Detail Information for Courtois

The following charts and the accompanying documents are presented as documentation for the tentative Serial Number List. If you have information that would contribute to this project please contact us here at Horn-u-copia

General Dating Information



Cornets & Cornopeans:

#351 Koenighorn, rue du Caire address , c.1850

#712 Nouveau model, c.1854

#4730 Koenig model, c.1860

#7811 Koenig model, c.1870

#8072 Arban model, c.1872

#8226 This is a highly engraved cornet with inscription “Souvenir a son ami JB Arban” which is “in memory of his friend”. This would date this cornet to after Arban’s death in 1889 which seems very late for this serial number.

#13279 has the last medal date of 1878

#15548 Arbuckle model, c.1885

#16793 Walter Emerson model, c.1889

#19108 Arban model, c.1899

#36783 Gaudet model, c.1960


#199 Marked with medal award date of 1900 but not the 1904 St. Louis one so c.1902

#885 Marked with medal award date of Turin, 1911 1919 – Selmer advertises the “new” model trumpet with American design features. This matches #215 and #680 with the Bb/A change valve.

#215 above matches the 1919 new model; these early trumpets all have mirror-image curved bell braces

#680 above shows only a change in the water key location

#1,250 – 1,450 Marked with 1904 St. Louis award date

#1,860 – 2,175 Marked with 1927 Geneva award date yet still have the Marais address so date to 1928-1930.

#2,650 and up have the 8 rue de Nancy address so date to 1930 or later (more examples are needed to narrow down the address change between #2175 & 2650)

#4,898 This trumpet is said to have been purchased new in 1951.

#15,600 is said to have been made in 1970