicating the circa 1874 name change from Distin & Co to Boosey & Son. The crook shown was used to change it from a soprano cornet to a so-called vocal cornet in C. Each valve slide is etched with a line to where it should be pulled out for use in C.
96 Ballad Horn Boosey-Hawkes Instrument
This was one of a small number of deluxe horns, made by Boosey & Co., that starting in 1874 languished in stock for a good long while. This is a C instrument with Bb crook that is refered to as a bass Ballad horn, although the pitch of this instrument with the Bb crook is the same as tenor trombone/baritone/euphonium. The Ballad horn patent and design had been sold by Henry Distin to Boosey & Co. previously in 1868. By the time this horn was made, Boosey had abandoned its attempts to market these horns as a unified family of C instruments in the soprano, alto, tenor and bass registers, leaving only the "bass" version in C that necessarily came with a Bb crook, as this horn would inevitably have seen use in the same role as the tenor trombone/baritone/euphonium. As you can tell by the small bell, this was a flugle instrument. Later versions of Ballad horns by a variety of manufacturers would hit upon this design as well as others that more resembled the hybrids such as Vocal horns and mellophones.
97 Ballad Horn Boosey 109343 c1920s Eb Instrument
98 Trumpet; Low Bohland-Fuchs F Instrument
Brass and German silver construction. Horn is 20" long with a 5 1/2" bell reads (on a silver plate) "Bohland Fuchs Musikinstrmenten-Fabrik Graslitz Bohmen"
101 Mellophone Blessing F Instrument
102 Trombone Besson 13031 1934 Bb Instrument
Zephyr Class A
103 Helicon Besson 66515 c1898 Instrument
Bell says: CLASS A Besson & Co. Prototype 198 Euston Road London Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics
104 Fluglehorn Besson Eb Instrument
105 Vocal Horn Besson Eb Instrument
The Vocal horns are a hybrid instrument using a Horn mouthpiece, and having either a tenor flugle or a saxhorn bore profile, or consisting of a mixture of parts of these instruments, or else parts from Bb (alto register, sometimes refered to as soprano) flugles, cornets and trumpets. The bells of these horns vary somewhat, and those in this particular range average 6.5" in diameter.
106 Cornet Besson Instrument
107 Cornet Besson 140XX c1951 Bb Instrument
Inscription reads: 50 MEDALS OF HONOUR [monogram] BESSON [star] LONDON-PARIS-NEW YORK
108 Cornet Besson Instrument
Not Entered
109 Cornet Besson 130XXX c1944 Eb Instrument
Besson Prototype Inscription reads: C L A S S A 50 MEDALS OF HONOUR [monogram] BESSON & Co "Prototype" LONDON ENGLAND
110 Cornet Besson Instrument
Not entered
111 Trumpet; Low Besson 296087 c.1960-66 Instrument
112 Cornophone; Alt Besson Instrument
Patented in 1890, the cornophones were but another regurgitation of what by then was an old idea, which might explain their lack of success. the cornophone is a hybrid instrument, after the fashion of the soprano Koenig horn, soprano Ballad horn (liedhorn, Vocal horn, and in the 20th century, the Getzen Frumpet.
113 Baritone Besson 107670 c1919 Instrument
Class A prototype Image used with permission of G. Scott Hansen
114 Alto Horn Besson 114297 c1925 Eb Instrument
Image used with permission of G. Scott Hansen
116 Tuba Bach 63358 Instrument
It is a stencil made by Olds.
117 Trumpet Bach Stradivarius 4637 c 1939 Instrument
"L" stamped on 2nd valve casing, top valve caps and the piston spring towers. Photos Courtesy of Jeff Stockham
118 Trombone Bach 3200 c1949 Bb Instrument
manufactured in New York
119 Mellophone Bach B1105TH Instrument
.468" bore, 10.5" bell, Vincent Bach 351-6BM mouthpiece Penn_State reports that it was manufactured by Yamaha and stenciled by Bach as the 1105: 462 bore 10 inch bell. Since Steinway purchased UMI, the old King model now bears the Bach name(the specs given above are for this horn.
120 Trumpet; Low Bach c1960 C Instrument
Original configuration was pitched in C, but this horn has had sleeves fitted to allow it to play in Bb.
121 Trumpet Pan American Instrument
Listed as "American" but likely Pan American due to the style.
122 Trombone Lyon-Healy American Professional Instrument
123 Trombone York 42131 1915 Instrument
A trombone with the serial #48018 (c.1917) passed through eBay, which would give a start on production range for this model.
124 Trombone; Sopra York 73126 1923 Instrument
Not entered
125 Sousaphone King 42946 pre- 1915 Eb Instrument
126 Sousaphone King 1250 288232 1947 1921- BBb Instrument
Bore .637 diameter at belljoint 6 1/4. Made either in low pitch or a combination low/high pitch, choice of 24 or 26 inch bells, 56 or 57 inches tall weight 22 lbs 8 ounces. (Shown is low pitch with 26 inch bell) With a 4th valve, it would be Model 1251
127 Trumpet King Instrument
Not Entered
128 Mellophone York c1909 Instrument
129 Baritone; DB York Instrument
Kevin67: I own an identical horn. Ser#44123. It has a pat. date of 1910 on the high/low pitch change over. I date it at 1913 (c.1915) Kenton: I have a York Eb tuba that has a change over too. It is a slide that can either be just a loop outside of the horns air passageway, or it can go into the tuning slide outer tube and be incorporated into the passageway. Problem with the tuba is that it is either a bit over 440 at the lowest high pitch setting, or a but under 400 on the low pitch setting. I keep threatening to cut off some tubing (but have not done it yet.) Pryorphone: Low pitch can be as low as 435. (see that CalState site) My Conn double bell baritone (1907) was built to 435, and I remade new tuning slides for it new rather than cut the horn!
130 Mellophone York Instrument
131 Mellophone York Instrument
132 Cornet York Perfec-Tone 43724 1915 Bb/A H/ Instrument
Bb/A high and low pitch.
133 Alto Horn York c1906 Instrument
This is Yorks version of the solo Eb tenor horn. Rather than a marching instrument, these instruments were designed primarily with the notion that the audience could better hear the solo (first chair) tenor horn player.
134 Mellophone Yamaha Instrument
136 Cornet Wurlitzer Monarch Instrument
Photos used by permission of M. Horovitz
137 Cornet Wurlitzer Instrument
The current owner of this instrument advises me that he had it examined by ex-employees in Elkhart, and they state affirmitively that this is a stencil horn actually made by Conn.
138 Alto Horn Wurlitzer Instrument
Nickel silver finish, high pitch.
139 Alto Horn Wurlitzer c1865 HP Instrument
Rudolph Wurlitzer & Bro, Cincinatti Ohio. It is high pitch, with Berlinner Pumpen valves.
140 Fluglehorn Wright Eb Instrument
141 Trumpet King 1960 Instrument
Not Entered, Tempo
142 Tuba King 527903 1975-80 Instrument
22 inch bell, 44 inches high Another serial#527907
143 Trombone King 2B Liberty 282385 1945-50 Instrument
144 Trombone King Model 1111 1075xx 1928 Instrument
Silver Tone Orchestra New Improved Proportion 7 1/4 inch bell, .481 upper/.508 lower bore slide.
145 Mellophone King Instrument
146 Mellophone King Instrument
148 Trumpet King 1960 Instrument
Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics (http://www.rugs-n-relics.com).
410 Tuba Reynolds 77972 1950s BBb Instrument
4/4 Bell: 23 in Length: 30 in Bore: .680
150 Tuba King 1235 Eb Instrument
151 Mellophone King Instrument
This is an example of the King 4-valve mellophone in F/Eb. Transposition is accomplished by means of turning the rotary valve, and for Eb pulling out the valve slides, which on most instruments are marked with both a line and the symbol "E
152 Alto Horn King 376173 Instrument
More accurately described as an Altoium Production range at lease from 1952 - 1960
153 Cornet King 520XX Instrument
Not Entered
154 Cornet King Silvertone 1065 Instrument
155 Trumpet King Instrument
Cleveland not entered
156 Trumpet Cleveland 114777 Instrument
Kenton: 1925 Cleveland Instrument Company Silver Trumpet This was made before HN White / King Instruments completed take over of this small company. No White or King markings anywhere on the instrument, but it does have a serial number in the King range (not Cleveland). This information is available at hnwhite.com" And, presented a copy of the following ad: www.horn-u-copia.net/instruments/White/Cleveland-1925-ad.gif The horn in the ad does seem to match this instrument. But I have a couple of questions. The image on hnwhite.com labels this image as 1935. Now that could simply mean that they continued this design for at least 10 years. Hnwhite.com also states that White made horns for Cleveland for a couple of years to help out with backlog before buying them out in 1925. So, it could be that this was one of those early horns. But, here is the problem. The King serial number chart has 1925-1930 - serial numbers 78001-126000. It also has the Cleveland serial numbers as starting at 1 in 1925. (Cleveland did not get to 114xxx until the 60s) So, exactly where does this horn fit in? keeferman: I am glad that someone posted this picture of a Cleveland trumpet. It confirms something that I have suspected for a long time. The now famous valve section still used on every current trumpet made by Conn Selmer (King, Conn and even 90 series Benge specifically), as well as UMI before them, as well as every King 600 ever built, was actually a design of the Cleveland Co. before H N White bought them out. What I am specifically speaking to is the manner in which the first valve slide is set up on the valve casing. When viewed from the players perspective, the top of the slide comes directly out of the center of the casing, and then returns at the bottom of the casing in the more usual offset style. The King company seemed reluctant to use this set up on their instruments, and as far as I can determine, the first King trumpet to use it was the Super 20, but only on the trumpets, not the cornets. If anyone knows what advantage there is to this particular feature, I would like to know what it is.
157 Cornet King 560148 Instrument
Bundy Not entered
158 Trombone Thibouville-Lamy 1930 Instrument
Length 31-1/2in bell diameter 4-1/2in bore .450.
159 Ballad Horn Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
160 Ballad Horn Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
161 Ballad Horn Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
162 Cornet Stradolin 651451 Instrument
163 Trumpet Stradolin Silvetta X2414 Instrument
4114 Baritone Salvation Army Class A 4152 Instrument
165 Cornet Selmer R18908 Instrument
166 Cornet Manhatten 679 1927 Instrument
Manhatten Cornet.
167 Tenor Horn Sax Instrument
168 Cornet Salvation Army Bandmaster 26053 Instrument
High pitch Class A, (Early 20th Century) This is a short (13"), large (11.9ml) bore made by The Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd., Judd St. Kings Cross, London, Factory St. Alstans, Made in England (per engraving on bell)
169 Ballad Horn Salvation Army 1930 Instrument
It is a C instrument that actually plays one tone higher than the Bb baritone/euphonium/tenor trombone. Like the Boosey & Co. bass Ballad horn, this instrument has a smaller bell than the original 1855-1856 Courtois Koenig horns, but all three instruments belong to the flugle family, and are not hybrid instruments build of parts that are interchangeable with such instruemnts as the Horn, cornet, trumpet, Eb tenor horn. Note the width of the bell throat throughout, and the manner in which it resembles the bells of such instruments as saxhorns. It is this particular feature that defines what constitues a flugle instrument, along with a deep parabolic or V-cup mouthpiece.
170 Baritone Salvation Army Instrument
Image used with permission of G. Scott Hansen
171 Trumpet Reynolds 20654 Instrument
Not Entred
172 Mellophone Reynolds Instrument
Not entered
173 Alto Horn Reynolds Contempora Instrument
174 Baritone Pollmann Instrument
inscribed Pollmanns Music House, New York. It is 19" tall with a 9" bell, and rotary string valves. Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics (http://www.rugs-n-relics.com).
175 Trombone Pepper Perfected 59417 Instrument
176 Mellophone Pepper Instrument
177 Cornet Pepper Instrument
178 Tuba Olds 876535 1973 Instrument
Another on eBay 608631
179 Trumpet Olds Mendez Instrument
Not Entered
180 Trumpet Olds Special 847315 1972 Instrument
Another #580158 (c. 1966)
181 Trumpet Olds 554840 Instrument
182 Trombone Olds Special Instrument
183 Trombone Olds Radio City 8847 Instrument
Serial# 7M 8847; 6906 on Slide
184 Trombone Olds Super 10986 Instrument
This is a Olds Super TromboneSerial#(Bell) – 7 10611, (Slide) - LM 10986. The number "7" in before the bell serial# is the bell size. This is a small - bore horn. Bell is either red or rose brass. The slide does not have a lock, and the fit to the bell is friction fit.
185 Trumpet Olds Pinto Instrument
All 3 valves are identical and are interchangeable. The 1st and 3rd slides are interchangeable. Modular design, the trumpet can be disassembled by means of threaded braces.
186 Cornet Olds R5 179169 1955 Instrument
Photo used by permission of Ellen Stekert
187 Baritone Olds 1962 Instrument
188 Mellophone Olds 1965 Instrument
189 Alto Horn Olds Instrument
More accurately described as an Altoium examples for Production range #711366
190 Cornet Olds Ambassador 641666 Instrument
191 Mellophone Olds Instrument
This horn ended up being listed as an Olds Collegiate. Somethings wrong here!
192 Trombone; AltoV Missenharter 1895 Eb Instrument
Engraved: Medaille / 1ST CLASS / PHILADELPHIA / LONDON & PARIS / SAN FRANCISCO / AMERICAN INSTITUTE / Ch Missenharter / MANF R / NEW YORK / 86xx. Valve Engraving: MISSENHARTER / N.Y Image used by permission of www.horncollector.com
193 Cornet Missenharter 7814 1880s Eb Instrument
Inscription: Medaille 1st Class Philadelphia London n Paris San Francisco American Institute Ch. Missenharter Manf r New York 7814
194 Cornet Missenharter 5823 Bb Instrument
The lyre holder and the finger ring are both adjustable and attached by an adjusting screw. Inscribed on the bell is: Medaille 1st class Philadelphia London & Paris San Francisco American Institute Ch Missenharter Manf r New York 5823 CH Bouher Worcester Mass General Agent
195 Fluglehorn; Alt Miraphone Eb Instrument
horndawg: I would love to get my hands on one of these! I recently ran across a trombonist named Scott Reeves who also plays what he calls an alto flugelhorn, but in a recent email he explained that Mirafone called it an alto trumpet. He decided to call it a flugel because the horn appeared to be very, very conical to him. it is a SARV horn and he plays it with a modified trombone mpc, so it is a slightly lower register but a nice, fat, warm sound. Any ideas whether Mirafone still makes the instrument pictured here? gsmonks: Unfortunately, I do not think so. Miraphone is still making their bass trumpet, which is a SARV. It is hard to tell what they are making in the flugle department because I can not find all their horns on an English-translated site. Miraphone does not call their flugles flugles on their site. They sell various types of what they call Wing Horns (which is really what the term "flugel" means). It could be that you could find it somewhere in there, if they still make it. Here is their site: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.miraphone.de/&pre... thetubameister: try www.miraphone.de and click the british flag on the top of the page
196 Mellophone Miraphone Instrument
gsmonks: Miraphone right-handed rotary valve althorn, in the typical althorn key of Eb. Though never very common in mellophones, their close cousins, the althorns, have traditionally been manufactured using rotary valves. Unlike the mellophones, which are hybrid instruments consisting of a mixture of conical and cylindrical tubing, this horn is truly a conical bore flugle instrument, and is very similar to the modern Cerveny and Dotzauer althorns. VegasGeorge: I have a long standing love affair with my Mirafone F Althorn. I have owned the horn for many years, and play it often. For those of you who may not know, the Althorn is a bell left, rotary valve, German style (go figure!) alto horn. Mine has a fourth valve that lowers the pitch a Major 4th. That does two nice things: It provides alternate fingerings that tend to cure those pesky out of tune notes, and; It extends the low range of the instrument. I have three playable octaves, from written C below Middle C, to the C above Middle C. I only have to fake the low C#, but with my lips flapping like that, its just no problem! It is a fabulous horn to play. The tone is very open and sonorous. It has a wide dynamic range. You cradle the horn in your arms such that you are literally hugging the horn while you play it. It is very intimate.
197 Cornet Marceau Instrument
Engraved: Marceau & Co. valves marked *, 5, 6, 11 on the opposite side of the valve B&F
348 Trombone Olds Superstar 986xxx Instrument
199 Cornet Marceau Instrument
Not entered
200 Tenor Horn Lyon-Healy 1757 Instrument
201 Mellophone Lyon-Healy 11248 Instrument
Keys C, D, Eb
202 Cornet Lyon-Healy c1890 Bb/C Instrument
Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics (http://www.rugs-n-relics.com).
203 Alto Horn Lehnert Instrument
204 Cornet Lehnert 1870s Bb Instrument
Length: 12 3/8in Bell: 4 7/8 solid German silver, Allen-style valves.
