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New York, NY



Buegeleisen & Jacobson were dealers in New York, NY

They were at least two addresses: 579 Union Square and in a 1915-6 catalog - 113-5 University Place

They are not listed in Langwill, but there are catalogs at least into the 1940s. One Esquire was observed to have B&H New York and Toronto engraved and Made in Holland on the receiver.

Tradename included: Gonet & Cie, American Commander, Esquire, and Serenader.

  • 1902: first listing for Buegeleisen & Jacobson, 16 E. 17th St.
  • 1904: David Jacobson dies leaving Samuel B. as owner, 113 University Place
  • 1920: B&J moves to 5 Union Square
  • 1946: still listed at 5 Union Sq.
  • 1957: Samuel Buegeleisen dies Feb 15th

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