205 Trombone; Valve Keefer 7676 1910 Instrument
206 Trumpet Keefer Instrument
207 Trumpet Keefer Special 25521 Instrument
Special Keefer Williams Trumpet Made by Brua C. Keefer Williamsport Pennsylvania USA Another example appeared on eBay with serial# 24924 LP
208 Cornet Keefer Highest Grade 6302 1917 Instrument
Bell engraving BRUA C. KEEFER MAKER WILLIAMSPORT PA HIGHEST GRADE 5597. Other examples: Serial#11xxx
209 Cornet Jaubert Instrument
210 Tuba Holton 76661 Instrument
211 Trumpet Huttl Instrument
212 Trumpet Holton Revelation 85902 1925 Instrument
213 Trombone Holton Instrument
Not Entered
214 Trombone Holton 922 1904 Instrument
215 Trombone; Bass Holton Collegiate 306947 Instrument
Model TR188? Slide is marked 9846 | 519 Bell: 9in Bore .547
216 Mellophone Holton 9029 1909 Instrument
made in Chicago
217 Mellophone Holton Instrument
218 Tuba Holton 41026 Instrument
219 Tuba Holton c1913 Eb Instrument
It has a 19" bell and stands 33" tall. Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics (http://www.rugs-n-relics.com).
220 Sousaphone Holton Eb Instrument
Not Entered
221 Euphonium; DB Holton Instrument
Not Entered
222 Cornet Holton H.L. Clarke 1932 Instrument
224 Cornet Holton 25 1449XX 1941 Instrument
Bell engraving: HOLTON / ELKHORN, WIS / USA / 25 / U.S.. Valve FRANK HOLTON & CO / ELKHORN, WIS. /1449xx Image used by permission of www.Horncollector.com
225 Cornet Holton Couturier 11208 1910 Instrument
Another on eBay with serial# 10051
226 Helicon Hall-Quinby c1870 Instrument
nickel silver, with string rotory valves. Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics (http://www.rugs-n-relics.com)
227 Trumpet Fischer 36669 C Instrument
It is in C configuration. The valve slides have markings for Bb and A. Czechoslovokia is stamped on the mouthpiece receiver.
228 Cornet Fischer American Instrument
229 Baritone Fischer 1736 Instrument
This is a Fischer Baritone Serial#1736 or Engraved on bell "26097" (c.1940) HEIGHT: 29" BELL DIAMETER: 11-1/4" BORE SIZE: .560
230 Cornet DuPont Instrument
Not entered
231 Cornet DuPont Instrument
Another on eBay has Czecho-slovakia on receiver
232 Mellophone Distin Instrument
Not Entered
This instrument would have come with extra slides, allowing it to play in F,d Eb, D and C. It would also have come with two mouthpieces, a smaller Eb-tenor-horn-size and a larger small-shank baritone/euphonium/tenor trombone size.
233 Mellophone Distin Instrument
A departure from his Ballad horn design (itself a knockoff of the Courtois Koenig horn of 1855-1856, the patent of which was sold to Boosey & Co. in 1868), Distins instrument dubbed the Altophone was a knockoff, not of the original mellophone, which was a Kohler & Son knockoff of his own Ballad horn, but of the later instruments bearing the name "mellophone", that were hybrid instruments built from parts that were interchangeable with those used to build the Horn, cornet, trumpet, and Eb tenor horn. This particular instrument probably originally came with 4 sets of slides (instead of the 3 shown, plus valve slides) for F/Eb/D and C, plus two mouthpieces, one althorn/mellophone/Eb tenor horn size, one baritone/euphonium/trombone small shank size. Note that the mouthpiece used in this horn is of baritone/euphonium/trombone small shank size. These Distin instruments are noted for their superior quality even today, and far from being fit only for wall-hangers or window-dispay ornaments, are still useful instruments in their own right.
234 Alto Horn Distin 1874 HP Instrument
Engraved on bell: Trademark Distin, (stamped within Bugle and Banner symbol), Light Valve Boosey & Co. makers 295 Regent Street London 29971 Wm A. Pond & Co SOLE AGENTS NEW YORK FOR THE U.S.A.
235 Mellophone DEG F Instrument
Horndawg: There is now a review over at the Middle Horn Leader website. As I recall, the writer felt the smaller flare caused the projection in the upper register to suffer.
236 Trombone; Valve Courtois c1872-8 Bb HP Instrument
237 Tenor Cor Courtois 1942 Instrument
This version of a mellophone instrument often being refered to as a Tenor Cor, this hybrid instrument employs the use of trumpet/cornet valves, cylindrical tubing, water keys, braces and lead-pipe. The bell and bell tubing, however, were not fashioned on a Horn mandrel, as is typical with these instruments, but instead were thoughtfully redesigned so that the instrument as a whole was more integrated and unified in design, producing superior tone, intonation, resonance and response.
533 Trumpet Pedler Instrument
240 Antoniophone Courtois Instrument
GSMonks: At first glance this is an odd-looking instrument, like something out of a Dr Seuss childrens story, but these instruments, built in either F or Eb alto and 4-valve Bb/F tenor versions, are actually just the Courtois Koenig horn fancifully redesigned.
242 Trumpet Frank 10949 1950s? Instrument
243 Euphonium Frank 12573 after 1945 Instrument
245 Cornopean Foote 1870 Instrument
247 Mellophone Frank Instrument
248 Trumpet Couesnon 70799 Instrument
Not Entered
250 Alto Horn Couesnon Eb Instrument
More accurately described as an Altoium
251 Fluglehorn; Alt Couesnon Instrument
252 Helicon Boosey-Hawkes 1905 Instrument
Hawkes BBb Helison (c.1905). It has a 17" bell and stands 46" tall. The inscription reads: Excelsior Sonorous Class A Haskes & Sones Denman Street London Serial 80386 Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics
254 Cornet Boston Instrument
inscribed “Neplus Ultra Made by the Boston Instrument Company” Assuming this is the original case, it is marked "The Cundy-Bettoney Co."
255 Trumpet Bundy 560148 1972 Instrument
3122 Cornet Couesnon Bb Instrument
Short body
1985 Fluglehorn Persy 4379 Instrument
Engraved: le Triomphe | Persy | breveté | Bruxelles | 4379
1986 Trombone Muck Instrument
1987 Cornet Gretsch American P13517 Instrument
16 in long 4 3/8 in bell.
256 Tuba Conn 26J 169886 1920 BBb Instrument
Monster Grand 23" bell and it stands 36½" tall.
257 Baritone American Standard Instrument
27" tall with a 10" bell
258 Euphonium Holton 293598 1956 Bb Instrument
259 Cornet Buescher 5758 Instrument
Approximate Dimensions: 13 1/2"(Length) The bell has intricate etching with "The Buescher, Elkhart, Ind." within the design. Notice the resevoir water key.
260 Tuba King 1291 1781XX 1935 BBb Instrument
King Monster BBb Rotory Valve, String Linkage Tuba .750 bore. Bell Tenon: 7 1/8in Inscribed: King, The H.N. White Co., Cleveland Ohio
261 Euphonium Jaubert 15 Instrument
262 Tuba Olds 630155 c1967 BBb Instrument
Made in Fullerton, CA. Possibly model 98. 19 1/2" detachable bell. approx 47" tall and 26 Lbs.
263 Trombone; AltoV Pepper 11013 c1885-90 Eb HP Instrument
marked "J.W. Pepper / Importer / Philadelphia / and / Chicago / No, 11013". It appears to be a French import. Raw brass finish Photo used Courtesy of Jeff Stockham This model is listed and pictured in pre-1900 Pepper catalogs.
264 Cornet Concertone Instrument
Trmpet shaped cornet "PEA SHOOTER TYPE" Made in CZECHOSLOVAKIA length is 18 inches, bell is 4 1/8 inches. Etchings: 60% of the bell tubing is corregated, or factory dimpled.
265 Cornet Pepper Perfected Instrument
"Trumpet Cornet" in a 1918 Catalog
266 Trombone; Bass Conn 165294 1918 Instrument
267 Euphonium Salvation Army 7621 Instrument
4 valve euphonium which bears the Salvation Army Crest, the S A initials are also engraved on the valve block.
268 Tuba Holton 105-4 108611 1931 BBb Instrument
269 Trombone Sax Bb Instrument
The bell diameter is 5 7/8". The stockings are soldered on instead of being extruded. Inscription: S/A / Medalle of D OR 1900 / ADOLPHE SAX / F?? de ACADEMIE Nie de MUSIQUE / 84.RUE MYRHA / PARIS
270 Trombone; Valve York c1902-26 Instrument
1902 was the beginning of production for the Valve Trombone. J.W. Sons logo on the bell of trombones was discontinued after 1926.
271 Tenor Horn Conn 465XX c1897 Instrument
1316 Mellophone York Instrument
272 Mellophone Buescher Varsity 20943 c, 1910-19 Eb Instrument
273 Tuba Buescher 14548 c1920-1925 Eb Instrument
274 Trombone; Valve Besson Instrument
Marked on the bell, Chicago Bore, Zephyr, 50 Medals of Honor, B, Besson & Co, Prototype, 198 Euston Rd, London, England, C. Fischer, 6, 4th Av, N. Y., Sole Agent, U. States
275 Alto Horn Conn K42542 c1967 Eb Instrument
Photo used courtesy of www.neilsmusic.com
276 Trumpet Bach Apollo 209 1926 Instrument
Bach made 50 of these in 1926, stating with serial#200). Some were made again in 1928 and possibly another batch a little later but this trumpet is one of the first. .448 bore and has the #3 bell. Only 4 trumpets known to have the #3 bell.
277 Tuba Martin BBb Instrument
6/4 BBb four valve Tuba with both an upright and recording bell. Horn has the factory installed tuning slide lever.
278 Alto Horn Holton 141 213527 1950 Instrument
279 French Horn Huttl Instrument
280 Trombone Keefer 9145 c1919 Bb Instrument
large bore, about 0.510, and an 8.5" bell. It takes a large shank trombone mouthpiece
281 Mellophone Buescher LP91873 c1920-25 Eb Instrument
Bell is 9 inch diameter
282 Cornet Courtois Eb Instrument
Late 19th century. It is lacquered brass. bore – approximately .398 (A=440). Bell diameter appox 5 inches. Overall length 13 inches not including the leadpipe. Two leadpipes – cornet receiver (reproduction) and trumpet receiver (original). The bell is marked: Medaille Londres 1862 Exposition Universelle Paris 1867 Medaille DHonneur en Argent Antoine Courtois & Mille Facteur du Conservatoire National 88 rue Des Marais St. Martin Paris 1lr Prix Grande Medaille DOr Exposition de Moscou 1872 & Medaille DOr Paris 1878 S. Arthur Chappell Sole Agent 52 New Bond Street London J. Howard Foote Sole U.S. Agent New York & Chicago. There is no serial number.
283 Trombone; Valve Persy Instrument
J. Persy "Calvary" valve Trombone. These were used for Horse back riding.
290 Baritone Clark 9883 Instrument
284 Trumpet Cavalier Instrument
285 Cornet Pepper 10407 Instrument
287 Euphonium Boosey-Hawkes Instrument
288 Cornet Kuhlo Instrument
Circular Cornet, KUHLOHORN, a design by Edouard KUHLO (1822 - 1891), dated from the second half of the 19th century. Photo courtesy of Boch & Pick collection, Lyon, France
289 Trombone; Bass Salvation Army Festival 30838 c.1954 G Instrument
The inscription says, Handmade by Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd, Campfield, St Albans, England #30838. 7.5 inch bell, a wooden handle on the slide extension and is silverplated with a slightly frosted finish. It was converted from high pitch to low pitch in 1970
291 Trombone Distin 16629 c. 1900 Instrument
292 Alto Horn Distin New Paris 2216 c1880s Eb Instrument
marked, "Henry Distin/New/Paris/Model/Philadelphia."
293 Cornet Besson Westminster 597368 Bb Instrument
294 Trombone; Valve Couesnon 76244 Instrument
It says Couesnon Paris made in France on the bell. The bell is 7 11/16" across.
295 Baritone Hawkes 9968 c1930s Instrument
9.5 wide bell,21.5 inches high by 14 wide. On the bell... 1st Class,Hawkes & Son,Denmar Street,Piccadilly Circus,London,9968. high pitch
296 Alto Horn Salvation Army 16128 Instrument
297 Cornet King Instrument
298 Alto Horn Boosey-Hawkes 137269 Instrument
299 Trumpet Reynolds Contempora 45394 Instrument
Large Bore
300 Tuba Keefer 10911 Eb Instrument
Engraving reads: Made by Keifer Williamspost Pa. The horn is 31" long with a 16" diameter bell and has a .660 bore.
301 Trombone Olds Studio 132XXX 1953 Instrument
Dual Bore 7 inch bell Yellow brass with Nickle silver 7 1/2 inch bell and tuning slide
302 Cornet Olds Super LA 127734 Instrument
303 Euphonium Salvation Army Endurance Bb Instrument
304 Cornet Boston 10883 c1890 Instrument
It has a floral and leaf design etched over the entire instrument. Inscription NE Plus Ultra Made by the Boston Musical Instrument Manufy -71- Sudbury St. It is approx. 13" long.
305 Tuba Fiske Eb/Bb Instrument
Unique configuration of valve and rotors is 3 waterkeys and the extra 4 feet in length of tubing to incorporate the 4th rotor and shifting from Eb to Bb, stands 42" tall.
311 Trombone; Valve Conn Instrument
312 Euphonium Distin 9114 c1893 Instrument
marked: Henry Distin Mfg. Co. Makers Williamsport PA
307 Euphonium Distin 9120 1893 Instrument
308 Euphonium Buescher 35943 Instrument
310 Cornet Pepper 48478 Instrument
Engraved on the bell,J.W. PEPPER. SURPRISE, PHILADELPHIA. Length: 18 1/2in Bell: 5 1/2in
313 Alto Horn Distin 19397 c1890s Instrument
marked: Henry Distin Mfg. Co. Makers Williamsport PA 17071. On the valves there is also another serial # 19397.
314 Trombone King 36133 1900s Instrument
315 Tuba Conn 178118 1921 Eb Instrument
316 Trumpet American Standard 21266 Instrument
317 Trombone Pan American Instrument
Instead of the usual globe logo with the American continent, the engraving is of flowers around the name. The sections attach by fiction fit. This the horn I think of when the term "pea-shooter" is used.
320 Trombone; Valve York Instrument
Photo used courtesy of Cheryl Karns
321 Alto Horn Jaubert Instrument
F.Jaubert & Cie Paris Lyon & Healy Sole Agents Chicago ingraved on the bell Paris X A 17. Could be 1917
319 Cornet York 12206 1905 Instrument
Includes slide atttachments for five keys. Two lead tubes, two slides and one slide that is a combination lead tube tuning slide. The bell is engraved in gold and has a gold wash.
322 Tuba Couesnon 63594 Eb Instrument
bell diameter is 14 1/4", overall height is 30", bore .575", small-shank mouthpiece receiver
323 Cornet Hawkes Bb hp Instrument
Hawkes and Son, Denmar Street Picadilly Circus, London
324 Cornet Conn 53103 1894 Bb Instrument
Patent June 15, 1886. Marked C.G. Conn Maker Elkhart-Ind. Worchester, Mass
325 Cornet Gretsch Commander 10690 Instrument
Engraving: Fred Gretsch MFG Co. Chicago Brooklyn U.S.A
326 Trombone; Valve Wurlitzer Excelsior Instrument
Rudolph Wurlitzer Excelsior Valve Trombone made in Cincinnati Ohio.
327 Trombone Jay Columbia 1010 Instrument
8 inch bell This trombone came in LP/HP small bore (6.5 or 7in Bell), LP/HP medium bore (7, 7.5 or 8in Bell) and LP large bore (8 or 8.5in Bell).
328 Trumpet Jay Instrument
Another on eBay with Serial #10676
329 Cornet Jay 111690 Instrument
330 Cornet Olds Special Instrument
Made in Fullerton
331 Baritone Pepper 3997 Instrument
Inscribed with J.W. Pepper Perfected Philadelphia 6997. 24" long, 12" wide
332 Trumpet Bach 304 Eb Instrument
Mt Vernon
333 Trombone Martin 17328 1919 Instrument
335 Trombone Jaubert Instrument
336 Trombone Concertone Instrument
337 Tenor Horn Reynolds 95 Contempora 479606 1946-61 Instrument
Or, could be called a Trombonium or Tromhorn
338 Trumpet Olds 1778 1930 Instrument
339 Trombone Holton 323xxx 1959 Instrument
340 Trumpet Fischer Senator 58252 Instrument
eBay seller said "made in Germany "
341 Cornet Fischer Senator 53595 Instrument
342 Alto Horn Pollmann Eb Instrument
Image used Courtesy of The Brass Players Museum http://www.neillins.com/brass.htm
343 Trumpet Huttl Instrument
344 Euphonium Buescher Instrument
The bell is marked "The Buescher ELKHART IND USA" The horn measures 28.5"(L), bell 11"
345 Trumpet Couesnon C Instrument
Inscription: Couesnon 105 Rue LAFAYETTE PARIS made in france
346 Baritone Besson 102400 Bb Instrument
Inscription (appears to read, though it is pretty worn): Class A Besson & Co Prototype 198 Euston Road London England Carl Fischer 4th Ave New York Sole Agent U. States
347 Cornet Marceau Instrument
349 Mellophone Cleveland C-28111 Instrument
Horn made by Cleveland Musical Instruments Co., Cleveland, O. This company was in business from only 1919-1925 when it was bought out by H. N. White. Bell approx. 10 1/4 inches. My grandfather, H. N. White, continued to manufacture the Cleveland line, as you say, but did not continue the old company name. Cleveland horns had the H. N. White Co. name, and later "made by King Craftsmen". So your horn dates to the early period when the company was independent, before 1925. Sincerely, Tony White
350 Tuba Besson 10643 Eb Instrument
Besson & co, 198 Euston Road London
354 Mellophone York 1913 Instrument
three pistons for playing and two additional rotary keys for lowering the pitch, allowing this instrument to play in the keys of F/Eb/D/C. Instruments of this sort usually came with two mouthpieces, one mellophone/Eb tenor horn size for playing in F and Eb, and one baritone/euphonium/tenor trombone size for playing in D/C. It may have originally come with an extra set of valve slides. This particular version of the hybrid instruments refered to as mellophones was also often refered to as a tenor cor. The tell-tale features are: slightly smaller bell, noticeably narrower bell-throat, cornet/trumpet valve casing and bore-size. This particular form of mellophone, for whatever reason, was the perennial favourite of African-American brass and concert band musicians during the entire Ragtime era in the United States, and would have been used by such musicians as those that played in the bands of Ragtime composer and bandmaster James Reese Europe.
355 Trumpet Holton Revelation Gen 2 75777 1922 LP Instrument
Deluse Finish
356 French Horn Courtois Eb Instrument
Inscription: 1st place Iverselle and 1855 Antoine Courtois Breveic Facteur du conservatoire National 88 Rue des Marcais St. Martins Paris
357 Alto Horn King 503925 c1974 Instrument
More accurately described as an Altoium
358 Mellophone Pan American 121522 Instrument
359 Cornet Keefer C, Bb A Instrument
360 Cornet Frank 13347 1945+? Instrument
361 Cornet Gretsch Pathfinder 17040 Instrument
362 Cornet Fischer American Instrument
New York
363 Baritone Holton Instrument
364 Cornet American Standard Instrument
American Standard Cleveland Music Instrument Co.
365 Sousaphone King 2350 403041 Instrument
366 Alto Horn; DB Conn 13270 1887 Eb Instrument
One bell is 8 inches and one is 6 inches. Inscription says Elkhart and Worchester, so it was probably made right after Conn bought the Fiske factory. Image used courtesy of the owner, Frank Heath (bandwagon_@yahoo.com)
367 Tenor Horn York 21421 1909 Instrument
Dimensions are: 21 1/2" tall, 9 1/2" wide bell.
368 Mellophone Couesnon Monopole 383 F/Eb Instrument
11" bell. Mellophonium
369 Euphonium Holton 517050 1972 Instrument
28 inches high BELL 11 inches
370 Cornet Courtois c1889 Instrument
371 Trumpet Jay Instrument
Engraving Columbia Patd H.B. Jay Co. Chicago
372 Helicon Buescher True Tone 25585 1915 Eb Instrument
373 Trombone Olds 355 1916 Instrument
Medium bore, 7" bell, raw brass finish
374 Trumpet Koeder 01875 Instrument
Mr. David Anderson contributed the following information Mr. T.M. Koeder was a music teacher in Naperville Il. for Years. He also had a little home based business attached to his home, where he would repair, and build trumpets. It was a little shop on School Street in Naperville Il. He custom built these trumpets for various clients over the years, from around 1920 to about the time of his death in the early 1970s. His son then took over the business after he retired as a teacher, and continued repairing and building custom built instruments until his death in the late 1980s. I remember as a child watching Mr. Koeder repair my fathers trumpets in his shop. It was awsume. He custom crafted the bells and tubing off a giant belt lathe, which hung from the ceiling of his shop. I used to watch him make the bells of the horns off this huge machine. Awsume. I will never forget the experience. My dad whom was a professional musician, owned one of these horns. It was custom built to his specifications. It had a sound all of its own. It was like having a Bach nowadays custom tweeked with different slides, and bells.. He did alot of work for the Naperville Municipal Band Members. Some of these horns still exsist, as we have seen here on Ebay, and the person whom owns it will get a treasure for sure. Like I said, they were all custom built horns, and very few of them are still in existance. Ellermans music shop in Naperville Il. I beleive still has the remnants of some of the replacement parts for these horns. For more info on Mr. Koeder, I suggest you contact the Naperville Il. Historic society. I am sure they will have pictures of his shop, and more info on Mr. Koeder, and his son. David Anderson Like I mentioned, my dad owned one of these horns until his death, when I then Donated it to there museum as a collectors piece.
375 Trumpet Ditson Victory Instrument
Horn marked Ditson Victory. Ditson and Co was founded in Boston in 1811 and became one of the largest American dealers, flourished until 1931. Made in Czechoslovakia
376 Clavicor Gautrot Instrument
unsigned but believed to be a Gautrot
377 Neocor Gautrot Instrument
Probably a Gautrot Brass.lady: This looks definitely like a Guichard/Gautrot néocor in 6-ft F and it would be usually sold with a full set of 7 shanks and crooks. It started being sold in France around the early 1840s and I have seen it in catalogues of the Gautrot workshop as late as 1867. A version with Périnet valves also appeared at about 1844. Cornets were also being made in that form and these two instruments with the clavicor were presented as forming a complete family, although not as complete as Saxs Saxhorn-saxotromba family.
724 Baritone Besson 58070 1895-8 Instrument
379 Sousaphone Olds BBb Instrument
380 Trombone Wurlitzer Professional Instrument
381 Trombone Holton Special 23799 1914 Instrument
Engraved with a floral design. HOLTON SPECIAL MADE BY FRANK HOLTON CO, CHICAGO Slide reads "UNION LABEL 23799 Shield with MPBP B & SW
382 Trombone; Bass King 1130 252196 1940-1945 Instrument
Friction fit
383 Trumpet Boosey-Hawkes 97598 1920s Bb/A Instrument
384 Fluglehorn Couesnon 82856 Instrument
18 3/4" long with mouthpiece, 5 3/4" diameter bell
385 Trombone King Silversonic Instrument
9 inch bell, .547 bore There are only two sets of numbers on it. 3905 is located on both handles of the slide. 548 is located on the rotor and on the tuning slide.
386 Trumpet Pan American 181xxx Instrument
387 Tuba Conn 3J GI990235 1979 C Instrument
? 2J, ?
388 Cornet Boosey-Hawkes 566116 Instrument
389 Cornet Buescher True Tone 1854 Instrument
390 Trombone Olds Special 470472 1964 Instrument
Fullerton Ca. 7 1/2 inch bell. Bell tube goes from nickel plate to a rose brass finish at bell flare.
391 Trombone Pedler American Triumph 1938-1958 Bb Instrument
American Triumph by Harry Pedler and Sons Elkhart Ind. USA
392 Mellophone Concertone Instrument
393 Trumpet Huttl 72471 Instrument
Inscribed: Wondertone Huttl Regd Western Germany Length 18 1/2 inches.
394 Euphonium Holton B625R Instrument
Made from 1984-2002
395 Cornet Distin 16085 Instrument
396 Cornet King Vocal 1060 41698 1913 C Instrument
Rotary valve changes key from Bb to C
397 Mellophone Jaubert Instrument
398 Mellophone Martin Handcraft 83372 Instrument
Martin Handcraft Mellophone
399 Tuba Conn 1660xx 1919 BBb Instrument
Height: 35in Bell: 16in
400 Trombone; Valve Couturier-Lyon 32038 C/Bb Instrument
plays in High Pitch C and Bb with its original crook extension. Bell is stamped "COUTURIER A’ LYON". Couturier was founded in 1812 and the company was sold to Pellison in 1875. The instrument has a tiny Sackbut style bell with much more taper then flare at the end of the bell. The Bell diameter is 5 5/8 inches; length is 31 inches Bb configuration and 25 ½ for C.
401 Tenor Horn Distin Instrument
402 Cornet King Master 221134 1938-40 Instrument
403 Mellophone Holton 592681 Instrument
404 Cornet Lyon-Healy 1740 Instrument
405 Antoniophone Courtois Instrument
GSMONKS: Here is the information on this horn as it appeared on eBay (January 6, 2005): "Vintage Antoine Courtois brass Antoniophone. Bass. 19th Century, post Civil War, 1870s or 1880s. Made by Courtois in Paris & trademarked by J. Howard Foote, New York & Chicago. Last award date cited on bell is 1872. Complete but in rough condition. Has numerous dents & dings, but no splits in brass. All 4 valves are intact, bell is in fair shape, has mouthpiece. Heavily tarnished. "Dimensions are: 23in high by 19in across. Bell diameter is 9 3/4in. Surviving Boosey & Co Brasswind 33241; pistons 30556 (E-flat soprano antoniophone). stamped on bell " ... 34700; pistons 31457 (B-flat baritone antoniophone, 4-valve compensating; ... Here is an entry posted by the University of Maryland: "9. Roster of Gilmores Band, 1890. 42 members listed by last name and initial(s) with instrument played and duration of membership. Autograph document, mounted in mat. "This roster of the Gilmore Band from 1890 demonstrates the number of well-known musicians employed by Gilmore. We find here a number of players who would soon join John Philip Sousas Band, including John S. Cox, R. Noyes, E. A. Lefebre, T. F. Shannon, Herman Bellstedt, Joseph Michele Raffayola, Eldon Baker, and Herman C. Conrad. Modern readers will notice a few strange instruments including the antoniophone, an instrument similar to the French horn." http://www.lib.umd.edu/PAL/SCPA/ABA/Gilmore/9.html The nonsense about the link to the "French" horn may unfortunately be attributed to certain people who have pirated and misquoted my own material on mellophones (Koenig horns) and related instruments. The Dolmetsch Online music dictionary is one such culprit.
406 Cornet Lyon-Healy Instrument
408 Trumpet Holton 48 Revelation 156566 1946 Instrument
409 Trumpet Marceau C/Bb/A Instrument
This horn still has its instructions! www.horn-u-copia.net/instruments/Marceau/Marceau-instructions.jpg Another example of the horn at the top of this topic was recently on eBay. However, it was stamped Bohemia on the receiver, and had an anchor marking on the valves. So, at least for some of the Marceau products, the mystery may be solved as Bohland and Fuchs appear once again to be the supplier of stencils.
411 Tuba Besson 478214 1971 BBb Instrument
412 Trumpet Olds Rrecording 284709 1957 Instrument
Made in Fullerton Calf
413 Trumpet Olds Super 11061 1938 Instrument
414 Tenor Horn Marceau Instrument
24 inches high by 9 inches wide
415 Mellophone Olds Ambassador 707209 1969 F/Eb Instrument
4 valve model which changes pitch from F to Eb
418 Baritone Huttl Instrument
A. K. Huttl Graslitz seal. includes a Grand Prix Award 1910
417 Mellophone Olds Ambassador 238664 1956 Instrument
Mellophonium made in Fullerton California 26in Long 12in tall gsmonks: this is truly a 1956 "mellophonium", then Conn did not invent the mellophonium design, which is the prevailing wisdom. The best info I have seen on the Conn mellophonium is that it went into production in 1957.
419 Trombone Cleveland C32174 Instrument
420 Euphonium; DB Conn 128xxx 1913 Instrument
421 Tuba Miraphone 183 7374 1971 Eb Instrument
bell 15 in, length 40 in.
422 Baritone King 15943 pre-1915 Instrument
Inscribed King Made by H.N. White. Cleveland Ohio
423 Cornet Buescher 112001 1926 Bb/A Instrument
bell 4 5/8in
424 Trumpet Conn 75154 Bb/A Instrument
425 Euphonium; DB King 220000 1940 Instrument
Image courtesy of www.internationalwoodwind.com
426 Euphonium; DB King Artist 161323 1934 Instrument
5 valved Displayed courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics ([url]http://www.rugs-n-relics.com[/url]). Another one eBay with Serial# 194062
427 Trumpet Pitt D-310 Bb Instrument
Pitt American is a trade used by Volkweins Music Company, Pittsburgh probably over 50 years old.
428 Helicon Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
Inscription: JEROME THIBOUVILLE LAMY 10 Charterhouse St London Made in Paris Image used courtesy of Phils Rugs n relics Hors Concours Paris 1878, 1889, 1900 1re Qte
429 Helicon Thibouville-Lamy Eb alto Instrument
Bell is inscribed: J.T.L JEROME THIBOUVILLEïLAMY RUE REAUMUR PARIS A.L. Image used courtesy of Phils Rugs n Relics
430 Mellophone King 1152 78780 1925 Instrument
432 Sousaphone Conn 32K 272095 1929 BBb Instrument
bell 24 in Bell receiver 6&1/2in
433 Trumpet Marceau C/Bb/A Instrument
Bell 4 1/4in .452 bore
434 Alto Horn Keefer 11217 1922 Instrument
435 Trombone Wurlitzer M13422 Instrument
bell 7in engraved: The Wurlitzer American - made by - Rudolph Wurlitzer - Chicago - Cincinnati Conn made?
436 Trumpet Holton 23486 1914 Instrument
437 Trombone American Standard Instrument
438 Euphonium Conn 94205 1906 Instrument
439 Cornet Ludwig Instrument
OLDLOU: Another "extended cornet". Note the extra loop in the bellpipe and the cornet mouthpiece in the cornet sized receiver. With the name Ludwig, is it possible that this horn was made by/for Carl Fischer Corp. during the time that Fischer also owned Ludwig drum Co.?
440 Cornet Olds Opera 400878 1962 Instrument
441 Trumpet Elkhart 30520 Instrument
442 Euphonium Elkhart Instrument
Elkhart "Elk in the Heart" logo engraved in the back of the bell (not visible in photos).
443 Cornet Pedler American Triumph 49505 c1950 1938-1958 Bb Instrument
444 Trombone; AltoV Distin Paris 1009 1882 Eb Instrument
alto valve trombone, 29 1/4 inches long. Engraving HENRY DISTIN, TRADE MARK. PARIS MODEL, PHILADELPHIA, No. 1009.
445 Cornet Couesnon none Instrument
446 Trumpet Huttl D Instrument
D Trumpet
447 Alto Horn Hawkes 54089 1930 Instrument
in 1930 Hawkes & Son merged with Boosey & Co. to form Boosey & Hawkes. This instrument would be one of the last instruments to be stamped as Hawkes & Son. Engraved: Excelsior Hawkes & Son Makers Denman Street London W. 54089
448 Trombone Boosey-Hawkes Symphony 78057 Instrument
449 Cornet Pepper 64261 Instrument
450 Sousaphone Pan American Instrument
Bell 24 in
451 French Horn Amati Instrument
453 Trombone Conn Instrument
454 Mellophone American Victory Instrument
American Victory was a trade name used by the Progressive Musical Instrument Company for Metal Clarinets. Registered in 1937. The Progressive Musical Instrument Co. was in business from 1920 to 1950 in New york. The commissioned the manufacture of instruments of low and moderate price and unsed trade names of Perfacktone, american Artist, 20th Century, A. Feuillard, Professional, American victory, O.=X. Laube, Jean Buisson, G.L. Otterell. "The use of contrived brand names render the origin of their instruments difficult to trace." (Langwill)
455 Cornet Pedler American Triumph 54838 c1950 1937-1958 Bb Instrument
American Triumph Cornet made by Harry Pedler & Sons
456 Trumpet Amati TR 213 Instrument
457 Fluglehorn Conn K12396 Instrument
458 Mellophone Buescher 16370 1910-1915 Instrument
Double rotors to change pitch, presumably for F, Eb, D, C
466 Trombone; Valve Olds 664936 1968 Instrument
460 Trombone Courtois Instrument
462 Trombone; Sopra Getzen Instrument
"From the 50s"
463 Tenor Horn Boosey-Hawkes Instrument
464 Helicon Boosey-Hawkes 322xx pre 1891 Eb Instrument
Engraved Root & Sons Music Co., General Agents for the US, Chicago On Valve: Class A Distin.
465 Trombone York Instrument
475 Baritone Cleveland C-43215 Instrument
468 Trumpet Schilke B7 2913 1967 Instrument
469 Trumpet Bach Mercedes 236023 1983 Instrument
470 Trombone Buescher True Tone 296716 c1944 Instrument
471 Fluglehorn DEG Caravelle Instrument
472 Alto Horn Ohio Band Instrument Co. Regent Instrument
473 Cornet Higham 58866 Instrument
474 Trombone King 37716 pre-1915 Instrument
engraved, " King H. N. WHITE Cleveland OHIO."
476 Baritone York 93883 1928 Instrument
Size: 31 x 15 x 8
477 Euphonium Lyon-Healy 11852 Instrument
478 Cornet Lyon-Healy American Professional 5926 Instrument
479 Trombone Cavalier Instrument
480 Cornet Clark Instrument
481 Tuba Bohland-Fuchs F Instrument
16 in. wide, 36 in.tall bell is 12 3/4 inscribed Bohland & Fuchs Graslitz, Antonio Pleitain, Madrid.
482 Tuba Conn 20J 1966 BBb Instrument
short action offset keys, detachable bell measures 24in, stands at 47in
483 Cornet Elkhart 23382 Instrument
engraved with an Elk Head and Elkhart Band Inst. Co,Elkhart Indiana OLDLOU: The unique wrap, utilising an underslung main tuning slide is reminiscent of Reynolds who designed cornets for H.N. White, Olds, and his own name brand, which all used the underslung tuning slide design. Is it possible that Reynolds had a hand in the design of this little horn? It is an absolute clone of my recently acquired Grinnell cornet. Knowing that Grinnell was not in the business of making brass instruments, but bought stencil horns from various makers, I can reasonably presume that my little Grinnell horn was made by whoever was using the Elkhart Band Instrument Co. name at the time that my horn and the first pictured Elkhart cornet were manufactured.
484 Trumpet Art American 4123 Instrument
Engraved: American Trumpet Made by Art Musical Instruments Inc. Elkhart-Ind. USA F.A. Buescher-Pres
485 Euphonium Besson 442804 1968 Instrument
Bell 11in length 26in Bore .580
486 Tuba Fillmore Elite Eb Instrument
The Fillmore Company, Cincinnati, OH. started in business in 1905 as importers of instruments. Other trade names used were Marvel, Norwood, Princess, Reliable Europeon shank Bell 14in 20in wide, and 29in tall.
487 Tuba Kohler-Chase 1870-1900 Eb Instrument
Kohler & Chase were in business in San Francisco from 1870 to 1900 This horn was made in France
488 Euphonium Rampone-Cazzani after 1920 Instrument
Rampone & Cazzani partnership began in 1912, In Milan.
489 Euphonium Besson Sovergn 968gs Instrument
Ultra light
490 Fluglehorn Courtois 86xx 1970s Bb Instrument
Inscribed: Hug & Cie., Basel / Antoine Courtois / Paris” bore .411 inches. bell 6 1/8 inches.
491 Sousaphone Reynolds Eb Instrument
Photo used courtesy of MusicMasters www.musicm.com
492 Tenor Horn King Instrument
493 Alto Horn Wurlitzer Instrument
494 French Horn Lidl Acustic Instrument
495 French Horn Lidl Instrument
496 Alto Horn Boosey-Hawkes 179639 1951 Instrument
497 Cornet Continental Colonial 92A 172490 Instrument
Engraved:: CONTINENTAL MADE IN U.S.A. 4 1/2in bell 17in long Conn made stencils for Continental including the Cavalier 92A, which was made between 1924-6, which I believe this one to be.
498 Trombone Marceau Instrument
499 Cornet Coleman Instrument
Double Waterkey
500 Trombone DuPont Instrument
501 Sousaphone Reynolds 723676 BBb Instrument
Photo used courtesy of Harvs Happy Horns
502 Trumpet; Low Lidl 23731 Bb Instrument
length 24 1/4nch Inscription: Lidl Brno
503 Trombone Conn 30H 352xxx 1942 Instrument
bell 7 inches inscribed G.C. CONN LTD. / USA / ELKHART, IND slide duo-bore - a .494 - .507
504 Trumpet Getzen Eb Instrument
505 Baritone Conn New Wonder 154874 1917 Instrument
satin gold plated finish with bright gold inside the bell and on the ferrules and other trim.
506 French Horn Halary Instrument
507 Trumpet Benge 16501 1975 D Instrument
In D
508 Baritone Bundy Instrument
509 Tuba Salvation Army 12504 BBb Instrument
510 Cornet Fischer G0157 Instrument
engraved with leaves and flowers Chicago Bore - 50 Metals of Honor - Besson and Company - Prototype - 198 Euston Road - London England G0157
511 Euphonium Holton B302 470384 1966 Instrument
4 valve It has B302 on the mouthpipe
512 Euphonium Richards 11574 Instrument
Richards established in 1883 as an instrument dealer, publisher until 1922.
513 French Horn Lidl Instrument
Schmidt wrap Horndawg: The primary characteristic is that the F/Bb change valve is a piston instead of a rotor placed either at the beginning or the end of the valve cluster (the rotor, not the piston). I believe that Steve Lewis in Chicago is still building Schmidt wrap horns. I find them really uncomfortable to hold and play. LOTP: But what a wonderful sound! (I played one for over 35 years) Horndawg: I totally agree. Smiley I was quite disappointed to feel SO uncomfortable playing such a horn. I guess I could have stuck it out, but I did not. Ended up playing descant full-time anyway, so...
514 Euphonium King 2268 651xxx 1977 Instrument
515 Euphonium Conn 20338 1891 Instrument
engraved Made by C. G. Conn Elkhart Worcester Mass. Serial # 20338
516 Cornet Besson 61363 1897-98 Bb Instrument
Engraving Chicago / Bore / 50 Medals of Honour / FB / Besson & Co. / Prototype / 198 Euston Rd. / London / (star) / England / C.Fischer / 6. 4th Av. N.Y. / Sole Agent U. States surrounded by about 5inches of nice flower & vine engraving Photo courtesy of Jeff Stockham
517 Tuba Conn 24J I28622 1968 BBb Instrument
short action offset valves bell 24in stands 42in
518 Tuba Elkhart BBb Instrument
bell 15 3/4
519 Cornet Reynolds 20-S Contrmpora 53170 1957 Instrument
Contempora "Leonard Smith" Cornet/ .462in large bore/ first-valve trigger/ 4-3/4 Bronz-o-lyte bell with nickel-silver tone ring / clear lacquer finish. Serial number on middle valve 53170-Reynolds-LB
520 Alto Horn Pan American 92200 1934 Instrument
Bell 8 1/4 in
522 Tenor Horn Conn 66I 177989 1921 Bb Instrument
523 Alto Horn Reynolds 11227 c1930s Instrument
524 Trumpet DEG Caravelle 196054 c1950s Instrument
525 Cornet Gautier Instrument
Gautier was a trade name used by Lyon & Healy
527 Euphonium Pepper Instrument
528 Cornet Jay Columbia Instrument
529 Mellophone Besson 119877 c1912 Instrument
530 French Horn Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
531 Cornet Wurlitzer Lyric 2034 Instrument
Engraved The Lyric MADE BY Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. Chicago Cincinnati
532 Helicon Pourcelle Instrument
inscribed: HENRY POURCELLE, SUPERIOR, PARIS bell 19 1/2IN Pourcelle was a trade name for the Bruno Company The Bruno Company was established in New York in 1834 In 1868, the Company used C. Bruno and Son as its name. After the turn of the 20th Century, the company began using trade names including: Lafayette, Paris; Perfackton; Perfection; Henry Pourcelle, Paris; La Vesta; Vocotone.
534 Alto Horn Couesnon Instrument
Couesnon et Cie, 94 rue d"Angouleme, Paris
535 Tuba Conn 36J 287180 1934 BBb Instrument
bell 26in four front-mounted .773"-bore long-action valves .
536 Trombone Conn 30H Burkle 298522 1952 Instrument
dual bore .494 and .507 bell 7.5in In the ads Conn said it was made for theatre and dance band players where great power and volume were needed. Named for Jake Burkle who was the Dean of the Conn experimental engineers.
537 Trombone Conn 32H 397096 1952 Instrument
Burkle Duo-bore .500 - .522 bell 7.5in
538 Tuba Boosey-Hawkes 177583 1950 Bbb Instrument
The bell diameter is 17" and the tuba is 42" tall. This model was also sold as the Besson Imperial. The three valve compensation, found only on Besson and Boosey & Hawkes instruments Owner said, "This is a large, full size tuba, the same size as the popular Yamaha YBB321, but built of heavier metal. I have played a couple of tubas that were larger, but this is by far the heaviest. I am sure thats what gives this horn its warm resonant sound. "
539 French Horn King 128773 1930-35 Instrument
Piston horn
540 Trombone Huttl Instrument
inscribed: HUTTL Band Instr. Ltd Fredericton, N.B. Canada
541 Trombone Getzen 300 Series KT12823 1976-9 Instrument
542 Trombone King 2B Liberty 210663 1935-40 Instrument
543 Trombone; Valve King 161254 Instrument
According to the charts this was made between 1935-40. That does not seem right, does it? Photo courtesy of Greg Holtz
544 Trumpet MoennigHW c. 1860s Instrument
"Side Action Rotary Valve" Trumpet with Bb & C tuning slides. The bell garland engraving says: H.W. Moennig, New York. It is raw brass with German silver trim Moennig manufactured instruments in New York from 1857 to 1883.
545 Cornet Boston 1870s? Bb Instrument
Side Action Rotary Valve cornet. EngravedMade /- by the - / BOSTON / Musical Instrument Manu fy. It is made of German Silver,
546 Cornet Foote 1870s? Eb Instrument
Side Action Rotary Valve Cornet. It is made of German Silver
547 Cornet Foote 1860s? Eb Instrument
Top Action Rotary Valve Eb Cornet. It is made of German Silver.
548 Cornet Besson 21 1990s? Instrument
Echo Cornet Only 100 of these were made engraving: BESSON / LONDON / SOVEREIGN / BOOSEY & HAWKES / ENGLAND
549 Trombone; Valve Quinby Bros 1870s? Bb Instrument
Quinby Brothers of Boston Bb SARV Trombone engraving: MADE BY / QUINBY BROTHERS / BOSTON. This company made instruments from 1876-1884. Made entirely of German silver
550 Trombone; AltoV Boston 1870s? Eb Instrument
Side Action Rotary Valve Trombone inscribed Made /- by the - / BOSTON / Musical Instrument / Manufy. made of German silver.
551 Fluglehorn Selmer 1063 1934? Instrument
Norm: s there text on the bell of your Selmer flugelhorn? I have been trying to come up with a date for mine, but have had no luck, despite e-mail correspondence with Selmer Paris. Mine has prize information on the bell..."Grands Prix/Geneve 1927 Liege 1930", and the address "4 Place Dancourt, Paris" (which Selmer occupied from around the turn of the century to 1965). Also the name of the dealer "Raubert, Montreux, Lausanne." The association with Rauber dates from 1930, but Selmer could not come up with a date as to when that relationship ended. The serial number of the horn is 508. The valve stems and casings are stamped 7,8, and 9. After a lot of Googling, I came up with the following information about a trumpet, whose bell has information similar to mine. The person dates the trumpet at around 1949-1950.
552 Tuba Martin 209744 BBb Instrument
bell 24in neck 7 3/4in stands 48in
553 Trombone; Bass Conn 71H Artist M30033 1961 Instrument
first introduced in 1968 and discontinued in 1979. bore .562 in. bell 9.5 in.
557 Mellophone Holton M601 F Instrument
HornDawg: Until recently, the only mpc I could use was a Bach 5FL flugel and it was quite nice with that but much brighter and thinner than I wanted. Recently got my hands on a Bach 3 Mellophone mpc and the difference is like night and day (except it is a much more drastic change from the horn mpc to this and back). I am a Marcinkiewicz artist and am thinking of asking Joe to make me a piece for this horn. With an actual Mellophone mpc, the out of tune notes fall in strange places. The E and Eb seem pretty good but the F in the staff is WAY flat. The octave from middle C (written) to 3rd space C seems stretched. Some of this will, no doubt, be me getting adjusted to the larger I.D. of the mello mpc. Sound gets better as you go up with a very "Poppy" G above the staff and a gorgeous Ab! Middle C down to the low F# are fat and punchy. It is the fifth between middle C and G in the staff that are kinda funky, but so far nothing you can not fix as you go. Behind the bell, it sounds kinda honky, but practice room recordings tell me that is not whats coming out of the bell. I do not think there is anything wrong with this horn that some practice room time would not fix. Cheesy Okay. I did get Marcinkiewicz to make me a piece for this horn. Partially because it was so hard to find something to fit it. I finally sent him the Bach 3 I had been playing and asked him to match the shank to that. We talked about my difficulty in switching back and forth from my horn piece (about 17.5mm internal diameter) to the Bach (what is it, about 19.75mm?) and back. Apparently, he has been working with some of the band directors in his area on mello mpcs for marching band anyway, so he had "mellos on the brain" right then. What he sent me has the same ID as the horn mpc he made at the same time (seems bigger than my old one to me...) and looks to be modelled on the 6V mello mpc that, apparently, comes with many marching horns? The Kelley mpc is based on this and Joes is of a similar depth (pretty darn shallow compared to the Bachs). How does it sound? Well, it projects like crazy! At first I thought it was too bright, but I am realizing that what sounds dark enough to me is actually WAY to dark to play on a gig (for both horn and mello). At a soft volume, I can get that sort of "fluffy" jazz flugel kind of thing going on and then as you put more air into it, instead of getting brighter and harder the sound gets fatter and denser, more "french horn-like" for want of a better term. In fact, the middle and upper registers just sound huge! The scale is still out (but I kinda expected that) and the design of this mpc makes it a bit harder to pull to E and F at the bottom of the staff (written) up to where I want them. I am having trouble getting the Ab, A Bb, B and C above the staff to center. I know it is a combination of me with this mpc because I can pop them out on the Bach, but they will not lock with the Marcinkiewicz. I am going to write him about that. To be honest, when I first saw the cup shape and depth, I was disappointed. It just looked too small and shallow. Shows that you should use your ears first and eyes second, I guess. Wink Edit: OK. I guess my chops were just WAY off yesterday. After writing the above post, I picked up the Holton and started to just play - no long warmup, just music - and the notes is question, though a little ragged because of I was cold, speak and center just fine. I do think they do not center WHERE I think they should which could cause the problem. Anyway, I am going to record the mello today and see what is going on in front of the bell...
558 Cornet York Air Flow 1212xx 1939 Instrument
Note that the bell rim is turned in in stead of outward. OLDLOU This York Airflow is actually the cornet, which had a reverse curl on the bell flare. The trumpet version had a standard curl. I currently own and play regularly on my Airflow cornet, which is by far the finest cornet I have ever used. This includes some pretty fine horns, such as my Besson Sov., Boston Ne Plus Ultra, King Master Model Super 20, Reynolds Professional, etc..
555 French Horn Livain C Instrument
two-valve French Horn in C made by Edouard Livain in Mons, France c.1875. Livain made instruments from 1875-1930 Photo used courtesy of Phils Rugs and Relics, http://www.rugs-n-relics.com GSMonks Said: These 8 C French horns were a staple of French orchestras up until fairly recently. To the best of my knowledge, these instruments are an exclusively French phenomenon, and I am not aware of any manufacturers of these horns that were not French, although you never know whats going to turn up. These horns dont turn up for sale that often, because most owners hang on to them, in part because theyre no longer made, except by special order (any brasswind can be made special-order if you have the specs).
556 Mellophone Elkhart 1840 28 Bb Instrument
owner called it an "alto french horn" GSMONKS: I am not sure what the Bb horns are used for in the US, which is why I have not said anything. Prior to the Bb horns, mellos were usually an Eb or F horn in single form, and in "deluxe" form came with various ways and means to play in Eb, D and C for F horns, and D and C for Eb horns. These horns also often came with 2 mouthpieces, one mello sized and one trombone sized. The Bb horns, however, are more modern, and seem to parallel the Bb marching "French" horns, which is what I assume they were used for- to play Bb "French" horn parts. The thing is, however, that here in Canada we never see Bb "French" horn parts in band music, and we only very rarely see physical examples of Bb marching "French" horns and mellophones. I am sure both types of horns are still made (mellos and Horns in Bb), but I do not know where in the US they are used or where the music comes from or what type of band music is involved. HORNDAWG: well, I have never seen a Bb mello (but I have not seen that many mellos at all), but Bb french horns play regular F parts. Like tuba players, you just change fingerings. The purpose of using a Bb horn is to spread the partials back out a bit where they start to get treacherous on the longer F horn. So, you would never see any Bb french horn parts, nor would you know (unless you were particularly observant and the horn player was using a Bb single, rather than playing on the Bb side of a regular double horn) that the F part was being played on a Bb horn. I know, it gets rather convoluted. Imagine when you add Bb/f alto descants and triple horns into the mix!
559 Cornet Conn 40A Vocabell 2861xx 1932 Instrument
560 Cornopean Gautrot 1850s? Instrument
Stolzel valves
561 Cornopean Gautrot 1870s? Instrument
562 Trumpet Weymann Instrument
Henry Weymann was in business in Philadelphia from 1864-1942. Starting in 1870, he advertised as a seller of musical instruments. In 1885, he started advertising as H. A. Weymann & Son. He used the name Keystone as a line of instruments in his later years of business.
563 Trumpet Concertone C Instrument
With crooks that probably take it to Bb
564 Cornet York 174xxx 1951 Instrument
565 Trumpet Reynolds Medalist 289973 1974 Instrument
566 Cornet Martin 17886 1971 Instrument
568 French Horn Conn 8D 71212 1957 Instrument
575 Baritone Boosey-Hawkes 71581 1906 Instrument
570 Trumpet Conn 58B 278346 1930 Instrument
571 Cornet Boosey-Hawkes Instrument
572 Trumpet Buescher 9 151629 1924 C Instrument
573 Trombone York 18846 c. 1908 Instrument
Inscribed: J.W. York & Sons Grand Rapids Mich bell 7 1/8in two 5 1/2in long tubes, of different diameter
574 Cornet Yamaha YCR-233S 005187 late 70s 1975-1984 Instrument
Production Range 1975-1984 Bore .463 Bell 4-3/4in Short Model
576 Sousaphone Keefer 12592 1923 Eb Instrument
bell 20 in bore 0.654
577 Sousaphone Keefer 24547 1939 BBb Instrument
Bell: 25 in
578 Mellophone Whaley Royce Eb Instrument
579 Trumpet Holton Llewellyn 104927 1929 Instrument
580 Trumpet Sansone Instrument
Lorenzo Sansone was a professional horn/alto player and manufacturer in New York starting 1914, He died in 1975
581 Cornet Besson 95103 1911 Instrument
Owner says this horn may never has been played. "The instrument looks like its gold-plated, I swear. It may be brass, but there is no tarnish anywhere, and it has never been cleaned or even taken out of the box in 40 years, so its hard to believe it wouldnt tarnish on its own! One of the valves is engraved: Besson & Co./Brevete/95103. The horn is engraved: Class A/New Creation/Besson & Co./Prototype/198 Euston Road/London, England/Carl Fischer/6 4th Ave., New York/Sole Agent to States. There is a "Gibson Girl" engraved on the horn area, as well as a bugler boy by the edge of the rim."
583 Sousaphone Holton 176815 1948 BBb Instrument
bell 26 in
584 Euphonium; DB Martin 132584 1939 Instrument
5 valve Pryorphone: This is the first double-belled baritone or double-belled euphonium where I have seen the trombone bell BEHIND the main bell curl!
585 Baritone York 73xxx 1923 Instrument
586 French Horn Elkhart Instrument
587 Trombone; Valve Zelweger Instrument
The manufacturer was Luigi Zelweger who established his business 1890. He was in business in Biella, Italy from 1890 to at least 1926.
588 Trombone; Alto Bach 39 46555 1981 Eb Instrument
bore .468in bell 6.5in
589 Sousaphone Conn 20k 925843 1961 BBb Instrument
590 Fluglehorn Persy 2724 Instrument
591 Sousaphone Pan American 73618 Eb Instrument
Bell: 24in
592 Trumpet Martin Descant Handcraft 74772 1927 Instrument
engraved Handcraft Dansant Elkhart IND
593 Fluglehorn Martin 201425 1956 Instrument
594 Cornet Pollmann Instrument
engraving August Pollman Light Action New York
595 Tenor Horn Boosey-Hawkes 588099 1977 Instrument
596 Tuba Conn 15J HD09005 1980 BBb Instrument
36in tall BELL 18in
597 Cornet Stratton 1890s Instrument
598 Tuba Couesnon 20201 C Instrument
Inscription COUESNON PARIS 20201 MONOPOLE CONSERVATOIRES Made in France Extended low range due to the second set of valves. receiver takes small shank trombonemouthpiece. Bell 27 cm length: 62 cm
599 Baritone Besson 59382 1898 Instrument
600 Cornet King Tempo 458556 Instrument
OLDLOU: I rently sold a King Tempo cornet, which I rated as an average quality, but, fine playing student grade horn. This one IMHO was not the equal of any of the H.N.White built cornets. The valve palting was starting to peel in many small spots, indicating to me that the service life would be marginal.
601 Alto Horn American Standard 710 Instrument
Engraved: American Standard High Grade Made By Clev. Mus. Ins. Co. Clevd-O. bell 7in length 19 1/2 in
602 Cornet York 33109 1912 Instrument
603 Tuba York 58207 1920 Eb Instrument
Note the "tube loop" which allows switching from high to low pitch by either inserting the tuning slide in one end for low pitch, or by isolating the loop for high pitch.
604 Tenor Horn Pollmann Bb Instrument
Inscribed: Jr QUAM Council No. 216 August Polmann Light Action New York
605 Tuba Moennig Instrument
606 Tuba Besson 145xxx 1935 BBb Instrument
Compensating This horn was dated from the Besson site, but I have to wonder . From what they have presented on the Besson site, it appears that Besson merged with Boosey and Hawkes in 1948. But, the serial number list is a combined Boosey and Besson list, which is before Besson was part of the Boosey company. And, this serial indicates 1935 manufacture
607 Trombone Holton TR-658 559xxx 1979 Instrument
608 Cornet Ditson New Century Instrument
inscribed: Oliver Ditson Company New Century Boston Austria on mouthpipe
609 Alto Horn Lyon-Healy Improved Own Make Instrument
inscribed: Lyon and Healy , Chicago. Improved Own Make
610 Cornet Conn 38A 308xxx 1936 Instrument
611 Trombone Keefer Instrument
612 Helicon Wurlitzer 1880s Instrument
613 Trombone; Valve Conn 90G Instrument
614 Sousaphone King Instrument
615 Tuba King 1280 Symphony Instrument
Described as a Orchestra, Pit or Dance Tuba. Used for the player switching back and for to Sting Bass
616 Alto Horn Gautrot Instrument
617 Tuba Distin 1893 BBb Instrument
618 Trombone; Valve Distin Instrument
Bell 8.5 inches - Bore 0.490 inch
619 Helicon Distin 1870s Instrument
Distin & Co Circular Bombardon "Less exact bystanders might call this 1870 instrument a helicon. At that time the owner of the company was Thomas Boosey: (source: Craig Lewis)
622 Cornet York 78657 1925 Instrument
bell 4-3/4 in
621 Sousaphone (anon) 172282 BBb Instrument
Bell 22in
623 Euphonium King 1935-40 Instrument
4 Valve
624 Baritone King 382760 1962 Instrument
625 Euphonium King 769581 1978 Instrument
626 Euphonium Conn H8080007 198 Instrument
Engraved on the bell is 4I Tubaing: This Looks like a Buescher to me, since it has the leadpipe going into the 2nd valve.
627 Helicon Pepper 65511 Eb Instrument
628 Helicon Pepper 68594 Eb Instrument
629 Trombone Conn 40H 243573 1927 Instrument
#3 .500 bore bell 7in original factory gold plating
630 Natural Horn Kretzschman Instrument
631 Tuba Boosey-Hawkes Emperor 1923 Eb Instrument
632 Trombone Reynolds 70 32431 1957 Instrument
.500 bore Bell 7 1/2 engraving Reynolds / MADE BY ROTH-REYNOLDS INST. CO CLEVE., OH.
633 Trumpet Concertone Instrument
Seller says "looks very similar to some of the older Conn trumpets like the 58B". What do you think?
634 Euphonium Couesnon Instrument
Inscribed: Exposition Universelle De Paris 1900 Hors Concours Memare Du Jury Couesnon & Cie Fournisseurs De Larmee 84 Rue D Angouleme Paris Made for Lyon & Healy Chicago 23 in tall
635 Cornet Courtois 1881 Instrument
Echo Cornet sans echo chamber. Owned by RWRRB. (who is looking for an echo chamber)
636 Mellophone Fischer Instrument
637 Cornet Standard Instrument
The Standard Band Instrument Company was started in 1884 by Thompson & Odell as the Brasswind branch using stock and equipment previously owned by Quinby. They were in turn taken over by Vega in 1909.
638 Euphonium Martin Instrument
28 tall Bell 11 1/2 in
639 Tuba Lyon-Healy Champion Silver Piston Eb Instrument
640 Trombone; Valve Stratton Instrument
8 ½ inch bell
641 Baritone Martin 165162 1947 Instrument
642 Tuba King 290 Monster 18037 Eb Instrument
643 Trombone Dodworth 1303 Instrument
644 Euphonium; DB King 1929 Instrument
645 Trombone; Bass Holton 185 403942 1966 Instrument
646 Tuba Frank Excelsior Eb Instrument
647 Alto Horn Holton 43260 1918 Instrument
648 Sousaphone York 1934 Instrument
649 Alto Horn Gautier Instrument
Trade Name Gautier
650 Cornet Bohland-Fuchs Instrument
651 Trombone; Valve Boston 12334 1870-75 Instrument
652 Euphonium Conn 67009 1901 Bb Instrument
653 Alto Horn Boosey-Hawkes 34515 Instrument
inscribed THE TRUMPHONIC "CLASS A". Made for SP.&S. LTD. BOOSEY and HAWKES London England
654 Trumpet Jay 74149 Instrument
655 Cornet Martin Committee 1578xx 1946 Instrument
OLDLOU: In my collection I currently have two Martin cornets. My favorite is an Imperial, Handcrafted,silver plated. This is an extended cornet with the extra loop in the belltube, immediately after the first valve. The second is a Martin Committee Model cornet in lacquered brass. The Imperial is the better performing horn of the two.
656 Trumpet Conn 2B Symphony 258256 1928 Instrument
657 Sousaphone Maheu Bb Instrument
Tenor Sousaphone. Bb not BBb.
658 Cornet Besson Enharmonic Instrument
Class A, Enharmonic Patented, "Prototype" Cornet.
659 Baritone Rudall-Carte Instrument
Rudall and Carte
660 Euphonium Salvation Army Triumphonic Instrument
661 French Horn Fischer Instrument
Schmidt Wrap Double
662 Euphonium Boosey-Hawkes 1897 Instrument
4 valve
667 Trumpet Conn Instrument
664 Trombone; Valve Lyon-Healy Champion Silver Piston Instrument
7 inch bell
665 Trombone Huttl Instrument
666 Tuba Besson 24491 1875-83 Eb Instrument
33 inches tall 12.5 inch bell Inscription: F. Besson, Brevetee, 198 Euston Road, London, Louis Schreiber Sole Agent, U States
668 Trombone Holton 65 162817 1946 Instrument
The Holton 65 was produced from the mid 40s into the late 50s early 60s. Bore .458 with either a red brass or silver plated one-piece red brass 7" or 7 1/2 bell and nickel silver outer slide tubes with oversleeves. Some had nickle-silver neckpipes, some had an L shape brace on the underside of the hand brace. Engraving ranged from Frank Holton 65 to a sun with Holton and serial number running through the middle of it. The Holton 65 was theanser to the King 2-B, Conn 4H/24H and Bach 6. They have a brighter sound than the 2-B. Buddy Morrow famously played a Holton 65 for many years. The Holton 69 was a variation on the 65 (8" red brass bell (Buddy Morrow and Bennie Green played it). The 67 Stratodyne was a variation with with special braces and engraving, a brass neckpipe, lightweight 7in red bell. The 66 Galaxy added a .485/.500 duo-bore but used the same bell mandril and neckpipe in nickel silver.
669 Cornet Turtle, W 1358 Instrument
An eBay seller contacted me to tell me about this horn he is currently selling and to request any further information we could find on it. So, is there more knowledge out there somewhere? Langwill lists an A. Turtle but no W. Turtle, so it is speculated that this is a relative, possibly a son. A. Turtle was a cornet maker in Manchester England. My speculations: Since W Turtle and A Turtle are using the same physical address, it probably means one of two things. Either W. was working in As shop, or W. bought As shop. Since there is little information on A. and none on W. I would lean towards the idea that W. was working in As shop. The dates associated with A. are that he is known to have been at that address in 1894. And, that seems to be the first documented date on him that I have. It is possible he had been making horns before that. And, the last date is 1900, which is also associated with a different address (86 London Rd). Again, it is possible that he flourished longer than that. But it would seem that A. moved from Ogden St sometime between 1894 and 1900. And, so it would be reasonable to presume that this horn had probably been produced before the turn of the 20th century. It looks very much the same as the Bessons of the same time period. Inscribed: 1ST CLASS MAKER W.TURTLE 61. OGDEN ST. ARDWICK MANCHESTER 1325
670 Baritone Olds Studio 196xxx 1956 Instrument
671 Cornet Wurlitzer Majestic Instrument
Majestic was a Trade name for Wurlitzer. Fully Engraved
672 Tuba King 1140 870256 Instrument
673 Alto Horn Coleman Excelsior 11226 Instrument
Bell 8 1/2in , 20 in long .460 bore Engraving Excelsior Henry Coleman manfr Philadelphia
674 Euphonium Missenharter 6690 Instrument
Serious decoration
675 Tenor Horn Salvation Army Triumphonic 31967 Instrument
Salvation Army Triumphonic Class A baritone31967 22in long bell 7.5in
676 Trumpet Mahillon 312 Charlier Instrument
made in Belgium. It is intricately engraved all around the bell, including the signature: C. MAHILLON Fournisseur de larmée et des conservatoires Bruxelles And MODELE ADOPTE par Mr. THEO CHARLIER Théo Charlier was a privileged witness of the evolution and the manufacturing of the trumpet. His contribution to the style progress of trumpeters was considerable. His influence will have a decisive effect on the rapidity with which the trumpet will get its preponderant place at the end of the 19th century. Taking account of the technical and artistic evolution of the trumpet, he will be one of the most talented instrumental performers, not at all avoiding the difficult parts composed by baroque music masters and which nobody dared to play. It seems he was the first instrumentalist to perform, in its integral version and without modifications, the perilous trumpet part of the 2nd Brandenburg Concerto written by Johann Sebastian Bach. 21in tall
677 Trombone; Valve Van Cauwelaert Instrument
"Vienna Valve" Trombone. This rare valve system uses two pistons for each finger lever. engraving: F. VAN CAUWELAERT / BREVETE / BRUXELLES. lead pipe engraving: VAN CAUWELAERT / BRUXELLES
678 Cornet Tonk Sterling Instrument
679 Alto Horn Jaubert Instrument
680 Baritone Boston 7470 1883 Instrument
bell is 9-1/2 in
681 Cornet Lyon-Healy Eb Instrument
682 Baritone King Artist 212282 1935-39 Instrument
683 Tuba Holton Collegiate 35389 1916? Eb Instrument
684 Fluglehorn Bohland-Fuchs Instrument
Inscription Bohland & Fuchs Kraslice Bell 5 5/8inch
685 Trombone Salvation Army Class A 10673 Instrument
Manufactured by The Salvation Army, Judd Street, Kings Cross, London
686 Baritone dAlo Instrument
Antoniophone like
687 Cornet Martin 11420 1915-1917 Instrument
688 Cornet Holton Revelation 29376 1914 Instrument
"This is the classic long cornet favored in the 1920s by jazz musicians who wanted a brighter tone than the cornet but also the cornet’s warmth."
689 French Horn Reynolds Instrument
690 Mellophone Hawkes 36273 1900 Instrument
BELL 9 1/2 in BORE .470 removable pig tale lead pipe Denman st London Extended valves
691 French Horn Reynolds 1973 Instrument
692 Trumpet Lidl 1920s G Instrument
thetubameister: This is not in G, but C or Bb tubaron: This looks alot like the G trumpet I was loaned in college by neighboring University of Iowa, to play Sibelius Symphony No 2 in D minor. Of course, nearly 40 years might cloud the picture (as well as the music citation) a little. Unfortunately, I had too little exposure to it to train the embouchure and get the ear to adjust, so I ended up transposing the music for my Bb. gsmonks: You are right- its a C trumpet. The original modern "trumpet" was of this type, and first appeared in the 1880s in Europe in A, Bb and C. It would be nice if we could be the ones to nail down the exact date. Same goes for the Perinet version. No one yet has nailed down the exact date/first maker. One item of note- notice that the difference between these A, Bb and C horns and the Perinet varieties is that these horns go straight from the mouthpiece into cylindrical tubing and do not have a conical lead-pipe. I am not sure what the percentage is, but with a 5 ft instrument, 6 1/2" to 7 1/2" of conical lead-pipe is the difference between rotary and Perinet A, Bb and C "trumpets".
695 Trombone; Valve Maheu Instrument
made in Gand, Belgium in the late 19th century. 4-valve trombone pitched in Bb + F with the Franco-Belgian cavalry model wrap The shape of these trombones have a very practical purpose - it helps protect the players front teeth from severe damage when the horse tosses its head - as they often do!! Inscribed on the 2nd valve casing: CH. MAHEU / BREVETE / GAND / 2434 and framed by a 6 pointed star. (The bell section is marked Thibouville-Lamy Paris and may be a replacement)
694 Trombone; Valve King 3B 699471 1973 Instrument
696 Trumpet Pedler American Triumph 39572 c1950 1937-1958 Bb Instrument
Inscribed: American Triumph Made by Harry Pedler & Sons, Elkhart, Indiana, U.S.A..
697 Baritone Lyon-Healy Champion Silver Piston Instrument
Engraved: Champion Silver Piston Chicago 22 1/2in long bell 8 1/2in
698 Trombone Fillmore Instrument
Large Bore
699 Alto Horn Gautrot Eb Instrument
8 in bell 26 in length Engraved: Exposition Universelle De Paris 1900 Hors Concours Membre Du Jury Gautrot Marquet Brevete Sgdq (?) Paris an insignia of circles
700 Tuba Wurlitzer Eb Instrument
701 Cornet Pourcelle Instrument
Trade name for Bruno
702 Trumpet Manhatten Instrument
703 Cornet Keefer 7900 1919 Instrument
15 1/4 in long bell 4 5/8 Bb/A rotor bell is engraved with an eagle and cornet, and says Brua C. Keefer Mfg. Co., Maker, Highest Grade, Williamsport, PA. The inside of the bell is also ingraved Stamped on 2nd valve casing-S 2 7900
704 Cornet Bohland-Fuchs C Instrument
C Cornet 12 in long Bell 4 1/2 in Markings: The maker, B&F on the 2nd valve, Austria on receiver pipe.
705 Tuba Rauscher 1927-30 Instrument
706 Helicon Lyon-Healy Professional Eb Instrument
This is strongly suspected of being a Lyon & Healy helicon, both by the model/tradename, and because a helicon is listed in the 1896 Lyon & Healy catalog that has the same valve/slide cluster as does this horn (the bell branches are different.)
707 French Horn Fischer Instrument
708 Kuhlohorn Glier Instrument
originates from Germany Manufactured by Aug. Clemens Glier of Markneukirchen
709 Cornet DeVere C/Bb Instrument
engraved: Jules De Vere Co., Paris, Montgomery Ward & Co., Sole Agents, Chicago It has both a Bb and a C leadpipe
710 Trumpet Lidl C Instrument
garland reads: Josef Lidl Brno
711 Trumpet Challenger Instrument
Now the question is. . . The name Challenger was used both as a name for Czech imported instruments AND It was used as a trade name by Pan American. So, which do you suppose this is?
712 Cornet Montalvo Bb Instrument
top-action rotary valves inscription on the bell "Eusebio Montalvo" in script
713 Cornet Boosey 25785 pre 1891 Bb/A/Ab Instrument
bell reads Class A Trademark Distin (with horn and banner) Patent Light Valve Boosey & Co. Makers 295 Regent St. London 25785 W A Pond & Co Sole Agents For The USA New York
714 French Horn Kruspe F/Bb Instrument
Full Double Pre WWI E. Kruspe Erfurt
715 Cornet Hawkes Clippertone 51064 Instrument
Engraving The Clippertone Excelsior Sonorcus Class A Hawkes & Son Denman Street Piccadilly Circus LONDON 51064 The main tuning slide was modified to bring it into the modern low pitch, rather than the original high pitch.
716 Trumpet King 2055DZU Instrument
I am not sure I should include this horn, but it is such a famous configuration, I could not resist. .462in bore straight seamless bell Monel pistons
717 Tuba Conn 12J 1904 Eb Instrument
Bore .658. Bell 17.5 inch
718 Euphonium Keat Instrument
by Henry Keat & sons, 105 & 103 Matthias rd, Stoke Newington Lane, London Est 1795. Prize Medals By Appointment to the War & Indian Offices 23in long bell 9 in
719 Trombone; Valve Amati Instrument
4-valvetrombone. Manufactured by Amati Kraslice bell 9in
720 Helicon Marchand Instrument
engraved J. Henry Marchand Paris First Class H. F. McMillin Cleveland O
721 French Horn Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
722 Baritone Thompson-Odell Instrument
723 Trumpet Cerveny F Instrument
Garland reads "J. Stepansky Cerveny Kostelec" length 17.5 inch length of the tubing is 69inches.
725 Trumpet Reynolds Argenta 76877 Instrument
727 Fluglehorn Zmitko Instrument
Engraving:Alois Zmitko Louny Cechy with flowers mouthpice is also floral decorated Size of the horn is 15.5 inches tubing from the bell to the beginning of the mouthpice receiver is 51.5inches long. Bell 5.5inch.
728 Baritone York 210518 Instrument
Bell: 11 1/2 in Bore: .560
729 Tuba Whaley Royce Eb Instrument
730 Tuba Varsity 25225 Eb Instrument
Varsity was a Holton student line Engraved VARSITY U.S.A. Bell 16in 33in tall
731 Tenor Horn Conn Instrument
732 Trumpet Lyon-Healy American Professional Instrument
733 Baritone Triebert 41429 Instrument
734 Euphonium Reynolds Instrument
735 Trombone Reynolds Contempora 79 57472 1960 Instrument
bell red brass trimmed with nickel silver 8 1/2 in bore at Slide Receiver is .515 bore at stockings .520
736 Euphonium Besson 436xxx 1975 Instrument
737 Trumpet Reynolds Ranger 3000374 1975 Instrument
Modular Chrome with valves encased in nylon. interchangeable valves and 1st & 3rd slides
738 Euphonium Besson 50502 Instrument
Engraved; (medals of honor banner on top of the FB insignia) F. BESSON "Prototype" 198 EUSTON ROAD LONDON, (5-point star) ENGLAND C. FISCHER 6 4th Av. N.Y. SOLE AGENT U. STATES 5 valve model. circa 1893. London serial #50502. (different series than paris) 5th valve can be set up to play either 1/2 or whole step. Converted to highpitch via main slide additions and pulling out other slides to low pitch line. Original with tenor shank leadpipe. Bell measures 9.75 inches. Bore at 1st valve is about .56 inches (.62 inches at 4th and 5th).
739 Euphonium Besson Instrument
Engraved Class A 50 medals of honour FB (Initials) Besson & Co "Prototype" 198 Euston Road London England (5 pointed star) Carl Fischer 6 4th Av. N.Y. Sole Agent U. States Gold laquor, original in Low Pitch
740 Baritone Touraine 1920s Instrument
Czech made
741 Tuba Bundy Instrument
742 Trumpet Arigra Instrument
Octagonal Trumpet Arigra is a trade name for Riedl, Grazlitz
743 Trumpet American Student Instrument
American Student was a trade name used by The Chicago Musical Instrument Company for instruments made by Bohland and Fuchs
744 Sousaphone King 1265 jumbo 78561 1925 BBb Instrument
746 Baritone Conn Instrument
4 valve Bell 10.5 in length 27 in
747 Trombone Conn 12H 388828 1949 Instrument
748 Trumpet Frank American Prep 107480 Instrument
749 Trumpet Fischer Zephyr Instrument
750 Cornet Slater Instrument
751 French Horn Dehmal Instrument
Engraving: "Anton Dehmal Instrumenten Fabrik VII Bez. Breitengasse No. 11 Wien"(Vienna ). Dehmal trained at Uhlmann,
752 Sousaphone Besson 144731 Instrument
26 in. bell Engraving : Besson 50 MEDALS OF HONOUR, AB and a five pt. star. LONDON-PARIS-NEW YORK. Made in England 731.
753 Cornet Buescher 14465 1912 Instrument
length 15 inches bell 4 ¾ inch
754 Trombone; Valve Brazda Instrument
Inscribed: Stanislav Brazda vyroba hudebnich nastroju Plzen
757 Tuba Lyon-Healy 28423 1930 Eb Instrument
758 Tuba Lidl Instrument
length 34 1/4 inch bell 15 1/4inch
759 Fluglehorn Keyenbergh 7871 1930s Bb Instrument
MADE IN: Arlon, Belgium
756 Cornet Zoebisch Instrument
C.A. Zoebisch and Sons, New York
760 Baritone Pan American Instrument
761 Cornet King Silversonic 349xxx 1955-60 Instrument
762 Trumpet Muck Instrument
2329 Trombone Harwood Professional Instrument
The Perfected Harwood Professional | American Made | Warranted for 10 years | J. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co. | Sole Agents Do you think he found an American supplier for his instruments? Most of his were Czech made.
2330 Cornet Keefer 11234 1922 Instrument
engraved: Made By Keefer Co. Williamsport PA length 15 1/4in images used courtesy of Wideangleman
764 Trombone; Valve King 283xx 1915-25 Instrument
765 Trumpet Bach Stradivarius 47768 1969 C Instrument
766 Euphonium King 627 Diplomat Instrument
767 Euphonium Besson 364000 1970 Instrument
768 Baritone Wurlitzer Instrument
769 Alto Horn King 36782 1915 Instrument
Advertised as a baritone, but appears to me to be an alto. 19 1/2 in long
770 Cornet Couturier 2768 1923 Instrument
"S" bore, Bell reads " CONICAL BORE / PAT D / E A Couturier Co. Ltd / -MAKERS- / LA PORTE / -IND- " Courtier was a well known soloist at the turn of the century, though not well recorded. He first worked with Holton on the "Couturier Model", then with York, and in 1916 he and others opened their own business, "E. A. Couturier Co., Ltd.," with the intention of building instruments using his continuous conical bore patent. This cornet uses a minimum of cylindrical tubing. There are three different tuning slides, each to be used when necessary to remove the longer slides needed for high/low pitch, for example. The valve tubing has no slides at all, with the performer expected to make the adjustments required when performing by lipping up or down with the deep mouthpiece . An A valve is provided, but again, there are no adjustments that can be used on any of the horn. The firm was bought by Lyon & Healy in 1923, and ended production in 1929.
771 Sousaphone Besson 141442 1930 BBb Instrument
Bore .734.
772 Trumpet Sax Lyrist 1679 1920s-30s Instrument
French Tumpet BY A. E. SAX Engraving: LYRIST PARIS Médaille d or Delfosse Soliste de la garde républicaine
773 Trombone; Valve Conn 85xxx 1904 Instrument
Both Bb and C tuning slides
774 Trumpet Martin Descant Handcraft 4406 Instrument
Engraving: Martin Handcrafted - Dansant - Elkhart, IN
775 Cornet Pedler Art Professional 1935-41 Instrument
776 Cornet Holton Revelation 29923 1915 Instrument
Dngraved: Made by Frank Holton, Chicago Stamped on center valve casing: Union Label MPBP B&SW inside an insignia,Frank Holton and Co. Chicago Comes with various slides (4 of these) as well as a lead pipe insert and another small brass fitting to go over the lead pipe
777 Cornet (anon) Bb/A Instrument
The Side Action Rotery Valve (SARV) cornet is assumed American, has Allen-type valves, and is made of nickel silver. The bell has a rolled edge, and no garland. Since the first valve is appproximately an half step, it could be intended to be an A valve, but the actuating mechanism is lost. Or, since the what is now the first side action valve appears to have been lengthened and the second perhaps cut, it may be that this cornet was intended for another valve tuning entirely (other than what became the standard)...
778 Cornopean (anon) Instrument
The Stölzel Valve Cornopean is nickel plated brass, and has a rolled bell. It came with crooks for F (shown), G, and high pitch G, but plays perfectly fine when a straight Bb or A shank is used. It is unmarked, although there is a 10mm circular soldering mark on the bell where a makers crest would have been affixed, or perhaps a music holder. It has been suggested to me that this looks like the work of Gautrot of Paris. If so, that would place its manufacture about 1845-1885.
779 Alto Horn Fischer 9002 Eb Instrument
RELIABLE GRADE, C. Fischer, N.Y., 9002 21 inches long bell 8 ½ inches
780 Cornet Beau Ideal Instrument
781 Tenor Horn Holton Instrument
782 Cornet Keefer 9336 Instrument
engraving Brua C. Keefer - Maker - Williamsport, Pa. bore 0.455
783 Trombone; Valve Goumat Instrument
784 Trombone Olds Standard 16543 1932 Instrument
Bell 8 in Engraved: The Olds Standard" Made by FE Olds and Son LA California
785 Mellophone Grand Rapids Band Inst Co U.S.A. Line 38582 Instrument
786 Cornet Pepper Surprise 31726 1894-1902 Instrument
engraving: J.W. Pepper, Surprise, Philadelphia, 31726
787 Trumpet Tonk Instrument
788 Cornet King Junior 38172 1919-20 Instrument
engraviing KING made by the H.N. White Co. CLVD. O.
789 Alto Horn Lyon-Healy Champion Silver Piston Instrument
Engraving Champion Silver Piston Chicago leadpipe is stamped "France"
790 Cornet Gronert Invincible 2069 Bb/A Instrument
Engraved: Invincible| Made by |W. J. Gronert| Elkhart |Ind The horn has 4 valves. The first valve locks down to change horn from Bb to A. There is an extra slide with this horn, presumably for low pitch. On valve 2 it says 2069 UNION MPBPB & SWU LABEL. Pat JAN 13, 12.
791 Cornet Jenkins Instrument
792 French Horn Kruspe Bb Instrument
Bb with F valve Unusual valve setup E. Kruspe Erfurt
793 Sousaphone Reynolds Eb Instrument
4 Valve Eb. This horn was a military horn, probably stationed at a New Mexiaco Army Air Corps base in WWII.
794 Mellophone Huttl Instrument
795 Cornet Beau Ideal Eb Instrument
796 Mellophone Gretsch Instrument
797 Trumpet Gladiator 477 Instrument
The Gladiator Made by Cleveland Mus Inst Co Clev d O
798 Mellophone Conn 70745 1901 Instrument
Bell: 9.5in mputerba: Crooked in tenor C (the only crook I currently have for it), the intonation is uncomfortably sharp in the lower register. I imagine this would be somewhat less of a problem with shorter crooks. The upper register is quite sweet and even. Elkhart and New York
799 Mellophone Huttl Instrument
Akhuttl Graslitz "Grand Prix" melophone
800 Trombone Pepper American Favorite 40887 1905 Instrument
801 Sousaphone Cerveny 41018 F Instrument
Inscribed: V. F. Cerveny a synove Hradec Kralove Czechoslovensko Length of the tubing from mouthpice to bell is approx. 162inch. Bell 23.5 inch Pryorphone: From TubeNet (about another similar horn, which was stolen, but later recovered): "If the owners could remember, whether the makers shield has a German or a Czech text, that will narrow down the dating options. It was oval, said "Kraslice" rather than "Konigsgrad" and was in Czech. I would have reckoned late 20s-early 30s. The folks at the Cerveny shop in Prauge at first denied ever having made one, but Mr. Prem in Kraslice did email me later to say that they may have made sousa before WW2, but those records were long gone.
802 Baritone Huttl Instrument
803 Cornet Wurlitzer Symphony Instrument
804 Cornet Elkhart Tempo Bandmaster Instrument
Tempo and Bandmaster were trade names for the Elkhart Band Instrument Company
805 Sousaphone King Instrument
806 Ophicleide Gautrot C Instrument
9 key model in C, made by Gautrot for Martin
807 Euphonium Salvation Army Bandmaster 22750 Instrument
Engraving: Manufactured by the Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd, Judd St, Kings Cross, London - Factory St.Albans Herts
808 Cornet Holton Ideal 120750 1937 Instrument
bell4 1/2 in Bore .457 Engraving: Holton Ideal Made by Holton Elkhorn Wi. The Ideal has the same unique wrap used by Holton on several of their cornets, such as the Military Model, Model 25, Herbert Clarke, etc.. The lack of a cross brace from the leadtube to the belltube and the pictured cornet mouthpiece all indicate that this is a cornet. I personally think that the owner made the very common mistake of calling his extended cornet a trumpet. The added loop in the leadpipe even has its own spit valve, indicating that this extra loop was added by holton to arrive at the length of tubing needed for proper intonation. I own a silver plated Clarke model which, other than for the finish is identical in appearance to the Ideal. Mine is definately a cornet, and, I love its sweet, dark cornet tone
809 Tuba Keefer 11932 1923 Eb Instrument
34 inches tall bell 19 inches bore .685
810 Trombone Ohio Band Instrument Co. Regent 3550 Instrument
811 Tuba Elkhorn Instrument
812 Trumpet Vega Chas E. George 1925 Bb/A Instrument
Bb and A Horn has a fitting for a 3rd valve slide ring and a locking A slide pro model named after the VP.
813 Euphonium Reynolds Emperor 765556 Instrument
814 Cornet Concertone 8 1918? Instrument
sold by Montgomery Wards from 1918 thru 1938. made in Czchoslovakia
815 Euphonium Salvation Army Triumphonic 30297 Instrument
816 Baritone Conn 105564 1908 Instrument
4 valve
817 Trumpet Reynolds 10xx Instrument
very early Reynolds professional trumpet, serial number 1,0XX. (Reynolds was one of the few companies which was allotted brass by the U.S. government to continue production during WWII. Some Reynolds instruments survive with "US" engraved on the bell flair, identifying them as having been made for the US military. ) "In that early era before WWII, Reynolds made only quality instruments. There were no model designations. This is the same era of Reynolds trumpet that Frank Kaderabek played in high school--before he bought his first Benge. (I put this trumpet in his hands, he played it, and he verified the statement in the preceeding sentence.) Note the threaded tuning ring on the main tuning slide--similar to the Blessing "Super Artist" and the early King "Master Model" cornet--for quick-change to key of "A." Note the pull lines on each of the three slides (including a pull-out on the third slide) for adjusting to key of "A." This was a carry-over from an earlier era in which such key change from Bb to A was common for cornet playing." inscriptionMADE BY/ F.A. REYNOLDS/ CLEVELAND, O. Bore .459
818 French Horn Fischer Instrument
bell 12 1/2in bore size .450. Engraving Carl Fischer Horndawg: This is what is known as a "compensating double" horn. In Bb the air flows through the top set of slides. To put the horn in F, you press the thumb valve which also send air into the second set of slides. So, instead of a full set of F and Bb slides sharing a mouthpipe and bell, you use one set of slides for Bb and both sets for F. The few of these I have played tend to have a pretty stuffy F horn. I once owned a compesating triple (Paxman, medium bore - very small for an American player) that had a nice f alto horn and a very nice Bb horn (the alto horn is independent, only the lower two horns use the compesating principle), but the low F horn was like blowing into a sock! the low F horn was stuffy no matter what register I was in. I think (and this is just a guess) that it is caused by a combination of too many sharp bends in the tubing and going through the valves too many times (as you said). That said, I know there are some really nice compensators out there and people do play them. You probably just have to be really aware of how you wrap the darn thing!
819 Trombone; Sopra (anon) Instrument
Bell 5 3/4 in length 22in slide is 15 1/2in only marking is above the slide to bell joint "MADE IN GERMANY".
820 Trombone; Valve (anon) C Instrument
Czech made Cannot read maker Key of C Bore .525
821 Trombone; Valve (anon) Instrument
822 Tuba Martin Instrument
32 in high bell 20 1/2in
823 Cornet Couesnon Instrument
Engraved: Universelle Exposition De Paris 1900 Hors Concours Membre Du Jury Couesnon & CIE Fournisseurs De L Armee 94 Rue D Angouleme Paris #22.
824 Trumpet Couesnon Monopole Star C Instrument
825 Trumpet York 12434 Instrument
826 Euphonium Reynolds 6756 1950 Instrument
4 valve
827 Trumpet Wurlitzer Perfect Instrument
Czech made.
828 Trombone Martin Dansant 91685 1924 Instrument
.480 bore bell 7 in low pitch designed for use in dance orchestras The slide receiver has a tightening screw in stead of a nut. engraving: MARTIN Handcraft ELKHART IND Owner said, "...how could this little “pea-shooter” produce such a dark, full sound? A bit of the secret, I think, is to be found in the quick bore taper of the gooseneck and tuning slide and its comparatively wide bell stem. The tone is dark, slender and focused all the way from low F and three octaves up...it’s almost impossible to overblow; it doesn t crack up or become shrill even at very loud dynamics. Slotting and intonation are very close to perfection. "
829 Trumpet Hawkes Clippertone 60335 Bb/A Instrument
830 Trumpet Bellmore Instrument
Czechoslovakian made Bellmore was a trade name for Frank, but also shows up in the Grossman catalogs of the 1950s.
831 Cornet Muck Academy 2753 Instrument
832 French Horn Senecaut Instrument
Manufactured by P Senecaut of Bruxelles
833 Trombone; Valve Pepper Surprise 86263 Instrument
41 1/2 in long bell 7 1/8 in
834 French Horn Holton H600 523980 F Instrument
835 French Horn Lidl Instrument
836 French Horn Martin 10403 Instrument
An ad on eBay states that the above style horn was Czech made.
837 French Horn Kreisler Instrument
838 French Horn American Student Instrument
839 Alto Horn Zoebisch Instrument
840 French Horn Alexander Instrument
Horndawg says: This is an Alex 103. One of the mainstays of the horn world. Apparently, the quality can range from wondrous (these horns reportedly stay in Germany) to pretty good (these go to the rest of Europe and Great Britain) to pretty crappy (exported to the US). I know this isn&quo;t totally true because I had a nickel silver 103 made in the 60s that was a real gem.
841 Trumpet MartinMax Instrument
length 18 1/2 in Bell 5 1/2 in Max Martin of Berlin established in 1890 In business until 1930.
842 Sousaphone Vega 30900 Instrument
Instrument has 30.900 on bell collar. Serial#? bell 26 in
843 Trumpet Boosey-Hawkes Instrument
R.S. Williams & Son, Toronto were Agents for Boosey from 1900-1935
844 Alto Horn Salvation Army Triumphonic 32xxx Eb Instrument
845 Alto Horn Ditson New Century Instrument
engraved: Oliver Ditson Company, New Century, Boston bell 8in Length 20.25 in
846 Cornet Dyer after 1885 Instrument
Engraved: Diamond, WJ Dyer & Bro. with a "D" inside a diamond logo dual water key. 13in long 4.75in bell
847 Alto Horn Bohland-Fuchs Instrument
9 in bell 21 in long
848 Alto Horn Turtle, A 1796 1900 Instrument
A. Turtle of was at 61 Ogden St, from 1894 to 1900 and then at 86 London Road, Manchester. Advertised as a musical instrument maker.
849 Euphonium Salvation Army Class A 8371 Instrument
The Salvation Army,79 & 81 Fortess Road, London.
850 Cornet Advance 1918-1939 Instrument
The trade name "Advance" was used on Czech imported instruments between 1918-1939
851 Euphonium; DB Buescher 16757 Instrument
length 25.25 in. bells 12 in. and 6.875
852 Alto Horn Buescher 216682 1926 Eb Instrument
853 Euphonium Silvani-Smith Class A Imperial 4693 1886-1898 Instrument
Manufactured by C. Silvani & Richard Smith of 45 Wilson Street, London. This company was in business between 1884-1900 4-valve 26 in long. 10 in bell
854 Trumpet York Artist 191258 1954 Instrument
855 Trumpet Reynolds Emperor 266216 1958 Instrument
engraving Reynolds EMPEROR MADE IN THE U.S.A.
856 Mellophone Pepper American Favorite 42073 Instrument
engraved:J W Pepper American Favorite Philadelphia
857 French Horn Boston Instrument
Engraving: Boston Musical Instrument Manufy Pryorphone: Early style braces (obvously). Reverse style; right handed, left hand in bell(!?), which goes against hand-horn tradition. Would like to know if there is any serial number (if not, pre 1880, though may be hard to find) and the actual key, if possible. Kenton: No serial number. Owner cannot play, so cannot determine the pitch Believe it is plated.
858 Euphonium Couturier 1913 Instrument
Couturier 4 Valve Silver On the bell it says, "Conical Bore".
859 Tuba Hawkes Empire 150565 Eb Instrument
Bell: 14in Length: 30in Bore: .645 Engraved: Denmen St. Picadilly Circus London. W.
860 Trombone; Valve (anon) 425 C Instrument
Czech made Bore.525
861 Tuba Besson Class A prototype ENHARMO 116363 Eb Instrument
bell diameter 35.5cm height 87cm.
862 Trumpet Couesnon Monopole Conservatoires 32794 Instrument
863 Trombone; AltoV Gautier Instrument
center valve is marked B & F. (Presumably, Bohland and Fuchs)
864 Trombone; Bass Hawkes Class A Excelsior Sonorou 47584 G Instrument
Hawkes & Son
865 Trombone; Valve Courtois Instrument
866 Trombone; Bass Pepper 6959 1880-6 G Instrument
Bell 9in
867 Euphonium Holton 2274 Instrument
25 in tall Engraved: Frank Holton,Chicago
868 French Horn York 214587 Instrument
869 Trombone; Valve King Instrument
870 Cornet (anon) Instrument
ingraved "An2568"
871 Cornet Lyon-Healy Instrument
872 Natural Horn Van Cauwelaert Instrument
This is a Van Cauwelaert French Horn. Natural horn by Van Cauwelaert, Belgian maker. Cauwelaert was one of the most highly respected maker of the early valved horn. bell 10 3/4 in features the triangular gusset construction of that era, with an unusually stout turned-up rim, eliminating the need for a garland to strengthen itself. The bell interior has been enameled and gilded, in the 19th century style, as a protective measure against the erosion of the metal of the bell, from the increased levels of hand motion associated with hand the stopping technique. Makers name is engraved on the bell. Ttuning slide was placed on the players side of the horn body. The thumb moves this slide, rather than the fingers. This is a feature that is found on all double horns, today, but was unusual during the 19th century.
873 Cornet BauerJ Instrument
OTS cornet 24in long 5in wide. Engraved: J BAUER & CO. CHICAGO.
874 Trombone; Bass Benge 290 Pro Symphonic Instrument
Rose Brass 10 inch bell .562 bore Dual independent valves
875 Tuba Blessing Instrument
Bell 17 1/2 inches 39 1/2 inches long. Engraving: Blessing Elkhart Ind.
876 Tuba York Instrument
bell is 22 in 43 in tall
877 Alto Horn Conn 1963 Instrument
878 Cornet Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
Engraved: J-T-L / HORS CONCOURS / PARIS / 1878-1889-1900 Qualité supérieure Jérôme / THIBOUVILLE-LAMY Fournisseur de larmée / BREVETE / S.G.D.G 68 rue Réaumur / PARIS / MO
879 Cornet Ditson 1888-1898 Instrument
bell 4 3/4 inches length 12 inches
880 Trumpet Jay Columbia Instrument
881 Baritone (anon) Instrument
Baritone Saxhorn with Berliner Pumpen valves. 27in long 9 5/8in bell
882 Baritone Higham Instrument
Manufactured by J. Higham,127 Strangeways, Manchester 1st Class, Exhibition Prize medals awarded floral engravings around the bell stands 23in 9in bell
883 Fluglehorn Fischer, G Eb Instrument
Engraved G. FISCHER A PARIS Length: 34 cm bell 13.5 cm G Fischer was a brass maker in Paris in the mid 1800s.
884 Cornet Bohland-Fuchs Rapid Reliance Instrument
engraving:The Rapid Reliance Bohland & Fuchs Agent J.S. Marlor Brisbane
885 Tuba Besson 115292 BBb Instrument
Class A prototype ENHARMONIC
886 Euphonium Rudall-Rose-Carte Starline Instrument
887 Helicon Bohland-Fuchs F Instrument
Helicon with 4 rotary valves and a garland. Engraving:Bohland Johann Michl & Sohn Musik - Instrumenten - Fabrik Graslitz gegründet 1870 Bell 14 inch
888 Tuba Pan American 259900 BBb Instrument
889 Trombone Lyon-Healy 10361 Instrument
890 Trumpet Holton B47 Instrument
891 French Horn Frank Instrument
892 Trumpet Bohland-Fuchs Instrument
893 Mellophone Blessing Instrument
894 Trombone Continental Colonial Instrument
895 Mellophone Esquire Instrument
896 Trumpet Commodore Instrument
897 Trumpet Vega 25217 Instrument
898 Tuba Salvation Army Triumphonic 15895 Eb Instrument
899 Cornet Champion Special Instrument
900 Trumpet Grenadier Instrument
901 Cornet Continental Instrument
Engraved:: CONTINENTAL MADE IN U.S.A. 4 1/2in bell 17in long
902 Trumpet Heald 36090 1900-1910 Instrument
Engraved: JOHN HEALD / MAKER / SPRINGFIELD MASS. / PAT.MAR.25.84 / PAT.AUG.13.89 / PAT.FEB.28.99 "Heald was in business from 1887-1927. He had trained with and worked for Isaac Fiske, and the high quality of his work bespeaks the legacy of Fiskes workshop. Healds cornets are considered second to none and are highly prized by collectors. His trumpets are of a quality equal to the cornets." Image used courtesy of Jeff Stockham
903 Trumpet Boston 1920s Bb/A Instrument
Boston made a few trumpets late in their existance
904 Alto Horn Boston 19721 Instrument
20in long
905 Trumpet Wurlitzer Symphony Instrument
906 Trumpet Clark 143861 Instrument
907 Trumpet Martin Committee 209715 1957 Instrument
Gold plated in mint condition. Medium Bore
908 Cornet Boston Instrument
SARV Pocket Cornet Photos Courtesy of Bob Davis
909 Trombone; Valve Marchand Instrument
Inscription: J. Henri Merchand - Paris - First Class - H.E. McMallin & Son Co - Sole USAgts. - Cleveland, O.
910 Cornet Stratton Instrument
911 Trumpet York 20646 1909 Instrument
shepards crook trumpet? Bore .459
912 Tuba Salvation Army Triumphonic Class A 23397 1930 Eb Instrument
913 Tuba Allen-Hall 1861-63 Instrument
restored Allen & Hall rotary valve OTS bass saxhorn. Joseph Lathrop Allen and David C. Hall were partners in business together for only a very short time and were located on Washington Street in Boston Massachusetts. In 1865 Hall formed and association with Quimby and purchased the stock and tools of Allen & Hall.
914 Alto Horn Roth 1890s Eb Instrument
Engraved PREMIATA FABBRICA /Ferdinando ROTH /MILANO length 56cm bell 15.5cm. Ferdinando ROTH worked in Milano from 1838 to 1898. 1894 advertised as specialist in saxophone, so this horn is likely pre 1894
915 Cornet Huller Instrument
Engraved ANTON HULLER/ GRASLITZ Length 37cm bell 13 cm.
916 Cornet (anon) Instrument
917 Trombone; Valve Lebrun 1930s? C Instrument
GREAT BELGIUM CAVALRY TROMBONE 4 VALVES Engraved: 2 MEDAILLES DOR D&P LEBRUN BREVETE BRUXELLES Désiré and Pierre LEBRUN worked in Bruxelles from 1903 to 1950. They were the 3rd generation of this family of makers.
918 Alto Horn Roehn 1870-1890 Instrument
Engraved: ROËHN / RUE DU FAUBOURG St DENIS / N131 / PARIS 4 it may be a alto saxhorn or a saxotromba bell 17cm length57 cm width 15 cm berliner valves design, short and a thick and they are not aligned! same design as Adolphe SAX models. He sued Sax for contravention of his patents. Roëhn worked in Paris from 1853 to 1890, and made Sax models.
919 Alto Horn Roth 1898 Eb Instrument
Engraved: BREVETTO BOTTALI / PREMIATA FABBRICA / FERDINANDO ROTH / MILANO length: 42 cm bell 20 cm "Ferdinando ROTH worked in Milano from 1838 to 1898, and ROTH&BOTTALI from 1898 to 1910. I think that this horn has been made around 1898 because there isnt the complete mark again, just "Brevetto Bottali" (Bottali patent) so its the beginning of the mark. "
920 Trombone; Valve Kasal F Instrument
Engraving LAD. KASAL / LITOMYSLI tube length (without valves) is 360 cm Ladislav KASAL worked in Leitomischl from 1880 to 1950. Bell 23 cm.
921 Sousaphone Cleveland 226748 BBb Instrument
922 Tuba Conn 5J 990061 1970s BBb Instrument
Bore .658 18 inch bell
923 Tuba King 5324xx BBb Instrument
924 Cornet Higham 53953 1893? Instrument
925 Tuba Orsi Eb Instrument
926 Cornet Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
927 Cornet American Perfection 71908 Instrument
928 Alto Horn American Artist 1373 Instrument
8in bell 20 in long
929 Alto Horn (anon) Instrument
Listed as an Austrian Alto
930 Baritone Pan American 74106 Instrument
931 Baritone York 103499 1932 Instrument
BORE .570
932 Cornet Scheerer Instrument
Engraved J. SCHEERER & SONS LEEDS MADE IN AUSTRIA Scheerer and Son was reported as a dealer from 1894.
933 Post Horn HessE Instrument
Engraving:Hess Musikinstr Fabn, klingenthal SA
934 Trumpet Janda Instrument
german silver top action rotary trumpet. Antonin Janda was in business from 1922 to 1950. in Hodonin.
935 Trumpet Manhatten R16128 Instrument
20 inch length.
936 Trumpet Brigadier 019917 Instrument
It has an Emblem of what appears to be a Civil War Band Member and an Eagle Ingraved: BRIGADIER / "MADE IN ELKHART - IND. USA.
937 Trumpet Cavour 2074 Instrument
Milano 20th Century
938 Tuba Distin Medium Model 35 7211/8229 1890-92 Eb Instrument
Has 7211 on bell, and 8229 on valves. Appears to have been made about the time that Distin was moving from Philadelphia to Williamsport. Height 30in Bell: 13.5in
939 Tenor Horn Lyon-Healy Beau Ideal Instrument
Bell: 9in Height 22.5in
940 Trumpet Gladiator Instrument
engraving: The, Gladiator, Made By, The, H N White Co, Cleveland, Ohio
941 Trumpet Selmer 43056 1967 Eb Instrument
942 Cornet Pelisson Instrument
inscription: Mon Couturier Pelisson Freres Lyon-Paris Pelisson Freres who took over the company in 1875 from Couturier
943 Trumpet; Low Amati Eb Instrument
length 21inch Inscribed Amati Kraslice GSMonks: this one is a contra-alto, because it does not have a conical lead-pipe. Pryorphone: ... and was apparently chaged from low to high pitch... (note bottom left loop which formerly met brace in upper left)
944 Trumpet; Low Lidl 849205 Instrument
length 25.5inch Engraving: Lidl Brno
945 Trumpet; Bass Holton 283022 1956 Instrument
Bell: 6in 27in Long.
946 Fluglehorn Benge 19145 1976 Instrument
#5 Resno-Tempered Bell, Custom Built by, E-Benge, Los Angeles, Calif.
947 Cornet Dodworth Instrument
948 Trumpet Grand Rapids Band Inst Co 8081 Instrument
949 French Horn Boston 25199 Instrument
Photo courtesy of Martin Shape
950 Natural Horn Kies Instrument
Viennese model natural horn, with a set of crooks for ALL keys, by W Kies, Wien. The layout of the horn is identical to Leopold Uhlmanns design of the 1800s, but the bell is larger than most of Uhlmanns, earlier, instruments. One researcher believes that Kies is a counterfeit name for Kuss. The badge identifying the horn is in silver.
951 Cornet Wulschner 6812 1888-1893 Instrument
Engraved --CRESCENT PROFESSIONAL -- WULSCHNER MUSIC CO. INDIANAPOLIS IND. Wulschner Music Co. imported Boosey instruments starting in 1888. Changed the company to Emil Wulschner & Son in 1893. Ceased business in 1914.
952 Sousaphone Boosey-Hawkes Oxford 199459 Eb Instrument
Engraved: Oxford Boosey & Hawkes Ltd. England. bell is 24 in
953 Trumpet Besson Meha 95201 Instrument
bore .470 a little larger then the Brevette and plays like an old large bore Benge. 3rd valve ring was originally on the bottom but I had that moved to the traditional location.
954 Trumpet Besson Rapuano 88306 1937 Instrument
955 Trumpet Besson Brevette 87460 1935 Instrument
956 Alto Horn Fischer New Creation 20429 Instrument
20 inches tall 7 1/4 inch bell
957 Sousaphone American Standard Instrument
958 Trombone; Bass Conn 1250926 1924 Instrument
body serial 125926 slide serial 125088
959 Alto Horn Whaley Royce Eb Instrument
960 Trumpet (anon) Instrument
length 29 in
961 Trumpet Conn 22B 378629 1948 Instrument
0.438 bore
962 Trumpet Holton T101b Symphony Instrument
Bell 4.8125in Bore .459
963 Tuba (anon) Instrument
34 in length bell 9 in
964 Trumpet (anon) Instrument
Seller believed it to be a trumpet
965 Fluglehorn Lidl Instrument
EngravingJosef Lidl length 16.5 in Bell 5.5in
966 Trumpet Thibouville-Lamy Instrument
967 Cornet Bohland-Fuchs Instrument
Stamped "AUSTRIA" and "B & F". 12 in length
968 Trumpet Yamaha 13xxx C Instrument
969 Tuba (anon) 1920s Instrument
970 Tuba Saibert Instrument
Engraved: Karel Saibert v Josefove length 34 in bell 11 1/4inch tubing from mouthpice to bell 148inches.
971 Euphonium Heidegger Instrument
engraving Eduard Heidegger Linz a.d. Donau (Austria)Length 24 inchbell meassures 9.5intubing from mouthpice to bell 112in
972 Tuba Buescher 15602 1924 Eb Instrument
Bell 18 3/4 in
973 Tuba Hawkes Excelsior Sonorous Class 30753 Eb Instrument
overall height 30in Bell diameter 14in
974 Euphonium Cerveny Instrument
engraving Cerveny & S. Hradec Kralove length 30 inch bell 9.5intubing from mouthpice to bell 106inches.
975 Tuba Besson 79111 1905-9 Eb Instrument
length 28in bell 12 1/2in .670 bore. engraving Chicago Bore Medals of Honour Besson Co Prototype 198 Euston Road London England C. Fischer 6. 4th ave N.Y. Sole agent U States.
976 Alto Horn Lehnert Instrument
Engraving LEHNERT PHILA length 24 in bell 8 1/2 in
977 Trumpet; Low Faber Eb Instrument
Engraving Josef FABER / GRASLITZ" Total lenght 50 cm, bell diameter 13.5 cm
978 Trumpet Schediwy Instrument
979 Cornet Holton Couturier 13359 1911 Instrument
Engraving: COUTURIER MODEL NEW PROPORTION MADE BY FRANCK HOLTON CHICAGO Biber: It seems a little unclear to me as to what distinguished the Clarke model from the plain new proportion model and the couturier model. Was it just bore size? I have seen ads showing Clarke model instruments both with and without shepherds crook. Surely Clarkes customization of the model was more than bore size. Pryorphone: The cornet stayed the same regardless of who was endorsing it (and whos name they put on it). There were times when"New Proportion" model was made with was no endorsing artist: 1907 to some of 1909 and some of 1912 to at least 1918. I know of "Couturier Model" New Proportions with 0, 0-, 0½, and 1 bores, so it would be my assumption that this worked the same way when Clarke endorsed them. From 1918 on, the cornet was known as the "Holton-Clarke Model" I have not tracked anything beyond Chicago, so I can not tell you any more than that. OLDLOU: I have two Holton Clarke Model cornets from about the same era. One is a shepherds crook type, which is appreciably shorter than the other, which is a typical extended cornet design. this just might answer the question per the Holton Clarke or Couturier, or, New Proportion short cornets. One of the major differences that I have noted in these two old horns is that the shepherds crook model will not fit into the original factory case for the non s c design. A minor difference is that the shepherds crook model will accept a modern Bach type cornet mouthpiece shank, whereas, the non s c horn has a much smaller diameter i.d. in the receiver. Biber: as the New Proportion design or its other incarnations (Clarke, Couturier) ever offered as a trumpet or trumpet-shank instrument? the reason I ask is that I just saw a publicity photo of the fortmer child prodigy trumpet soloist Edna White. the photo was easily from the 1940s (eitherway considerably after her switch from cornet to trumpet) and showed her holding what I am almost 100% sure is a Holton-Clarke cornet. Kenton: The Couturier line had a trumpet. Though it is really pushing it to call it a trumpet. i.e. a trumpet is supposed to be cylindrical until it goes into the bell branch. Course, no modern trumpets do fit this description. But the Couturier model took this to an extreme. It took a trumpet shank mouthpiece but was conical throughout. I would be surprised if Clarke endorsed a trumpet. He was very vocal in opposition to the trumpet over the cornet.
980 Trombone; Bass Holton Instrument
981 Tenor Cor Mahillon Instrument
Made by C. Mahillon, London
982 Mellophone Cleveland C-38459 Instrument
983 Trumpet Lyons Challenger Instrument
984 Mellophone Elkhart 75-E Instrument
985 Trumpet Art Symphony Instrument
Engraving: Synphony model trumpet.Made by Art Musical Instrument INC.Elkhart Ind.F.A.BUESCHER PRES.
986 Cornet Stratton OTS 1860-61 Eb Instrument
Over-the-shoulder instruments were very popular for street or military bands in the mid 1800s because with the band in the front of a march, as they projected the music to the troops marching behind.
987 Cornet (anon) 1865-70 Eb Instrument
Unsigned, probably by John F. Stratton Photo courtesy of Jeff Stockham [url=http://www.excelsiorcornetband.com]Excelsior Cornet Band[/url]
988 Cornet Pollmann 1872 Eb Instrument
989 Cornet (anon) 1872 Instrument
990 Cornet Pollmann 1872 Bb Instrument
Martin, Pollmann & Co.
991 Cornet Schuster Bb Instrument
Identical in almost every respect to the Pollmann except that it has a French-style rolled bellrim instead of a Saxon rim/garland.
992 Cornopean Rohe 1845 Instrument
by J.A. Rohe
993 Cornet Fiske c. 1866 Instrument
994 Cornet McFadden-Beaumont 1872 Instrument
only known instrument to survive from this maker Frederick Beaumont had worked for Isaac Fiske, and in partnership with George McFadden produced unlicensed copies of Fiskes patented designs. The ensuing squabble with Fiske forced McFadden & Beaumont out of business within two years. George McFadden relocated to Syracuse, NY, where his firm produced piston-valve cornets until 1910.
995 Saxhorn (anon) 1850 Instrument
B-flat soprano saxhorn with Berliner piston valves, unsigned, upright bell, French
996 Alto Horn Pollmann 1872 Eb Instrument
997 Alto Horn Kummer-Schetelich 1862-8 Eb Instrument
998 Alto Horn Slater 1876 Instrument
OTS alto horn by Moses Slater
999 Alto Horn Quinby 1870 Instrument
1000 Alto Horn Besson 48236 1890-1894 Eb Instrument
Besson Eb Circular Altohorn "CHICAGO BORE", "Prototype" with undersprung valves
1001 Euphonium Hillyard 31819 pre-1894 Instrument
made in London by W.Hillyard and imported by J.W.Pepper of Philadelphia. Bell 9 1/2 inches length 22 1/2 inches.
1002 Cornet Allen-Hall Instrument
reads Allen & Hall Makers / Boston / Washington (but the Washington has a 334 through it) Almost 16 inches long bell 5 inches
1003 Cornet Lamoreaux 1908 Instrument
Found in the pages of the Sears, Roebuck catalog for 1908. made in Paris by Lamoreaux Brothers (Freres)
1004 French Horn Zalud Instrument
Clockworks valves reads P. Zalud Terezin (Theresienstadt) (Paul Zalud was born 1864, died 1931).
1005 Cornet Lavelle 3960 Instrument
Made In Italy Henri Lavelle is a trade name for Grossman Music Corp.
1006 Cornopean (anon) Instrument
1007 Trombone Blessing Super Artist Instrument
"Naked Lady" Trombone, engraving of a female nude wearing high heels, additional engraving SUPER ARTIST/ BLESSING/ ELKHART/ IND
1008 Alto Horn Courtois Instrument
Manufactured by Antoine Courtois, Facteur on Conservatoire National, 88 rue des marous , St. Marctus, Paris. Medalle di 1rf Classe Exposition Universolle 1895 Medalle Londres 1862 Exposition Universelle Paris 1867 Medalle honnour 1lr Prix Grande Medalle Dor Exposition de Moscou 1872 Medalle Dor Paris 1878, 1889, 1900
1009 Tuba LeMaire Artistic Instrument
LeMaire was a tradename for instruments imported into the U.S.
1010 Baritone American Victory 22679 Instrument
American Victory was a Trade name for Progressive Musical Instrument Company
1011 French Horn Fotter Instrument
engraving: Jos. Fotter Ml. Boleslav
1012 Mellophone Olds Instrument
.468 bore 10 1/2 bell
1014 Bugle Getzen 113624 Instrument
18in long bell 5 in
1015 Trumpet Kay 109976 Instrument
Engraved Ivan C. Kay Detroit, Mich.
1016 Sousaphone Barcone Instrument
Bell and body opening are 19.5 in Bell receiver is 4.5 in Made in Italy
1017 Mellophone Bach Mercedes Instrument
The Mercedes horns were made in the early 1970s-1990. These instruments were made from the F.E. OLDS equipment, purcahsed by Selmer when the F.E. OLDS Fullerton Ca factory was closed. .468 bore, 10 1/2 bell
1018 Bugle York Instrument
1019 Bugle Conn Hallmark 105808 Instrument
19 inches long.
1020 Mellophone Fischer Superior Grade Instrument
bell 10 in Engraved: Carl Fischers Superior Grade New York
1021 Trumpet Benge 40-321068 1990 Instrument
Anniversary model Benge. These trumpets were brought out in 1989 to celebrate 50 years of Benge production from 1939 to 1989, although this trumpet was built in 1990. engraving indicates its 50th Anniversary designation. amado water key is not original .460 bore
1022 Cornet Hillyard 24668 Instrument
engraved: W. Hillyard London J.W. Pepper importer Philadelphia 24668
1023 Sousaphone York Eb Instrument
1024 Sousaphone Besson Eb Instrument
1025 Tenor Horn Kummer-Schetelich 1862 Instrument
1026 Tenor Horn (anon) Instrument
1027 Baritone (anon) Instrument
1028 Tuba (anon) Instrument
Anon OTS Bass
1029 Tuba Stratton 1868 Instrument
1030 Tuba Zoebisch 1863 Instrument
1031 Tuba Rohe Instrument
1032 French Horn Kummer-Schetelich 1862 Instrument
1033 Trombone York Artist 195219 1955 Instrument
1034 Trombone; Bass King Duo Gravis 4610xx 1970 Instrument
Double Rotor Bass Trombone; .562 bore Bell 9 1/2in
1035 Cornet Lyon-Healy American Professional 3472 Instrument
1036 Alto Horn Koeder 3072 Instrument
engraved: Made by T M KOEDER Naperville, ILL
1037 Euphonium Holton 44337 1919 Instrument
The Holton Company moved from Chicago to Elkhorn Wisc. Probably made during the transition because writing on the valves state, " 1 Frank Holton Chicago 44037" and on the flair piece it states, "Made by Frank Holton & Co Elkhorn, Wis." Pryorphone: Although The Music Trader site says that Holton started making woodwinds "sometime around 1918 after moving from Chicago" the bell may have been replaced at any later date, too...
1038 Cornet Zoebisch Instrument
engraved" C.A. Zocbisch & Sons New York
1039 Trombone; Bass Conn 90H 385494 1949 Instrument
Conn Said The 70H bass trombone has a #5 bore (0.562"), and a F rotary attachment. It also has the tuning slide in the hand slide, not in the bell. The advantage of having the tuning slide in the hand slide is that this allows the entire bell section to be conical, in stead of there being a cylindrical section to allow for the tuning slide. 9½-inch bell
1040 Sousaphone Conn 48k? BBb Instrument
bell outside diameter is 26, throat dia 9 1/4 in
1041 Tuba Reynolds Contempora Instrument
483 bore
1042 Tenor Cor Boosey 35013 1888 Instrument
Engraved: class A trademark Boosey patent compensating pistons Boosey & Co 295 Regent st London gsmonks: This is a bass ballad horn in C, not a tenor cor. Though its called a "bass" horn, its really in the same range as the trombone/baritone/euphonium. Its also a Boosey & Co. instrument, not a Boosey & Hawkes instrument. These horns were invented by Henry Distin who sold the patent and his outfit to Boosey & Co. in 1868. Boosey subsequently came out with a bell-up version of these horns in SAB, the bass actually being a tenor instrument. The soprano instrument was played using a "French" horn mouthpiece and was refered to as liedhorn. Distin seems to have kept the patent to the bell-down "bass" version of his ballad horn, and I suspect that he was able to do this because the patent itself was erronious, as the Distin ballad horn was a knockoff of the 1855 Antoine Courtois Koenig horn. The earliest mellophone, made by Kohler & Son ca the late 1870s was likewise a knockoff, so no patent there either. The Kohler mellophone was a knockoff of the Distin ballad horn, so it was a knockoff of a knockoff. These horns are flugle instruments, as you can tell by the deep V cup mouthpiece used to play them and the fat, in some cases rimless, conical bell. This entire family of related instruments was a Franco-Belgian response to the Germanic flugle instruments which were popular in the 1840s. If you compare the bore-profile of the Koenig horn, Ballad horn and early Mellophone to the instruments made by Leipzig instrument builder Johann Joseph Schneider and Viennese instrument-builder Leopold Uhlmann, you will see that the Franco-Belgian instruments were an adaptation (you have to click on the "tenor horn 19 jh" link in order to see the photo): http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~m... Here is an 1874 version of that same Distin bell-down Ballad horn. I almost bought this horn when it came up for sale: http://www.brasszone.com/booseyballadhorn14229.htm The later Ballad horns gradually gained a more mellophone-like bell, and the circa 1930 Salvation Army Factory horns just looked like a low C mellophone. The sound of these instruments is reminiscent of the C mellophone, but they are in all ways a better instrument, and have better resonance, meaning that they are devoid of that hollow, grainy sound associated with mellophones.
1043 Cornet Pourcelle Instrument
Henry Pourcelle cornet Made in Czechslovakia
1044 Trombone Keefer 7172 Instrument
Engraved: Brua C. Keefer Williamsport Pa.
1045 Trombone Pepper Premier 700xx Instrument
1046 Fluglehorn Salvation Army Class A 14102 Instrument
Engraved The Triumph Class A 14102 A Crest Manufactured by the Salvation Army Trade Headquarters Judd St Kings Cross London
1047 Trombone; Valve Hutchins Instrument
Engraved:HUTCHINS AMERICAN / - Improved Artists Model / DEERFIELD MASS 31in length bell 7 7/8in "SUPERIEUR" stamped into the mouthpiece receiver.
1048 Tuba Ditson Bostonian 70747 Eb Instrument
Engraved: Bostonian/ O.D. Co. Appears identical to an Eb Pan American (Conn) O.D. may be the Oliver Ditson Company, who produced instruments up until 1931. Bell 16in Height33in
1049 Cornet Seefeldt Instrument
Stamped "W. Seefeldt Phila" William Seefeldt established in Philadelphia in 1858. His nephew Albert Hentschke assumed control of the Company in 1890 as Seefeldt Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co. From 1909, as A. Hentschke & Son.
1050 Sousaphone York Eb Instrument
25 in bell
1051 Trombone; Bass Holton TR-185 Instrument
1052 Trombone Huttl Instrument
engraved A.K.Huttle Graslitz 1878-1880two medalions: one reads International Exhibition Melborn and the other Francaice; other marks are illegible except for the word "Grand". "Made In Czechoslovakia".
1053 Trumpet Fischer Artist 970 Instrument
Made in Italy